And with a sublime innocence... –from the point of view of human conscience- the night is leaving languidly, but not sadly. The dawn is insinuated... restless, but joyful.

The breeze passes... according to its desires, but it does not seek to harm.

The stones remain still, so that one can... transit.

The plants are offered to us to be contemplated, without demanding!... something to be paid.

The rivers run... there, to quench our thirst.

The seas sway... for our recreation, for our food.

Quite a service, almost à la carte! "Almost" because... there are very demanding palates, which would like a late dusk or an earlier dawn –for example-.

 And that subtle innocence, as in attitude of an anonymous service –but being aware of its virtues rather than its demands- contrasts with the being of humanity.

The state of being of each one, who claims and reclaims his positions... almost in permanent disgust, in continuous arrogance, in justice... mighty!

This is the way a fought over, tense, suspicious, withdrawn humanity passes through. 

Everyone blames... or feels guilty.

Everyone demands or becomes demanding.

Sensitivity becomes daggers, hedgehogs!

Softness becomes a chimera... And impunity becomes a reign.

From thinking for another other so much, very few know what they think –of themselves, of course-.

And so, in the face of tension, death seems the best relief.

Created to live, with mighty resources... humanity seems to have refused to assume that role of passing in... discovering, learning, approaching, trusting, adapting, confabulating!... 

Making of living a unique experience.

That may be... the plan!

And maybe in exceptions it will be fulfilled, or one day it will be fulfilled, or sometime it happened!...

The Prayer Sense today is cautious or... distant?

If it were strictly human, it would be exasperating. 

But we are called to pray, so let us admit, at least, the doubt that perhaps!... perhaps some novelty or something useful perhaps?... could be assumed by this description of humanity, in the tone of languid presence.

Yes! Perhaps due to the crossroads –it is not because the Prayer Sense doubts about its capacities- but it is evident that its effects are… –from the point of view of human consciousness- are very poor!

Their useless utility is maintained by... a mysterious tendency.

And in that subtle creative innocence, it goes on and on as if nothing happened, as if it had confidence. We don't really know. But it seems at times to be unaware of our wandering.

It seems to say, the subtle creative innocence: "But now, I cannot remove the seas, I cannot destroy the dawns or... the mighty midday sun!... Neither can I!... destroy the deserts or abolish the trees... –in an imaginary language, of course-. I can’t!”.

The uniformity of the species, still with great differences, but the uniform tendency to vulgar repetition, to implacable discussion, to systematic concealment, to continuous rage... it seems that all this constitutes the taste –yes- the taste of the species. It seems that all this is the soul, the spark of life! 

It seems that without discouragement, without anger, without envy, without bad moods... without all that!, one cannot live. The inability to be complaisant is –from a prayerful point of view, of course- very worrying.

The ease with which it is... destroyed!, and the enormous difficulty in building, is very striking.

To this we must add that each being establishes itself in its ghetto or in its levels of influence, and in this egocentrism nothing seems to matter to him: neither the closest nor the furthest.

Just looking out for his... interest.

The Prayer Sense would say: How poor, with so many resources!

But each one with its “experience" –hmm; experience?- well yes, it seems that each one, with his experience of a week, of twenty days, of fifteen years, already has everything, so clear!, so evident…; one already has justice so prepared, the guillotine so sharp, the verb, not to mention!... and the lie, so subtly elaborated… 

Of course, as we are in carnival, now the appearance can still be... intransparent.


Yes, intransparent... That can never become transparent, let’s say!

And so the being accumulates and accumulates and accumulates... grieve, anger, pains, confrontations... 

He has not yet realized that the world has not been made in his image and likeness, but that the world has been made in the image and likeness of a Creative Mystery. But it has also been so exceptional, the creation of the human behaviour, that he has felt, "at times" –well, that is to say-... at times he has felt himself to be the creator, master and lord... of rules, norms, customs, affections, disaffections, attractions, repulsions...

Ah! But humanity has found some mechanisms –among the human conciseness, of course!-... how to classify them? Well, they are those that say: "nothing happens here, it is not important; well, we will see, I do not know, I will tell you, I wont tell you, I will tell you what I want to, but I should not, I will hide, I will…Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, but I did, but it wasn't on purpose"... 

And so, with unconnected babbling, the apologies pass. And everything is ok! Ah, yes! Everyone has kept their suspicions, their opinions, and points of view... and all is ok!

Any transgression...? –well, if the reference is known- is natural. Natural, natural, natural.

It is really amazing to contemplate how each one goes to its own thing, as if one’s own thing were... the whole universe! And of course, he will try to impose his points of view... just because.

Ayyy!... For a moment one can think of the meticulousness, the care, the exquisite development of a Creation such as the one we can contemplate. Has the being ever noticed the exquisite care that Creation puts into its... living!? And of the frightening carelessness... that the human being generates?

One could say, in order to summarize, that... 

Due to “the rush"; because everyone is in a great hurry to hide, to solve, not to face, not to... bah!, so many reasons!... Such fatigue!

But there would be, yes, that option of looking, for a moment only, of course! It doesn't take long. Almost nothing. And even more now that almond blossoms surround us, and the ground is covered with their petals. 

 For a moment, for an insignificant! moment, to contemplate –really contemplating- a flower, –¡any!- and absorb, when contemplating its expression; in what it expresses. To contemplate it with… –difficult to say the word- with "serenity". Without paying attention to anything else. One instant is. Nothing more, huh?

It is possible... that this experience... will cushion so much tension, so much selfishness, so much prejudice, so much of so much!

What a surprise it would be, wouldn’t it? If we might learn that flowers were created for that; just for that. And that they would then conceal their goals bearing fruit and whatever else.

The Prayer Call is like a candle flame: it shines...; it does not run out.

But the being prefers the bulb, the shining lights...: his creations.

So one might ask: "What is that faint flame doing there? What is that simple flower doing... here?”.

A whole day to nourish!... an eternity.



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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