And little by little -or perhaps at a dizzying pace, depending on where we start from- intellect, the intellectual, the rational, the logical... has been gaining, is gaining ground in human behaviour, in the way of planning, in the way we develop ourselves in terms of activities, in terms of attitudes...

And it would seem -perhaps this is so- that it hijacks the flow of feeling, and turns it into intellectuality, into mind, into reason. And so -as we have alluded to on other occasions- beings feel one thing, think another and do another.

It can be described as a "fracture" or a "kidnapping" or an "osmosis"... of some functions by others. But what is obvious is that it can... -it can of "power", of intelligence, of mind- be stronger than the other two positions: feeling and doing.

"I think I should do, but I feel that..."

The Prayerful Call guides us about this... "everyday" situation, which produces a frankly uncomfortable instability for everyone, and undoubtedly hinders evolution, manifestations, conjunctions, communions, projects... Of course!

That explains why most beings are unhappy with what they feel, what they think, what they do. They are not in harmony. That makes intellectuality cold and distant. And above all it shows us how fragile it is to be, and being; so fragile it is, that most of the time it is broken, it is decayed, it is dull, because... "this day...", "it is that yesterday...", "it is that now...", "it is that it happened...". 


Impossible... It is impossible to live life fully, with the guarantee of being aligned with our being, with Creation, with the environment...

And that -of course- causes confrontation, discomfort, and dissatisfaction... to appear. And the being has to "get used to" -in inverted commas- to coexist with the displeasure, the dissatisfaction. One day –perhaps- ok; another day so-so; another day, I don't know....

Everyone wants!, with his intellect, a situation of feeling. And he wants!, with his intellect, to make them to do, to do this or that for him, as a necessity of life. And it is not difficult to create inter-slavery and... continuous discomfort of belonging.

The unity of the being becomes to us... -according to the Prayerful Call- a claim for its achievement: the Prayerful Call claims of us the achievement of unity, in which the being is exemplified in its being, in its daily life, without having to dissect what is thought, what is felt and what is done, but rather that it be what it is, who it is!

Otherwise, personal struggle is simmering. Always doubting suspecting, fearing.

The priority of the being, in the Prayerful Call, is its affiliation with the Creator Mystery. From this, everything else develops, happens, and passes.

There is no claim, no punishment, no reward. There is a passing... of "instants"! -if you want to consider it that way- that entail a way of approaching and dealing with any situation based on that reference, that priority.

The being of humanity -in generic terms- has its priorities set on its achievements, its conquests, its pretensions, its possessions, its securities…

He does not feel -with some exceptions and except for delicate situations- under the shadow of the Creator Mystery.

When we are on it, with it... we know and see that it is present in everything that happens...; that it is inseparable from life, from living!

Everything is tinged under the influence of the Eternal, when we are in tune with it... 


It becomes... it becomes empty, cold and distant to live together, without the shelter of the permanent Creation, having only personal principles… interests and suspicions.

It becomes difficult, or perhaps... hard!, to gather in prayer, knowing that it will pass like... like rain that fell but did not fertilise the seed. Not always, of course! It is the exception that maintains the prayerful link.

And it becomes even harder when... under the Creative reference, one sees in the other, in others, that Creation. And it is seen that the whole contingent of life is divided into desires, in... in various...

"In various": that is, in a variety of attitudes and behaviours that do not precisely remind us of the prayerful experience of the Creator Mystery, but rather take us away from it...

The Creator volcano has to be permanently melting the ice of justification, of logic, of reason, of desire…

It is imperative to trace our origins, to clarify the priority... and to be under its reference... without doubt and without permanent prejudices.



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