Personalities, masks…


And… searching for profitability, gains, obtaining, the benefit…, it is not strange that the development of the personality is multiple; so multiple and diverse that it seems like different people.

As if they were diverse colours, according to the necessities, the demands… -but almost always tied to the profit-, the human subject conforms, forms, does… in a specific manner.

 Like the chameleon it transforms, it transfigures… to give an image -or to not give it-, like this, little by little, the personality is configured: with different stratums of answers, of attitudes, or “positions”, dispositions.

 This, at first glance, would seem –or seems like- ability, a resource, an advantage, a gain. But, inevitably, the different personalities are in one subject, and they imply, they interweave, they discover each other.

 And this generates, little by little, confusion, divergences…


With which of the masks… -[1]personas- does the being present itself in front of… The Mystery, in front of the Creative Force, in front of the Grace, in front of the privileges…? -All of this concerning its position and its relations with the Divine-.

 The answer that could immediately pop up is: “No. One presents without a mask”.

 And when the representation finishes, which is put on?


 No. Inevitably, the being cannot choose. Everything that is, with all of its combination of masks, with all of its personalities, inevitably… they are in the open.

And this is the warning, the advice of the praying sense of today: the different ways of being, to be, to do and realise…, when the praying call invokes me, all turn up without fail. It is curious the sensation that ‘nothing’ can be hidden.


 This disposition… in the instant of resorting to the place of prayer, permits us to have a vision of ourselves. Permits that we see the deck of cards with which we are playing. Shows us the different textures of fidelities, sincerities, of hidden things.

 Yes! We could say that, in this passage, the prayer heals.

 If we are truly vocational, we would know how to see the thorns that affect each personality. And surely we could, with this vibration of the prayer –like right now!-, “take out the thorns”…; promote attitudes and decisions that… alleviate us.


 In reviewing positions and postures, personalities and masks with which we alternate, with which is alternated, and with which –as well- gains and benefits are achieved …, we notice that… the game is not transparent; we notice that the game is not clear; we notice that the trickery is suggestive, attractive, maintained, sustained…

 Discovering ourselves… in the opaque, in the marked, wouldn’t… -question- stain all the masks… with marks?, would it not adulterate… what is essential of each being –which is already divided, distributed and diversified?


The rain arrives without stains.

The snowflakes prance around… and they settle until dissolving. Transparent.

The river flows and… does not return; and, although it expands, it fuses in the profoundness, or ends up being part of the swell… of the sea.


The cloud clears. And the ray expresses without blushing; brilliant.

The cockerel sings, in front of the light, without shame.


The bird flies without simulation

And the fish swims without… a wet suit.


[1]According to the traditional etymology, the word “persona” comes from “personare” and makes reference to the mask the actors used in the theatre.



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