It seems that Creation endowed... and endows the beings with the necessary resources to remain, evolve, change, improvise, recreate... And one could say that these and other qualities are in all beings, from the vegetal kingdom to the homo sapiens –to use a simple range.

It is said that this place in the Universe –the planet called "Earth"- was formed about four thousand... and a bit millions of years ago approximately. It does not seem to be a scandalous figure, when there are people who have an economic capital of one hundred billion and similar things –just for a matter of numbers.

The most personal case, the sapiens, decides, more or less three hundred thousand years ago –not so long ago- to leave his African den to inspect –thanks to his sapience- other perspectives... where there were other hominids: the Denisovans, the Neanderthals... with whom they didn’t seem to have agreed much; although it does seem to be –and they tell us- that, it depends on what type of Neanderthal, the sapiens mated or not.

Maybe it was a strategy to finish with them.

Yes. They ended them. It is not known very well –or they don’t want to admit- if it was by direct action of the sapiensor by natural disability of the Neanderthals.

The fact is that the gifts of sapiens-sapiens made important changes possible... on the label of this planet.

Their sapience, curiously, led them from extermination actions towards the enemy of the moment or... to mystical actions, with the mystic or mysticism that arose at that time.

Yes. You have to look. In one case it is plural: "the extermination of" –of course, to talk of extermination is to talk of plurals- and a conduct mostly of combat, war, reproduction –mass, mass-... contrasted and contrasts with the appearance of elements that didn’t fit the established mould.

This often cost them to continue on living; or it was hard for them to carry on living, or to continue being as they were.

Didn't the mystic have enough strength to soften the instinct bite... of the hunter, the dominator, the controller, the manipulator?

It seems that it did not! It seems that they were on different planes; as if the mystic was a mutant, and the rest was a simple predator... that went from scavenger to hunter, and that gained the power of the species.

Today's Prayer Sense gives us a panoramic view, to show us how sapience has diversified, so that the indolence and arrogance of... the “masculine” element of species, continues over the other species.

Yes. Because sometimes it is said to be "above"... the dominion over the other sexed part: feminine. But that is very short. When it comes to dominating and exterminating, it is necessary to extend it more: to rivers, seas, vegetables, animals… and even “rare lands”.

Yes. They are lands, a “rare” soil, with chemical components that are so called, “rare”, due to their infrequency, but their important impact on the petrochemicals of resource researchers.

Meanwhile... mystic splashes appear –let’s call it like that generically- because they engage in a reference other than... the male goat, but an Unfathomable Mystery: the one that can be seen through losing personal importance.

Meanwhile... –things happen simultaneously-, the male goats gallop down the hillsides, meadows, anywhere... showing off their power, their autonomy (sic), their arrogance...

And it seems... it seems that these qualities are often called "instincts."

The wise scientists say that, at one time –at one time- female entered into heat, and this produced a series of substances –pheromones and other attractions- that induced the male to... hounding and bringing down, by an irresistible attraction. This made him compete with other males to see who...

We see this today, at present, in animals.

In animals?

At this point –making an Olympic jump-, with the near possibility of eight billion human beings, and having 2050 already so close... or may be by 2030 we will be one hundred billion – at this rate, of course-, the Praying question is:

.- Ok. No, mystics do not proliferate, but it does proliferate... pornography, rape, paedophilia, assisted or non-assisted reproduction, shared or not shared, different variables of sexuality...

.- Ah!, yes... But was not that ‘instinctual’?

.- It no longer seems like it. It doesn’t seem.

.- It doesn’t seem?

.- No. It seems that the mass to be used –that is to say, the woman- doesn’t… –due to her evolution of course- no longer produces those attractions, sometimes fatal.., that obnubilated the sapience of men: it led them to the hasty possession... of any animal...

.- Animal?

.- Yes. Of any female animal that passed by.

It is assumed –by the millions that were expressed-... it is assumed, that by the development of highways, helicopters, airplanes, that other thing would also change. In other words, it is assumed –sorry: "it was supposed" – that these high flights would also bring in high mood, affective, emotional, spiritual flights... and the time of adventures and wandering with ‘neardentalas’ will be over or...

No. No. On the contrary, the species, in general, prostitutes itself: some parts, by defence of rights and properties and capacities, and another part, by predominance and dominance and control.

Oh yeah! It is important.

All this is generated by a reference pattern. The pattern is scavenger and hunter.

There is no other reference pattern. Except!... for exceptions of splattered characters who spoke, said, poetized, prayed, meditated... But their real impact on the behaviour of the senses of... the dominator, little had changed.

And an interesting question for... how?, why? First: it is the only reference pattern. Second: "why", if he doesn’t have to hunt anymore, if he no longer needs to scavenge, if he already tames, controls, reproduces what he wants and when he wants and how he wants...

This would mean, on the evolutionary scale, a loss... sorry, a dissolution of attitudes and qualities for the acquisition and development of others... yes, let's say more "sublime."

The reference pattern of life –let’s allow this jump and let’s abandon human prominence for a moment-... the reference pattern of life is life itself in its infinite pluralistic expression. It is the latent Mystery that lives in a place we call "Universe", and that moves us! At the very least it should move us!

And, in fact, the scavengers and the hunters were guided, at first, by the mysterious totems, gods of fire, of rain, of... of strength: the spirit of the tiger, of the lion...

Their reference patterns were storm, rain, earthquake or volcano... But to the extent that they gave them a personal interpretation, they ceased to be a reference to be –or become- "dominated" by the great hunter.

And what was supposed to be an idyllic communication and an idyllic relationship between male and female, and a placid life of joy, enjoyment and pleasure...; what seemed that should be like that –even if only for the years that have passed- it turns out  that it was not. Engaged in rights, duties... and under the reference pattern of the "hunter", the sapience has enclosed itself, it is surrounded by pointed stakes so to not get out of that "instinct of power", of wining, of achieving, of deceiving...

Anyone who dares to jump the fence takes risks and... – above all- can be left out.

And it seems that the human clan has enclosed so much that nobody wants to be out.

And "a well known Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal is better than a sapiens to know."

Perhaps that is why the ancient philosophers insisted: "Know yourself, know yourself, know yourself...". Very insistent!, right? And psychoanalysis arrived and he knew your, and enslaved you in the only function that sex could be. But he was not even able to evolve into a mystical sexuality that would lead him to immortality.

No. He remained in the domain of ego, of the self, super-ego, instinct...

And so the psychoanalyst battled with the psychoanalyzed and... and they 're-dreamed' without meaning. Those who survived –or those who survive- do so based on... the Holy Spirit.

.- So much so?

.- Yes. It was the cornerstone.

Yes. Touching that subtle vector that "no longer fulfilled" –in quotation marks "no longer fulfilled"- basically the reproductive function, but it began to fulfil –or so it was... seen by visionaries- mystical functions, spiritualistic functions that, without excluding any possibility, they stopped exercising in the hounding and bringing down… and they were confined in their sapience referencing in the Creation!, that endowed the beings with that magical energy; that, then, little by little, it came out –it came out- through the word “love”, “fall in love”, etc., but that it quickly became prostituted, because the conditions did not change.

Without a doubt –the Praying Sense tells us- when the reference is Creation, there is nothing to hunt, there is nothing to possess, there is nothing to dominate...

We are under the perspective of the Creator... and the only valid thing is the referential of what I can visualize, on the one hand, in "some" beings...; on the other hand, in my own reality, by transcending human signs and signals, and placing myself in the signs and Creator signals: those that surround me with beauty, resources, intuitions, surprises... Those that whisper "true love"... Those that make me aware of emotional novelties that transcend us... and allow us to dissociate from the continuous stalking of the instincts...

Could be...? Could it be –says the Prayer- that we are "on time", or that the times have come, or that times begin when the fence that sapiens put on can be removed?

Could it be that the times have come when you can be referenced, without the baton of "your power"?

Could it be that the times have come to invoke...; to invoke again and again our abilities and gifts, so that they come out... of "the prostitute position" that sweeps, corrupts and deteriorates?

It may be illusory; yes.

The Praying Sense is often illusory, but a prophetic illusory. It is as a warning, as a wake-up call... for the being to enliven its "referential projection" towards a communion. Towards a communion of unity with the living!; towards a communion of its parity with its species; towards a communion with the Creator Mystery; and towards a development of continuous creation... in the art of "being", in the art of "passing", in the art of "projecting"... under the Creator Reference, and consequently becoming creative...

Being the "loving" baton... which, as a reflection of feeling loved by Creation, makes us sublimate our abilities, makes us respect our qualities and our environment, that begins with the closest: with the ‘coexistence’.

Maybe... maybe, in this perspective, someone see it "impossible", others see it "maybe", and others get excited and then get depressed. And some get excited!...

In any case, there it is the raw material.

 At least, develop the consciousness of the real referential; al least establish de coexistence respect.

At least!...

To the extent that the being exercises in these dispositions, he discovers other perspectives; he becomes more ductile, less warrior; more condescending, dialoguing, concordant...

It stops "being like this", as each one is typified: "I am like that!". "That one is like this." "She is like this"... And time goes by and passes –although it does not exist- and ratify that "it is so"...

And where was the sapience!? Where was the raw material!? What happened that didn't develop!?

"It is so."

And will...? –question- will we have to live bearing and putting up with each other "is like this"... "because it is so!". And of course, chasing each other, arguing, violently...


‘E-ffort’ is a characteristic of the Force. It is! And it does not need... –except exaggerations- it does not need a harmful, dangerous or uncomfortable activity. On the contrary: it amplifies us, propels us...

Could an effort be made towards harmony, coexistence, respect, the dissolution of hindrances that remain and prostitute the options that each being has of raw material?

Or should we continue bearing "this is so", "that is so"..., until you see the annihilation, the personal holocaust... or other things that are not yet shown?



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