And from the earliest childhood, the power in place, usually mom or dad, trained their little ones under the kingdom of fear. Punishments, rules, laws, were imposed in a... demanding way.

And they saw... and the man saw it was good. But God saw it was bad. But man did listen to nothing but his own egocentricity and its results.

And from infancy it passed to childhood. A childhood marked by knowledge; for the need –of those who knew- to impose their criteria. And lo and behold, again, they saw that punishing, suspending, threatening... gave its results. And they saw it was good.

God didn’t. He did not see it was good.

And the times went on, and the longed-for youth arrived. Ah!... Those who were the stars, the most beautiful ones –they said- the most exuberant... But the military took charge of them, with their services to the country. Or the drugs and alcohol took charge –depending of the time. And the men saw that, with those methods, the youth obeyed; and whoever did not, died. And they saw it was good.

 But Creation proved that this was bad.

And training times passed to become adults. And the rectors of –schools, colleges, training centres- took on the task of training, in a ‘deformed’ way…, their fellows, based on power, lies and profit.

And they saw it was good. Because that encouraged competition, and from it virtue came –sic-. And those who were in charge saw that, it was good. But the Creation, in its nature, worried and saw that it was very bad.

And lo and behold, in deformations, the installation of the adult took place; whose function, after the intensive preparations of childhood, of infancy, became "adulterating everything around him"... and becoming owner and lord of production, speculation, razing, dominion, control, jails, terror...

And they saw it was good. That it was part of the price of evolution. But the Creation, in its nature, felt that it was very, very bad.

And lo and behold, gradually, the destructive force and power diminished, and old age, elderly people appeared. And they saw they were unproductive. And they saw they were unprofitable. And they saw that, in fact, they were not wanted. And lo and behold, they established different processes to cancel their participation. And they convinced themselves of the end of their days. And they saw, the powerful ones, that pensioning the useless was disastrous and, consequently, the best thing was to leave them to their course, out on to open sea, and forget about them.

And they saw it was good. But Creation contemplated, with pain, that it was... terrible.

And culminating the short prayer story, the days came when... only the bed, the cot, the hammock or the floor were the resting place for the elderly. Some with the sacred sacraments, others without them, were taken –it depends- to floating, vertical, or deep cemeteries, or to easy and fruitful cremations. And they saw... that it was good for evolution.

But... Creation did not smile. It didn't smile as other springs. It felt lonely and little attended Oh!...

And lo and behold, therefore, that all that living style was based on hurtful attitudes!... that generated painful feelings; that brought about deep grudges; that generated wars of a very diverse nature. And all together, convinced themselves that the best thing was to end each other or isolate indefinitely. And they saw that it was the best.

Whilst... Creation prudently set aside, waiting for better times.

This short prayer story, in tone... not apocalyptic, but simply descriptive, verifiable and evident, to a greater or lesser extent all beings can certify it.

And the Praying Sense asks us:

And based on this... –that happens throughout the species, exceptions aside-, and based on this, is it a correct way of living? Based on this... can we think that "this style of living" is, at least, improvable? And based on this, could we get to the conclusion that it is necessary –the style- to change!?

Veiled, veiled, in a veiled way, the most powerful people were developing the idea that, to a greater or lesser extent, each one was limited by the economy, by health, by space, by price, by age, and so on. With this breeding ground, for years, the most powerful people considered that time had come for everyone to feel... "prisoners".

Oh yeah! They already knew the limiting experience of their profession, their ideal, their relationships... They already had enough experience in fights, lies, deceit...

Very similar to coexistence in a jail!, isn’t it?

Furthermore, prisons proved to be very safe. Yes; because in spite of their overcrowding, only 51,000 inmates, just one gardener... –how beautiful!-, the jail’s gardener, felt unwell. And a prisoner felt… affected. The others were in excellent prison health.

So hallelujah! Why not doing –to begin with, of course- a... –how shall I put it?; yes, it sounds better- "a home kidnapping"? Yes. The most appropriate thing would be to serve the sentence at home. The penalty for existing, for living, for being with... whatever, in any way. It is for everyone’s sake: that, for known or unknown crimes, all people are condemned to –for the time being- to serve their sentence under house arrest.

Ah!... And the beings saw it was good. Yes, because... pollution and noise levels improved –there was less- homes were warmer...

At last!... Finally, it was possible to fulfil that announced prophecy of… Big Brother! Oh! Big Brother, dominating and dominant, had achieved –finally!- "personalized" house arrest; and consequently to discover something more important: obedience. Obedience to a whole education of years!, which has resulted in that acceptance of house arrest, based on the dangers and risks involved walking around in any way. However, there are still accidents at home to be outlined; that in house arrest more, more than one accident occurs: falls in the toilet, slips from oil drops, unexpected blows due to untimely movements…

The death rate in domestic accidents is not inconsiderable. And that worried the authorities.

So, little by little, they were like... limiting home mobility; reducing each member to ‘compartmental’ cubicles, within logical spaces of 50 or 60 m². Capsules style.

Thus, the incidence of family problems, home, accidents, were minimized.

Ah! Big Brother finally made each being feel like an antibody to the another one. "I am an antibody!". And so, the bodies were losing that attraction that was before, so... so libertine! –ah!-; so, so… ugh, so sinful! As each one is an antibody, the body rejected other bodies. And you could even get the magic of the body itself –which is an antibody- turning against itself. Thus, there would be no need for a new education. Autolysis would take charge of everything.

Yes. The Prayer is also dedicated to science fiction. Actually, praying is fiction, isn’t it? It is not science. It is emotion, it is sensation. But it must also be a warning. It must also be attention. It must also be novel, unexpected, precise and necessary for every moment!, in order for beings to realize, and listen to the voice of the Creator Mystery!!, and listen to another version… –other version- of what happens, what is going on; another vision that makes us rethink our attitudes, our positions, our logics and reasons.

Yes. We are at a "crossroads" in which we have to decide: whether to make and create an escape committee, or await the designs of autolysis power takes over our presence.

Yes, one can think:

.- But... an escape committee? And where are we going to escape?

.- Oh!... That is the least important.

.- The least?

.- The least important, of course! At the Prayer level, the possibilities are immense, infinite! We are not subject to place, to site... No!

What is the duty...? –well, it was an ancient precept, of course, but it underlies the nature of man- what is the prisoner's duty? The fundamental duty, the fundamental aim of the prisoner, what is it? To escape! For a very simple reason: it is not a design –of the human being- to be locked up.

 It's as simple as that. However, it has been achieved, without a doubt, that these escape committees almost do not work, almost do not exist. Because, in truth, sometimes you are better inside... than outside. Inside –in prison- you have your friends, your library, and your two menus –to choose one-…

 .- Two menus?

.- Yes. Not like in places as Tian, where they give a menu to you!, and there you are!, whether you like it or not. When the usual thing would be to have at least two menus! If they do it in jail...!


It has also the advantage –and that’s why people also obey- that you do not have to pay for water, electricity, telephone, or taxes. Because in case you had to pay them, you are paying it with jail, and you are already in it. Fantastic!

At last it has succeeded, Big Brother –to give a well-known example, right?– it manages to make everyone… joyful, feeling isolated and imprisoned, with “the condescension” of giving him or her house arrest. Those more rebellious will have to be behind bars; and those of house arrest, behind doors.

The outlook presented to us is... for the practice of piety, serenity, goodness!, solidarity...; of emotion, art, beauty, feelings, so-called "loves"...

Creation endowed us with all the resources; with all!... the resources, and more, to live in a paradisiacal way.

Our creation is not a product that can deteriorate, fail, and destroy at any time, as we have been taught. No, it is not.

It is the very presence of Creation, which dwells in us. And that’s why we are. Our presence does not obey a personal will. It obeys an unprecedented, unfathomable mysterious Creation.

If our presence is the expression of the Creator Mystery... what and who is there to fear?

What and who is there to fear, if we are the culminating ornament of a Creation?

And "this" is not expressed to punish itself. And this Creation is not expressed, in us, to lead us to seclusion, isolation, despair, but rather it is expressed in us to be permanent discoverers of that Creation; from the smallest star to the most indescribable being... that our eyes cannot see.

That Creator Mystery that is incarnated in us, is traveling...; it is moving... towards spaces without place, towards times without time, in which the being feels –because it is the equivalent of Creator- contemplative and contemplator of so much beauty.

Oh!, how different it is to feel... Creative expression!

Oh, such relief it is to stop being me!... to become it.

To be able to channel goodness, mercy, affection, smile, to conjunction, attraction; to feel in the other... the expression of that Divine incarnation.


"The feathers sing for the passing wind... They fly!"



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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