And there are so many versions about any situation that could come to us that... the summary of all of them does not clarify or comfort us, but rather they confuse us, they mislead us...

The Praying Call warns us of the call to confusion... of all the resources and means that our species has.

A call to confusion that has two facets: the one of the pseudo-protagonists who improvise, invent...; they do not know exactly what they are promoting, what they are saying, what they are commenting on. And the other part -more unknown- that is aware of all the confusion, and that collaborates actively, but "calculatedly", to confuse, to avoid clarity. And incidentally... and incidentally obstruct any belief, any symptom of faith, any... commitment; sowing doubts.

And also -as if that was not enough-, to create a lack. To create shortage of all kinds... so that "the capable" -in quotes- could solve them "slightly".

That is to say: incapable of solving; capable of confusing. Precise in destruction and... kind (sic) in aid; that is always insufficient, so that the ones who are lacking cry out and give thanks.

Without much effort, we can realize "how apocalyptic" this situation is.

This entire situation, is now... -so to speak- handled with "normality." It is the one that warned us, of "the new normal."

Everything seemed to be a renewed hope, a cleansing of resources, a clarification of means...

The result is a continuous confusion -and we insist, from the Praying Sense- in all aspects. Because it might seem that it is only in the everyday aspect of worry, illness... No, no, no! That's... the dot that distracts us.

There is a declaration -under the Praying Sense-, there is an explicit and implicit declaration, on the part of the resources controlled by different levels, aimed at managing, manipulating, controlling and deciding!, in short the fate of the species. And make it look as something natural, as something typical of some people worse than others... -but with great effort!... by the good ones-. But creating in the beings the "incapacity", the "impossibility" of doing any variable; to develop any idea, project, action. It's not possible.

This is essential in the control project. Only what the controller establishes is possible. To him we owe homage, honour... and obedience.

In the Prayerful Call, we are urged to be “simultaneously” aware of our capacities, our resources... and our attitudes of beliefs, of dispositions; of attitudes.

And we say "simultaneously", because to the extent that an idea or an action is projected, it is supported by the enthusiasm of the Creative Mystery. This is supported -it must be!- by the Providential Force.

But at the same time we must raise awareness of our feelings, our thinking, in a... mystical way! Yes: mystical, mysterious; linked to that Creative Mystery.

A committed prayer; a meaningful prayer towards the Mystery. Feeling ourselves Mystery, feeling Goodness, feeling devoted, and knowing that our sigh emanates from that Mystery: “Ay!”; our... willingness!

And when we are called, we go to your Presence.

From the infinite universality... we come with our troubles of... of shame.

Yes. Because, as much as we want to enlarge them, before You... they are trifles.

But still you have endowed us... you have endowed us with Loves. And that is why we replicate in your Eternal DAWN to LOVE. And with them we come to you for you to ratify them, so that you seal them, you continue promoting them.

Cultivation of beauty that each being does of… its Love, when it is offered to the Eternal, fills us with plenitude; it fills any need.

And when that experience is full, creativities, projects, ideas... and resolutions and attitudes arise, no matter how repressed our environment is.

Be merciful!



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