In the murkiness that now girdles over humanity, could still lead us to darkness...

And even more: the result of a preponderant, demanding, selfish, hedonistic and exploitative being, the version, the understanding and feeling only see darkness... and something else.

The clarity of the light, the transparency of the luminous, the vision of detail, the vision of the... diverse and diverse!... is being lost. It is being lost.

And desperate determinisms flourish, visions of "no” hope, "no" way out. And all this turns into self-harm, as well as mistrust of the environment.

Thus posed the situation, the Prayerful Call suggests us, reminds us of the paradisiacal memory; it reminds us of the countless resources; it reminds us of the capabilities that are there and have become murky, but it is possible to clarify them.

In this Prayerful Call we are asked to memorise that theoretical past, but above all that longing future; which, although it appears grey, unattractive, without possibilities, dark, disappointing... but each one of us has resources... -the Prayerful Call reminds us- as to not get lost in the fog of complaint, in the permanent comment of deterioration...; and open up to self-recognition, without lying to oneself. With determination, with courage, conviction and hope!

Yes, it is obvious and evident that when the environment becomes cruel, when bureaucracy envelops us in impossible disquisitions, when commanders deceive and when we are shown 'amplified' catastrophe, it is easy to fall into despair, sadness, and melancholy!

And to say "easy" means that those forces... those forces are there with such strength that... we have to recognize: they are very powerful.

And to say "how easy is to fall into sadness and melancholy" is to say that... we do not remember, we do not update our capacity.

The turbulence of the nebulous and the obscure surrounds us. And if one is not alert, it convinces us.

And it is "easy" to become... -again in inverted commas "easy"- to become part of the mob of darkness, of meaninglessness, of "no way out", of the impossible... forgetting that we have made it possible, through Providence, to establish the species in every corner!; to establish a... -yes- a destructive hegemony.

But above the cataloguing Creation has –let’s say- "allowed us to reach that position". It has endowed us with resources for defence, attack, care, reserve, control!...

And instead of using it in tune, in harmony, in equilibrium, in osmosis with the environment, it drifted to a Providential supplanting... and to a reasonable criterion of certainty: that it would happen, and that it would take place according to the will of man's free will.

Recognise our filiation with the Creator Mystery, to feel the vibration of Eternities... even if the environment is hardly visible, even if the darkness is very evident... and our vision closes almost in blindness...

It is there, it is there that the firefly of Providence flickers, where the mysterious suggestion of chance, of luck, of the unforeseen, of the unexpected, calls and sings.

Resorting on our creative instances... makes us present ourselves as creative, resourceful and 'enabling' clarifying darkness! The eyes are not trained to see in the dark. They are not prepared to make their way through the fog. Rather, the pupils of the Eternal open, close... in the presence of light.

Our ears are not yet ready to hear the songs of silence. But they have resources.

One is not yet ready... to be able to perceive the perfume of the Eternal’s Love.

Not yet... -but one is willing- to taste formless food. The nourishment of the hug. The nourishment of a sound that says yesssssssssssss.

And although it is not available, but it is there... the feeling a caress is the clairvoyant envelope of the Love that the Eternal pours.

It is therefore our duty... –although possibilities are not yet ready- to know that they are there, and that at any moment they will give us enough reflection for our pupils to be surprised!... and to contemplate and feel the fluttering of the butterfly's wings.

It is not yet early, nor is it too late, but it is immediate!, to reencounter our own presence, as life and as existence.

Yes, it is immediate... to realise what resources are available and potentially to break through the selfish, arrogant and domesticating darkness; to break through in the sincere word, in the firm attitude... not rigid, but convincing.

To stop spreading once and again deficiencies, a discomfort, echoing endless complaints -to stop doing- and be testimony of possibilities, is an immediate... urgencyUrgent!

The calls for attention that permanently fall on everyone, in an eagerness for greater domination, greater control, greater punishment, must be interpreted as a prelude to other responses than a frightened attitude of fear, terror, horror!... although we are immersed in darkness, obscurity and other things.

If in our senses we harbour these potentialities, in the communion of all of them in our consciousness... we find fantasy, hope, imagination... which devoid of materialistic definitions allow us the leap to the mystical, the leap to communion with the Creator Mystery.

"Fantasy", "hope", "imagination"... dictionaries tell us that it is something that does not conform to reality, that they are birds in the head, that they are useless innocence. But from the point of view of our ancestry, descendant, reference, fantasy, imagination, hope... are coordinates that link us to Creation, to discover it -Creation- in everything around us. And to discover ourselves within it! And to know that any attitude, any disposition that we make... as unitary beings, will have repercussions on everything!

Thanks to fantasy, imagination, hope that act of kindness, that moment of solidarity, that other instant of help, care, becomes a flashing light that illuminates our being and following, and chases away darkness and obscurity.

Perhaps -why not?: one more Creator strategy- we have been led to these levels, to these... ENDINGS to discover the ENDLESS.

Perhaps... everything will help the being to discover its potentiality, and to warn and be aware of the operability of its resources, which must be achievers!... with different attitudes than those that have led us to this situation.

The flickering luminous contribution of any being... is a sign that other beings pick up; it is a possibility of a new offspring: feeling ourselves divine grafts, which, from the darkness and obscurities, evoke poems of light, of transparency, of spectacular visions.

Visions of feeling the flicker of the Eternal’s Love gathering it and channelling it "lovingly" into what surrounds us, and tuning in to what... and to those who... and to the one who awaits us.

Discovering oneself in Providential immediacy opens us up to the 'making possible' possibilities: those that were thought to be impossible!, unfeasible... and even useless.

Become available to vibrate in sensitivity... towards the Eternal. Immerse ourselves in his Mystery. Become praying mystics.



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