Creation, from its Mystery, exerts incomprehensibly... in the eyes of the habitual human consciousness.

It could be said that when the being was not sapiens-tial -it was not sapiens, he did not know- his "knowledge" -in quotations- was due to the reaction produced by daily events.

 We could call it "primitive", but one has to be careful with words.

Insofar as the being is granted the capacities of "knowledge", that is, of knowing, interpreting, analysing, reasoning... -but, beware, here comes a first, meaningful, Praying Call-, he has been given that ability, he starts to develop it, he develops it, but... he reaches “only to a certain point".

It is similar to the story told in Genesis, according to which he eats of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"... and he is expelled from that state of consciousness -and with it, the Knowledge of Good and Evil-, just in case he is going to eat of the tree that is in the centre of Paradise, that makes him immortal.

 The story serves as a model, in today's Prayer Call, to see how the beings of humanity have been creating the world according to their knowledge, which is limited... because it is not "their own" acquisition, but a provided one.

But the human being does not recognize it that way.

We have a very clear duality that immediately helps us: "Islam" speaks of submission and means "submission". Everything is... submitted. Not in the sense of a slave or in the sense of punishment; it is submitted "to"... the Mystery Creation.

In contrast, in the powerful Christianity, everything is submitted to the free will of man's will. Christianity-Judaism, to clarify it more.

       And what happens? That, evidently, "you will populate the earth and everyone will obey you... and you will dominate over all lineages and -of course!- you will dominate over the woman"... etc., it has created the power, the command, the order, the law... and it has become globalized to such an extent that everything is governed by a level of scientific, rational, logical consciousness, with -obviously- its variables and exceptions.

He does not need the Creator’s help, or that of the Mystery. Although it is obviously there. Otherwise we would not be here.

But at the level of everyday consciousness it is not there. The cognitive capacity of the being has been treated, handled, manipulated, conditioned... by the receiving generations. And, today, any event that is not in the last of the shoe of each one, or of each group, or of each culture, or of each continent... anything that is not there, well no, no... Because it escapes the domain. It escapes personal importance. It escapes from influence. And consequently, all events that are not included in the established criteria will be frowned upon, condemned, set-aside...

This in a general way, but especially when what happens and what is going on... -ay!– it was unforeseen, it was unexpected, it was... a mystery.

And behold, the being... becomes faithful to its precepts!, but it is totally combative against... -not only those who do not participate in its precepts, that this can more or less be fixed it- but it is totally combative with the unforeseen precepts, unexpected, typical of... The Mystery.

This happens fundamentally -of course- with what the intellect, reason, logic... cannot cognitively figure out, see pain, suffering, illness, love, fidelity, faith!... promises, commitments... In those factors! When those factors come into play. And of course!, in many cases they do not coincide with personal, logical, rational plans.

But behold, the praying being -and hopefully, oh-Allah!, those who practice now the Ramadan deepen in it-, the praying beings, all of them -but sometimes in special circumstances such as the one we have just mentioned-, should be prepared to realize that our cognitive capacity to know and to believe is a gift... that aims to admire, to be impressed, to realize that we are allowed to discover... the incredible Creation!; that is an instrument that we have -so to speak- "borrowed", so that we see and give thanks, and assume what we do not understand, what we do not comprehend, what we do not accept. Here lies the submission and letting be guided by faith. Do not throw yourself into the precipitate despair of the will.

If… we realize it, we are apperceiving that we reach a certain level of perception, and then the halo of Mystery surrounds us.

We reach a certain level of knowledge of the environment and of ourselves, and again a halo of Mystery envelops us.

The fierce desire... to make the world to our liking!...

The desperate effort to achieve!... what others propose, the fashions that are established, the suggestions of the powerful one -or our own-...

Recently, a young woman puts to vote the characteristic of her being. And some voted in favour that she commits suicide, and others in favour that she does not. The vote won for suicide, and the young woman committed suicide.

Now, certain legal comments affirm that those who voted in favour of her suicide will have to be prosecuted.

In what... on what level is life placed?

No doubt it is an isolated... case?

When we hear so many times: "No, it's that circumstances led me to...". "No, it's that what happened to me led me to...". "No, it's just that what happened to me caused me such...". "No, it is that…".

 The justifications for not assuming... celestial projects, in general, incomprehensible, contradictories. And the being insists that, by his knowledge, the Divine should speak more clearly and, above all, should think like a man.

That is what is said, deep inside.

With which, except for exceptional exceptions, the majority -of course- abandon any kind of faith, hope, and belief... from the perspective of their knowledge. "He does not need it." He just needs to control and master what he knows. That, which he does not dominate, he does not want.

 And even though the Creator Mystery folds, adapts, it surprises us with coincidences, with signs... it seems that man is deaf!, blind!, mute! The sense of smell... ufff!, what will become of him? And no sense of tact at all.

The Prayerful Sense warns us that the senses are to give us meaning. They are to congratulate us. They are to know how to combine our being, with the mysteries that surround us, they lead us, they take us.

It is a prayerful demand that requires us... to follow our given! gifts; towards the pursuit of our ideals; towards complaisant acceptance of what happens, of what takes place.

Let it not be an exceptional exception the one that vibrates in that frequency, but a communal commitment that attends to those premises. And that is not going to take away training, reasoning, logic... but we are going to adjust them! Yes, we are going to condition them "to" the Creator Mystery. And then, those potentialities that we felt ours will become servants. And consequently, our "discoveries" will reach -now yes- unlimited levels.

If we inhabit an unlimited, infinite Universe -however astronomers want to enclose it-, the infinity of our potentialities is proportional with our belief in the Creator Mystery.



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