Creation in its Mystery, "among other things" is dedicated to maintaining LIFE.

And within our ignorance about it –since we are able to describe aspects of it, but we don't know the true essence of life because its origin is lost in the confines of timelessness-, what do we dedicate life to? –that we already know it is not ours, that “it is not mine”-.

To what…?

Like when they ask… “What do you do in your free time? How do you spend the day?”... What is our dedication as living beings? Not knowing very well what life is –well, "very well"; not knowing what is life.

But we are alive! At least, that is the awareness we have... when we are in vigil –awake, of course!-. When we are asleep, others testify that we are alive.

To what…? To whom…? Because it could also be a dedication: "Whom/who do you dedicate your life to?". Like someone who writes a book: "I dedicate this book to...".

And in fact they ask: "What do you do for living?" –as life-. "What is your dedication?" –in life-.

If we look a little in our words –obviously, in other words we will have to look to other aspects-, [1]DE is from “giving”, DI is from “saying”, and CATION… could be the action of “doing”. 

We could have, in that word, a part of the appropriate answer, regarding: “To whom? To what? How do you dedicate your life?”

So we could say that, in the paradisiacal state –something like that, from the prayerful point of view, involved with the kabbalah of words-... we could say that to give myself in terms of offering myself, in terms of serving; in using the word or a body language: to make myself known; and do. Do with the resources and means that I have, according to my creativity, according to my qualifications.

Give yourself, offer yourself, serve, express yourself, show yourself, make yourself known... and do.

That is, with this simple... little puzzle, we could start, every day –every day or every moment of the day- to give ourselves: Give yourself to what is necessary of you; to what is required, to what is asked of you.

Express yourself, and use the word as an element of help. Express yourself according to need.

And do; do as much as you are required by active or passive any process.

So here we would have, when someone tells us: "Oh! Look, I don't know what to do with my life"... –and they often tell us: "I don't know, I don't know what to do with life"- well we can now say:

.- Ah! Well, I do know what can be done with life.

.- Yes?

.- Yes, yes: dedicate yourself to it.

How to dedicate to it?

Well, giving yourself, offering, serving... On the one hand.

On the other hand, making oneself known; using the right words and showing with body language, attitude, feeling and in mind, who I am, and what I do and what I feel.

And to realize, to do... specifically; in the present tense.

Because surely they have told us that many times: "I don't know what to do with my life!".

And we didn’t say much, right?:

.- Well... With life you don't have to do anything. It must be lived.

.- Yes, yes, but how do I live it? Some instructions.


Now we have three instructions.

Of course, the person who asks that question still asks for more, or adds some inconvenience to these three facets. 

But what we can say next is that "life is dedicated to living".

All right. Although we do not know the origin, development and evolution of life, and we have some criteria, but always very limited, we must be clear that... an extraordinary event was dedicated, and dedicates!... and is dedicated to maintaining life

And in image and likeness to it, we have to dedicate our life.

Hence the importance of our meaning of life; hence the importance of our vocation; hence the importance of our participation.

With this little thermometer...

And we can develop other more subtle capabilities, but, if possible, that do not fail to fulfil these three facets. Because, in addition, these three facets participate in life in general... and, obviously, in the particular life of each being.

If we add to these three facets, not a fourth one but a first facet: that there is an intention dedicated to maintaining life –let's call it that-... and if we simultaneously assume what it is to dedicate ourselves, and who is dedicated for us to be able to dedicate..., we really won't be alone; we will not be in sadness; we will not be in apathy; we will not be in despair.

Feeling participants of a Universal Dedication... it is really amazing: that an unapproachable Mystery devotes its attention to us in order to be, and, above all, to allow us to dedicate ourselves.

On another level, counting on what has already been done by the dedication..., it is truly surprising –is it not?- that they have, that it has... –plural, singular, pouf!- so much trust and so much faith!, in us, among others, to allow us to dedicate ourselves to live!... And give us suggestions on how to do it.

 Certainly, you can easily understand that sentence of the Centurion: "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall...".

And we have been given the gift of the word.

No, no, we cannot disappoint... My words are backed by a dedication; my services, my "doings"... I cannot disappoint! I can't be a fraud!

The investment that the Creator Mystery makes on each one of us is too much!

So, those who have the "fortune" to have heard the word!, to have felt it!... from the silence, and have, consequently, the imperative need to dedicate themselves to life!... –them even more, for the privilege that adorns them- no, they cannot defraud.


[1]This is translated from de the spanish Word “Dedicarse” where DE is “darse” which means giving; DI is “decir” which means saying; and CARSE comes from the action of doing.


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