The harassment of fear and fright is becoming more and more universal.

What should suppose a generalized enthusiasm and joy, the humanity species has turned into mistrust, prejudice, overwhelming biased information; and, in these days -2021-, we find ourselves surrounded by penalties, suspicions, deprivations of freedoms –“suspended”-....

Beset by power, desperation grows.

The references that human communities maintained around progress, success, triumph... are completely diminished.

And so there is also speculation with falsification, manipulation of ignorance, deception... The institutional lie of "legality" is permanent.

In the face of all this, the Prayerful Call pleads with us not to... -not to- fall into the speculations of combat, flight, rage, rancour.

Gather… gather -the Prayerful Call begs us- in the reference of what life itself is: growing, relating, admiring, astonishing...; dilute and dissolve all the whirlwind of pressing despairs, seeking!... beings to beg!

Let us look at the difference between the prayerful plea of the Prayerful Call, and what the powers that surround us today pursue: that we beg for help!, that we bow to fear!, we pledge blind obedience, that we recognise "the powers" as the only saviours of our desperate plight as humanity.

Surrounded by prohibitions, and in permanent fear, it is easy to fall into pleading to power. Or confront it, with consequent failure.

To what plea do we owe ourselves? To beg to those who -like us: humanity- surround us and submit us? Or rather to the prayerful plea... that comes from the very prayer, as another way of care, of warning, of Love?

And thus, modifying our plea to the powers, and tune us to plea to the Praying Call. And to make us a plea with the Creative Mystery, to reference with it, and knowing how to assume, to let ourselves be permeated... by the will of the Eternal, which promotes us in our strength, in our ideals, in our opinion, in our goodness!.... By recognising... by recognising as prayerful our living heritage of Creation.

It did not bring us to this life, to subjugate us, to enslave us, to persecute us, to punish us!

It brought us to this life to astonish us, to awe us, to awaken us to a yearning for love, in all our doing, in all our searching, in all our ignorance, in all our innocence.

It is not the will of the Eternal to warn us of his punishments, to command us, to watch over us, and.... to take revenge for our insidiousness. No!

It is the will of the Eternal, the Mystery, the one who makes us transmit patience, the one who awaits us, the one who gathers us, the one who LOVES US.

And for that we do not abuse. We are not going to descend to hell because of this.

 Rather... rather, being conscientious of our species and its deterioration, to experience that ancestry, that "care" that it pours over us.

Species imperatives, due to their pride and arrogance, need to domesticate, enslave, dominate. This is already being done with the living kingdoms of the environment, in all its perspectives: rivers, seas, plants, animals... domestications…

Now, under that reign of control, it is the turn of the reign of... one's own kind.

To those whom this vain pride corresponds, they are also under benevolence, the Superior Goodness of the Eternal. And it is hard, hard to believe, but in its Mysterious immensity it is so. And to the extent that we all assume –some people in consciousness, others without it- our divine ancestry, to that extent we will be discovering, every day, attitudes, proposals, gestures, intentions, dedications... that allow us a liberating coexistence. As is happening at this moment when we are being called, we are told, proposed, warned, we are pleaded!...

And we have the possibility to listen to the word...; to feel our belief!

Many, many, many others will not have that option, but they will continue to be encouraged by the spirit of Creation.

It is common!, among the living beings, to be sheltered and protected by the Creative Goodness.

And even if everything points to the fact that the human community is deteriorating, and this is true!, it is no less true -or better to say, it is "supra-true"- that the Creator consciousness does not abandon us, does not leave us to our "free will". That phrase of all-powerful conceited pride, which is created to justify the winners and losers... and to attribute punishments to the Superior Goodness. When, in fact, in the circumstances in which the being deviates from its way, due to that deviation, it hurts, deteriorates, and corrupts itself.

Still!, the Help of the Creative Word is there. Let us not be judges of the deterioration. Let us not be accomplices of defence and attack. Let us be living testimony of hope, of generosity, of help, of Love!

With this plea, we submit ourselves, by submission -not by fear, but submission- to the Love of the Eternal, to be vehicles with testimonial promises of impeccable doing, permanent service, an attitude of solidarity... that seeks to sanctify every action, every move.

Yes, and it may seem impossible or unapproachable to us... that sanctification of actions, but when the reference is the Love of the Eternal, every action is tinged by that influence, that essence, that transcendence.

And we will be able to see how, effectively, by doing... in doing without profit, with the dedication of what is necessary we will be sanctifying that moment.

Yes. Because we are the imprint of a Creation. 

Yes. Because we have been sheltered by the Creator Spirit.

Yes. Because we have the SOUL THAT LOVES, of life.

Yes! Because... coming from the Existence to Life, has been due to a plan of Creation Love.

That is undeniable; not enslaving. On the other way around: it is a promoter of our resources; of those we have been given to fulfil and to be pleased by doing so!

There is the sanctified!

Let us really make of our configuration a Temple... where we plea. Where we listen to the echo of the Eternal's plea! Where we sanctify our projects!... Where our emptiness is filled with Goodness.



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