The Prayer Call demands our attention talking of blackmail: that peculiar form of affection, physical, spiritual, moral, conventional, political, economic… –uff!, the variety of blackmail is limitless.

And it has been –and it is- an attitude that, basically using fear and pain... or worry or despair, one resorts to it so that circumstances yield in the face of that fear, before to that concern, to that despair.

Whereby, if we look at it, this blackmail –personal, social, cultural, continental... of all kinds!- it implies stillness; it entails a not doing. But not in a Taoist, liberating "not doing" way. No, no, no. It has nothing to do with that. A not moving, because that one will be annoyed, the other one will feel bad, the other will protest, the other one...

Is there any way –as the saying goes- that rains to everyone's taste? No!

Besides, for example, raining is... "bad weather". Even if the swamp is dry, even if the plants shout for raindrops… puff!, if bad weather arrives, you can't go to the beach, the roads are dangerous, the lightning and thunder are disturbing, wind is uncomfortable… Bad weather!

The fact is, if it is very hot, very hot... “What a bad weather! How good a little fresh rain would be... A little, huh?”.

If it's cold... "It's so cold! This cold is not what a need –because someone else probably will like it.”

The disturbing question that arises:

Is there any way that...? I was going to say: "to make everyone happy." No, there's not. But that a group, not even a majority, but a "nice" group, is happy, is good? No. Neither.


No. Because... really, to avoid blackmail, every human being would need a planet to his liking, to his design, of course: sun in the afternoon, at midnight a little bit of... one moon is not much, two moons, one crescent and a waning one, just to compare, right?, to see how the tide goes up and down and goes crazy, for example. Something like that.

Evidently the discomfort, the uneasiness of some condition, ends up conditioning the actions of others. Or not! But –"but"- the incidence is there, there is the... Until, in a tiny proportion, that blackmail is no longer an issue, ceases to be conditioning, it ceases to be... a mark that hurts any realization, and although if it is done, it is uncomfortable.

Today the species lives that blackmail, based on the lifestyle that humanity itself has established by imposition, by obligation. No one has had the freedom to choose their own lifestyle. Evidently, a few –few, few, few- have different lifestyles... to a certain extent; since lifestyle, globalization that the species is now experiencing does not allow for much joy. It blackmails. For example, now, 300 million students cannot attend their classes, etc. We include those from the Popular Republic of China, of course.

The ultimate opium of people, –before it was religion, now it is football or anything else- will be played behind closed doors. They should be careful when players rubbing at the time of... certain frictions.

Well, one can make all sorts of jokes, but at the same time, behind the joke, there is the official threat, global threat!... in which little is said about the good, and much is extolled about the bad.

But for blackmail to be effective and to take root in the core of humanity, the blame lies with –of all this, of the millions and millions of people who are moving around in fear-... the blame lies with the human beings themselves, for eating wild animals. What must be eaten are cultivated animals: farm animals, farm fish. Animals, that like us, have depressions, anguish, and anxiety. 

That, in a way... –relatively speaking, of course- in a way, don't you think it is anthropophagy?

But the truth is that pangolin is the one to blame. Sounds like a Walt Disney joke. But the pangolin is –it seems to be- the only mammal that has scales; scales like fish. And it seems that the Chinese love mammals with scales, which are not free from bat bites.

And lo and behold, the bat, like [1]Songo hit Borondongo –pangolin-, Borondongo hit Barnabé –the human being- and Barnabé hit Burundanga –another human being- and the species got swollen. It was right. Celia Cruz already announced it.

Wow! And we didn't even realize that the good Celia Cruz was warning us about what was going to happen!

We assume that, from now on, the extermination of pangolins will be total. The problem in assimilating this possibility is that the Chinese human species has been eating pangolin, and everything it finds, since the Chinese have known themselves.

Of course, it goes without saying, Chinese restaurants, in free Europe, are all closed; if not all, almost all of them. As if we'd been taking pangolin scales all these years. And we wonder: 

.- Hey, how come we didn't get it? 

.- Noooo, because we have... we have...

Well, that's the official version. The unofficial one can be as conspiranoic as you wish. Already in 1981, Astérix and Obélix were afraid of the Coronavirus: another text that talks about such a pandemic –which is not, but they present it already as such.

Of course, they have already simulated these possibilities; always of Chinese origin, because the power they have is not yet assimilated.

And lo and behold, then, blackmail is established, and everyone must be confined to his cell as in a monastery of... life imprisonment; because to gather or to meet, who knows!... 

Actually, health is a latent disease that... hey!, hey!... No wonder we already sais that disease does not exist, but is an adaptive state of health. The joke is that health is a... latent disease.

What is the purpose of this isolation, of this theoretical break-up? Theoretical. We don't know. We do know one thing, however: that the holders of wealth will have much more wealth. That they are having it. That those who were in the middle, called "middle class" –or whatever you want to call it: bourgeoisie, etc.- are going almost to disappear. And obviously, the poor, miserable class is going to increase. There will be poorer people. There's going to be cheaper labour, speculation and so on. Because, obviously, all the big companies reduce their staff drastically, and unemployment, need, and economic crisis... is already in place. Now we will see how it develops.

That's evident indeed. 

Soon the ghost of blackmail appears, within the evidences. And they tell us: 

.- There have been 3,000 deaths, 3,100, 3,124... 

.- "Three thousand one hundred twenty-four". In a population of...? 

.- Seven thousand four hundred and fifty seven million... 

.- Ah... ok!

Well, it's always a cause for concern, but to what extent?

By the way, the idea arises –and the Prayer Sense calls us-: "Hey, does the human being trust himself, as a being? Does he trust that his design is acceptable?... He has been on this stone for a long time!". –We have called the planet a "stone".

How many times... –we could we say, to be more prayerful, to get closer, just in case someone feels prayerfully displaced by the comments that are made- how many times has God blackmailed us? Let's see!

.- Ah, yes! The Flood.

You see? It never rains at everyone's ease!... As God saw that the rain was good he said: "there you are...".

.- Sodom and Gomorrah! 

Of course! As God saw that it was good... "There I send it to you..." 

.- Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

Well, and we could put... poof!, infinity of elements: the bubonic plague, cholera, the Spanish flu... what do I know! I mean, there are a number of examples…: mad cows disease, swine fever, Ebola... 

All these blackmailing fears do not include tumours, acute myocardial infarction, strokes, deaths from malaria, from hunger, from thirst, from persecution, from migrations... These are natural things. 

.- Natural? 

Yes. That's had its blackmail time. And it still does! But... it's natural.

Anything that is not following the order of authority –the one we take as a reference- is a crime, and therefore subject to blackmail by the power; who will blackmail us by threatening us, creating fear. And most of the time, the being will modify his project, his action, because "power"... 

The one that corresponds: of Pepe, Juan, Antonio, dad, mom... the caste of the power of human relations.

It seems, therefore, that Creation, the Creator Mystery does not blackmail us. No. It rather seems it takes care of us, it wraps us up, it guides us, it suggests to us, encourages us towards a path of liberation. It pushes us towards a contemplative sense, until we reach a full contemplation of Creation itself.

It doesn't tell us, "If you don't do this, you'll be punished." Although, obviously, relationships are in charge of blackmailing us by establishing red, green, yellow and blue lines everywhere: "This not, this is a sin", "no, this cannot be done", "no, this should not be done", "no, this is harmful". "No"...

It is enough for a being to be... I was going to say "happy," but no, not so much; but just “warmly at ease" –timidly, eh?- for someone to –by thought, word, deed or omission- think it is wrong. So he's throwing the blackmailing slab at you to see if, when you see you are wrong, you modify the thing to make it right: "Oh, my daughter! Since you live like this, I can’t sleep and I take lorazepam, and I'm knackered. If you were different, I wouldn't need to go to the psychiatrist, but..."


"Oh, my son! Since you have dedicated yourself to this singing and dancing, I can’t see, I can’t see, I don't see a future for you. Oh! What will become of you when you grow up? What will become... Oh! On the other hand, if you took a permanent job as a civil servant, if you were a national teacher, if you were a football referee, who now gets a good salary and has a "nice" retirement, I would be calm, but like this...” 

That's a mother. That's a mother! Becoming a singer and a dancer!... But don't you realize she's looking out for you? And you are making a mother suffer. You bastard!

And so on –this is a "little joke", but...- things get bigger. Like when a worker does not produce 18 hours he must work to survive, he does not produce properly, and then he is politely told to leave. For example. Or he is told that there is a crisis file, and instead of winning twenty he will win three.

.- Three!... instead of twenty?

.- Yes.

.- Ah!


Often, we don't notice it –because the thought is not seen; feeling is sometimes expressed and sometimes is not; words, sometimes are heard and sometimes are not-, we do not realize to what extent our human relationships are based on blackmail.

Instead, we must put respect: that event that listens, that understands and feels the other, the others, and that adapts, that seeks... not their complacency, but initially seeks the complaisance of others, based on the respect that they should have.

You are happy, I’m happy.

You’re sad, I’m happy. Yes. To help you, right?... Because, if you’re sad, I’m sad...

.- Oh !, doctor, how this hurts!... And the doctor begins to say:

.- Ayyy!, Ayyy!, this man is in pain! Oh! Find a doctor!

.- But you are the doctor!

.- No, yes, I know, but I have to be supportive! Oh, it hurts!

Jesus! Can you imagine such a hospital?

Man!, it would be nice.., because the different tones of complaining! could be useful as records of voices for opera and flamenco, but... no!.., no? 

Without a doubt, –as humanity- it is our way of relating based on power.

.- Power?

"Power": see personal importance, see egomania, see ego-idolatry, pride, arrogance... Well, from there, anything can happen. "Anything".

And the Prayer Sense moves us, catches us, sways us!... so that we may be worthy of our credibility, be testimony of our strength, be evident signs of Creation. And before taking pity, "recreate ourselves in", and there will probably be no reason to feel sorry.

The Prayer Sense demands that change of consciousness. It always does, but today, on the subject of blackmail, it wants to make us see... how "good for me" is not respected; it is not respected by the other, because he considers that "it is bad for him" and considers that "it is bad for me", although I consider that "it is good for me".

“Manda carallo!”, eh?

I already told you, when you were 30 years old!: you'll see when you reach 70, how are you going to feel it in the legs! I already told you: take care of your legs!”.

And when you reach 70 you complain about your legs hurting, and you remember Grandma: "Grandma already told me when I was 30".

But they could also tell you, at 15: "Be careful, huhwith so much running, you could get a broken bone or injure your back!". And at 30 I had a herniated disc. Yes, grandmother already told me!

Manda carallo!

The best is to get into a can of sardines, closed, and not move. With a lot of preservative.

Any present threat, of a blackmail type, is going to be fulfilled, and when you arrive... wherever you arrive!, you will see that they were right. Of course.

But the Prayer Sense reminds us that he, who lives in prayer and trusts, believes in what happens; he becomes an interpreter of reality, without fear… knowing that his care is not for others; it is for that Creator Mystery.

Then after, at the same time, we will have to reason and contribute and...? Yes of course. The ordinary state of consciousness is there. But... could we neglect the extraordinary consciousness, such as the feeling of prayer, and get caught up in the reasonable and blackmailing demands that ask us, again and again, this, that or the other; that they submit us for the fear, for threat, for the “pain!" that we produce because of doing what we do...?

If Our Help is the Name of... the Creator Mystery, everything, everything!, everything else goes through that help.

And to the extent that our helping faith in our idealistic project of being, of going, is maintained, and consequently is tuned to Creation, meditates on it, it contemplates it as something that contemplates us!..., there will be nothing to fear. And yes, much to wait for. And yes, much to imitate!... the mysterious care we receive.

Let our "worth", creative expression, becomes fantasy... as well as testimony... that is not shielded in any hypocrisy.




[1] “Burundanga”, a Celia Cruz’ song.


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