Much of the "success" –success?- of this culture, of this lifestyle, of this way of thinking, of this type of consciousness... lies in the difficulties and problems: two walls that do not really exist.

Those who become preponderant, powerful or legislators... or even offered as a guarantee, are putting their difficulties and generating problems, so that there is a selection, separation, stratification, that is perfectly reasonable...

So, any kind of exercise of power –like the older boy in the gang or the older girl in the group, or the older brother, or the father, the imperative mother, the close relatives of significant ancestry: grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles-... Look at the small quantity we have got, and the problems we already have, which anyone has perceived: “What an uncle we had!"... "What a father he didn't let us even...”.

If we add to this the novelties of human couples and their ‘con-flicts’, ‘diffi-culties’ and ‘pro-blems’ –to imitate where they came from- we have a very nice (maja) species...

"Maja": it is said of that good looking and attractive female without being an extraordinary thing ahhhhh!, but she is nice. The masculine "majo" is also used: the one that is pleasant and... well!, a little talkative and friendly. This does not mean that a majo meets a maja and a "majón" is made, no. No, no, no.

Also, the term "majo" is a term that encourages friendship... relationship... –superficial, of course; no intimacy-. To get along. But it doesn't solve. No. You say to someone several times: "majo!, majo!, majo!". And he keeps doing what he wants:

.- Look you're so majo, huh?! You could do things better.

.- You see!

So, being very, very, very, very generous, the species is a nice (“maja”) species. It has invented airplanes, helicopters, submarines, ships, lightning rods, telephone... These are nice (majas) things! None is essential, no. But... there they are.

When any process begins: "I going to study the secret life of fleas" –for example. And there will be... we have seen some things, but there will be, certainly, thousands of works on the secret life of fleas; maybe not with that name, but the life of fleas. So, I can start saying, "Well! This is difficult, huh?". Because, of course, comparing the life of fleas with human life sometimes is not easy.

.- Bah! There are worse things, man!

Start like that, slightly.

To the extent that the subject is studying the secret life of fleas, he finds himself with different works and investigations –all of them of doubtful veracity- that are orienting his mind towards the inevitable flea breeding. Then, creates a ‘flea meter’ to measure the mysterious activity of fleas. A flea farm in the basement of the house.

Of course, you have to be careful, because they jump, and suddenly they go upstairs. You have to take care of them with special costumes, like bees. Most probably, none of you have had that experience of raising fleas, but they are raised, huh? Because, well, then they can generate a lot of profit. Because when you release them out there, and when people need to get rid of fleas, medicine is needed. You provide the drug... and you are the breeder. You become "breeder", "breater"... – as creator- of fleas, in this case. But this brings its problems, because you can be discovered; you can be even prosecuted.

Notice how quickly the simple and innocent fact of growing fleas becomes complicated and "viral." That is an example. And all the difficulties and problems it creates.

In fact, the flea has never been a problem in itself. It is "the flea."

The problem is when you call someone "flear" (verminous) or... "take off the fleas"... or "I'll throw you some fleas"... Already difficulty begins. Or the problem may arise.

Well, with this parenthesis... –let’s leave the fleas for the moment- with this parenthesis we can see, in the stertorous example that we have given, how easily the difficulty and the problem appear.

A being can become enormously difficult! Enormously difficult! Because he puts difficulties into everything.

.- To everything?

.- Yes. ¡To everything is "To everything!". And it makes a problem of everything.

It is difficult to know why astrophysicists have not yet discovered "the law of everything," when there are so many "everythingists" Apart from those of the “flat- earth” –the embankment-, “everythingists” there are…  lots! –but lots, millions- that make of life and living and living together a problem.

.- But is there such a problem?

.- No.

.- So how is it that...?

.- Yes. Because he wants it to be like that, the other wants it to be the other way, the other thinks that... Then, already there, in that "maja" relationship, the problem arises.

How nice!, eh?

Another exclamatory expression could be said that says: "Such life we give ourselves!". Not in the sense of the "good life", no, no: "Such a life we give each other!"

Most probably, it is infrequent to think like that, but the Praying Sense warns us today of how ease we can hinder and problematize our thinking, our feeling, our doing, our living, our hope, our project...

Is it possible to find out or think that Creation confabulated to make, from life, a conflict, a difficulty, a problem?

Was that the grace of life...?

We could say "most probably not”.

However we see the development of living, it turns out that each species has its habitat, its habit... There is a balance –in normal conditions, which does not happen now, of course-... there is a balance that allows precisely to adapt, to accommodate the permanence of life.

Ahhhh! Then we could change the word "difficulty," for "balance," for example. And every time –the Praying Sense tells us-... every time we see a difficulty, we change the word –we make a neurolinguist mechanism- and put "balance."

And every time we say: "I have some difficulties"... we will hear an inner voice saying: "Balance... majo! Balance yourself... maja!”

.- But the problems are more difficult, right.

.- Problems?

To start, we already know they do not exist; that they are created by stratifications of power. And it becomes very problematic to enter Harvard, and now it has been discovered that there is a network of influence peddling to be able to enter the best study site in the world, etc.

When we decidedly want things to be one way, and we are willing to work for it intensely, the problem will appear, because we will find others who think the same about their projects. Then, the conflict will arise. Some people, might yield a little; others don’t...

What if... before devoting in soul, heart and life to the personal belief of how things should be –before, before, before that; after it is more difficult- and the problems appear, of course!... what if... you listen, and you listen to each other again... and if in that listening we learn... and contribute news, innovations, originalities? That could then be done, or not; doesn’t matter. Some will enter the hype of the accepted.

Consequently, we could say that when we are facing a problem, knowing that it does not exist; let´s add the word “listen”.

Starting from the base of its non-existence –of the problem-, upon hearing the story of it, it is fragmented and easily –yes, easily- we find... solutions.

But before –of course- a “balance” is required.

Conflicts, evidently, arise from the imposed demands, judicial opinions, extremisms... that systematically only agree with the own thing, otherwise they condemn it.

How sad! A life dedicated to condemn.

When conflict appears –if the exercise of balance and listening has been done before, about the difficulties and problems-... when conflict appears we have to –well, it comes out alone- dodge: “Ah! They come here, they come there, they attack here, they attack there…”

If we put an attitude of "respect" to conflict...; and we do not agree with that one, we do not share others‘ opinion but we respect it, because they are points of view that listening has already taught us, and the tightrope walker has also shown it to us, the conflict is made... and is dissolved –because it doesn't exist either-, respecting.

So, if we follow the prayerful suggestions of balance, listening and respect, probably the difficulties, problems and conflicts, at least will be minor, bearable, resolvable.

Let us have a decisive capacity to keep life vibrant!, grateful!, joyful!; pleased with complaisance of others.

"Pleased with the complaisance of others."

So I am pleased when you are pleased; otherwise I’m not. Because before I have respected, I have spoken, I have dialogued, I have listened and I have maintained a balance.

Probably, in this interim of silence anyone has been able to make a practice of balance, listening and respectful of any conflict, problem or difficulty you have, and you will have seen that mmm!... mmm!... mmm!... it has not suddenly dissolved, as by magic –knowing that they do not exist as their own entity; they are the result of the realization of human-.

Yes. The Praying Sense, before that: "Mmm!... Yes, bah! But something is missing... something missing”... the Praying Sense has covered the human aspect, but we need a catalyst –to call it that way- an intermediary, an exchanger, something that magically connects listening, balance and respect, and that is pleased in the complaisance of others:


Wanting to define it, wanting to study it, wanting to understand it... is vanity. It's not possible. It is not in that rank.

Faith, so to speak –without trying to define it- is that submission, that unconditional attitude towards daily living. It is the closest thing to being in love, or feeling loved, or being in that other state that does not require reward or profits or demands.

Faith, which in the face of conflict, implies goodness in the other –"in the face of conflict, implies goodness in the other"-. Faced with the problem, it proposes to assume simultaneously the versions that are available, giving respect to all of them.

The roads can go in parallel; they may have crossing points, meetings points, some magical ones. Some can go up and others down; some to the right and others to the left.

Any path has its walker; and in his exercise as such a pilgrim, he will always find reasons to persevere, and he will meet others who apparently make another type of path.

If we balance it, if we avoid the conflict and respectfully we assume each other's pilgrimage, and the meeting points that must occur, thanks to Faith, those possible conflicts, problems, difficulties... become vaporous; they become hope.

Ah! Surprise! Yes; the hand of Faith, as if it were alchemy, when it perches on the described human remedies: balance, listening, respect..., with the magic wand of Faith, all of this becomes hopeful.

And to respect is added a hopeful respect; and to balance, a hopeful balance; and listening, a hopeful listening. Because we came with Faith.

And to go with Faith, it is not necessary –as we said at the beginning when speaking of Faith- to reason it, to understand it... No, no, no, no, no!... It is easy. Yes. Why? Because you and you and you are alive, right? You have the consciousness of living. But you are alive because someone has faith that you –each one- fulfil your vital, essential and necessary content for all.

Creation has Faith! It is Faith!, in life and in living. Only with that!... inevitably we are beings of Faith.

And to the extent that we know it, and we exercise at least the word!, hope will spring up. And with it... –and with it- it clarifies the conflict, the problem, the difficulty.

As people at prayer who come to the call, you already listen, tend to respect and...  make balances.

Faith acts... and hope grows.



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