Without a doubt, one of the languages that Creation uses expressing in life, is the surprise: that situation that surprises us, admires us or... it shocks us, it amazes us, it takes us out of monotony, it takes us out of custom, it takes us out of repetition, it places us in the position in which the Universe expresses.

Of course, surprise levels differ from one person to another; so much so that for some people certain events are not surprising, while for others they are.

Accustomed -the current sedentary, sapiens- to dominate, to control, to manage, to have... their 'stable' projects, any level of surprise, in general is not welcome: any innovation, any novelty, any change...

Perhaps that is why the oral tradition created "The Oracle of Change": for us to have a resource in which we had a connection with Creation, through life.

And this is how the I-Ching surprises us, announces us situations that we did not know, that they were unexpected, that were unforeseen.

Today's Prayer Sense communicates us about the need to unblock that awareness of securities, of establishment, of repetition... And it simply refers us to two points that we have on hand all the time:

One, life: What is life?

There are thousands of definitions.

But in spite of the fact that, in life, we pay so much homage to death, it cannot be defined... and it remains a mystery... because of its need to exist, its need to be, the usefulness of its presence... -of life-.

That, on the one hand. And on the other hand, our place of...

.- And where, where... where is life?                 

.- Where is it? Here!

.- And where else?

.- Where else? Look, I have never left this town. I don’t have the slightest idea.

.- Do you mean this planet, this...?

.- Yes! This town, come on!...; with its 500 million square kilometres it seems like... But, come on!, what a town! -meaning that it is small, it is measurable, it is... nothing else, for the time being-.


Of course! If we look at our levels of operative awareness, see our capacity for relationship, our capacity for imagination, our capacity for realization, our capacity for art -for orienting ourselves a bit in that new, different state, etc.- we will realize that the surprise is around.

Precisely -and it is even clearer now- when the being was 'nomadic' -in thought, word and deed etc.- of course!, he had always to come across novelties.

When he becomes sedentary... –due to agriculture, or hunting, or dominance- when he becomes sedentary, of course, the possibilities of variations, by themselves, diminish. And many of them are easily assimilable, and others, although of lesser depth, could become a drama or a tragedy.

It is an important part of... goodness!, not getting lost and not being cloistered in rules and regulations... of established precept.

By letting it express itself, it becomes 'nomadic' -which is its origin– and it assimilates... novelties, unforeseen events, curiosities, exceptionalities...

Before a lack of knowledge of life and total distraction of the Universe, plus an essential goodness... we will aspire to be, even if "obligatorily" nomadic, to be controlled sedentary.

With the goodness available, we are ready to interpret and assume the different innovations, novelties, surprises... as a language that is not only written for one, but is written for... let's say for all of us, but with significant differences between each other.

When we dispose ourselves with goodness -and this is significant, since the word "goodness" will have surprised us- in the face of surprise, the most significant thing is that, by putting a goodness mould, whatever the level of surprise, it will be impregnated with goodness, because goodness only interprets goodness.

It seems like a trap, but no, no. It is not.

With these Prayer strategies, insofar as they are exercised we could say: "The goodness is presumed in the being" -like saying: it is going to be whatever happens-.

By collecting the surprise, fulfilling with it in subjectivity... and in the guide of the best, of the necessary. Although we are anchored in one place, our consciousness will be 'nomadically' willing to incorporate new perspectives that influence on this sedentarism and modify its premises of blockade, of laws, of prohibitions...

The incorporation into consciousness, of the Creative Surprise, in a place in the Universe where life is gestated, should turn us into admirers; admirers of the unforeseen, of the innovated -if that is the way it is considered- and above all of the unknown.

Usually, in the dominant sedentary lifestyle -is custom-, any event that occurs, is evaluated, calculated, its incidence is seen...

When we are under that other state of consciousness suggested by the Prayer Sense, it is probably not understood, not comprehended, and not rationally shared. But the important thing in that other state of "surprise" is that I admire, I look, I am amazed and... I let myself feel!

This position of prayerful consciousness leads us to... to keep our reference on watch and warning: Creation. The Creator Mystery; feel it, perceive it; let it manifest in our consciousness.

But for this we have to be in goodness, in the Mystery... and in the disposition "of".



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