We do not know precisely when interest began. The interest of... not "being interested in", but interest as a means of profit, as a means of contribution, as a means of collecting benefits. And consecutively, when the need for... securities, programmed profits, demanding certainties began.

It seems, it seems... that each being travels with their interests. A heavy argument, if you want to be released.

Each one concerned over their income, profits and interests produced by their emotional, affectionate, economic, social, etc. investments, the doubt is always around, suspicion is reasonable, and distrust becomes a habit.

And in these sequences, the option to an unforeseen novelty, to an unpredictable appearance, to an uncertainty that is not the usual one is closing more and more. The door is also closed to surprise, to magic. The door of the invisible is closed, the doors of invisibles: those invisible threads that speak of faith, of beliefs, of admirations, of... of what is not profitable.

The continuous repetition of similar, alike, experiences... is exhausting the belief or possibility of a renovation, of an innovation. Almost everything is "compared to", "compares to", and “compares to"... but it is always compared to the uncomfortable, harmful, and offensive...

The Praying Sense encourages us to realize that every day is new!; that every day has had to be created, consequently, it is not the same as the previous one!, or the one before. And what happened before, and before than before, and after than before, doesn't have to happen today, tomorrow or the day after.

A defeatist atavism, trying to control, have and supervising everything!, makes the surprise impossible.

And when they appear –because each day is different and it has been created, and each creation is new- the being seems not to want to enter the adventure. Yes, in that adventure you had when you didn't know. Now that you think you know, there is no room for any adventure.

How difficult it is to believe without doubts! So much so that, with amazing ease, any lucid flower becomes withered, any new hope quickly becomes acidic... and unfeasible 

You want adventures with guarantees, with assurances.

Does perhaps Creation –of every day!- guarantees, assures us...?

 No! It renews us! It innovates us!

But the recalcitrant and demanding and dominant and ... and almost inherited demand for security, benefit, certainty, does not let the fine transparent threads of Providence illuminate us, and it is preferable to hide, conceal, silence, deceive, lie, overlap... to maintain an interest, a security, a...

Every time we are allowed to enter the invisible, in the praying plea that warns us, that guides us, that clears us!... that clears the traps of memories of days and days, the infinite goodness of "the fact of living" does not seem to be enough, to convince the seeker of certainties-assurances, profitable maker of influences... 

Thus the being becomes a capsule!, compressed, injectable... Something that ensures, that compresses, that can be possessed.

It seems that each one has a sharp stiletto to... –like fencing: touché!- touch the other in what "might seem" or "could be"...; "even if today it is not, tomorrow it may be"…

Living becomes a difficult exercise...

 Worshipvenerateadmiresublimate... Such words! –right?- so... old!, when today you have the possibility to investigate, discover and see that everything is repeated constantly, and you have to make sure that the domain is attentive, the interests are preserved. "I do not let what happened to me yesterday, happen today as well!”.

Yesterday was done. Yesterday was created. Today another world has been created, another Universe. And what was failed yesterday today is not willing to be.

But the being seems to cling to its experiences, and label the similar as "same"; the different, as "almost the same". And even the very miracle is in doubt in case it is a farce of magical effects, of traps!

Is it possible to feel love, in those circumstances? Is it possible, at least, to approach the shore, to wet your feet? Is it possible to swim without bottoming out? Or is that, already, discarded? Because the calculation, because the comment, because the opinion, because…

Clichés, still photos, repeated images are established.

The presumption –presumption, yes- of innocence is unacceptable. Every being seems to be always accompanied by the shadow of guilt. 

Proven innocence lasts short time. Very quickly the trap is looked for. And if it does not have it, it is invented! The obvious, the clear and transparent, sincerity seems an obscenity.

It seems better and natural, the error, conflict, deception, half-truth... to ensure satisfactory interests.

And although every sunrises are different, because another world has been created, the being remembers – using his memory very badly– and places –to better understand himself- a small size hat to a large head, and insists on fitting the hat, until he gets it by breaking the hat a little and damaging the head a little. Yes! Let it be the same mould as yesterday!

It seems that if worries, prejudices, doubts, suspicions, mistrust dissolved... it seems that being would be left useless! War seems necessary and to be valued and evaluated as powerful!

Hence the sayings: "Like everything!". "Like everyone!". "As usual! What do you want me to say! As usual. Same as everyone. Same as all”.

And the Universe and Creation committed and determined to demonstrate the obvious of the different, the creative, the novel.

But there is –in each one- an internal obstacle that demands the world to be made to one’s whim. It is not possible to make the transcendent leap!... of feeling different.

And so, when the exceptional appears, ahhhh!... it won’t last long. Soon the "buts", the robbers of illusions appear, who will remind you about the ephemeral!, and tell you about what is suspicious. Those prophets of doom never trusted anyone. Not even in them.

The party soon becomes a gallows.


This is how man stretches and cultivates life as a species. Thus he speculates with his gifts, with his goods. And although prayers rain constantly!, the man seeks to make his mark to delimit his possession, to make clear his interests.

.- But it is raining!...

.- Yes, yes! Ok! That's what umbrellas are for.

It is said: "Doubt offends." When one is in evidence and innocence, doubt is an almost mortal dagger.

But then comes the claim:

.- So one cannot doubt?

.- Yes. Yes you can. Let the doubt in, and you will doubt everything. Begin to suspect about the wall, and it will soon fall.

It seems to be lacking... –lack – some mercy.

It seems that it was necessary to beg and beg to make yourself known as new, as different... and to be recognized.

What a huge fear!, that does not allow me to babble what I feel.

What if... under the Prayer Sense, an opportunity to a new Creation is given? That, without a doubt, is endorsed by all Creations!

But it is Creation of Faith, of Providence.

It is infinite Love Creation, which has no... stains.

It cannot be treated with tight lips, with a puckered forehead... or with eyes ajar.

Could it be, a renewed piety, an inspired faith, an immaculate belief…?



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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