As a shelter of eternal breaths, we are "Good News"


In the daily living of these times, the breaths are and show themselves strong... when they aspire to achieve dominion, to impose their reasons, to demonstrate their truths... Then, the breaths are powerful, demanding, exigent.

Sometimes, that arrogant breath gets its convictions, but it must continue -now with an overexertion- to maintain its achievements...

Something that will become perishable.

It could be considered a disenchantment, but the conscience deceives itself and stipulates or values -that process- as... "law of life". And what has been lived, is already lived; and what has been achieved, is already achieved; what has been accomplished, is already accomplished and... and now it is time to suffer and even to beg.

But most of the time those goals are not achieved, because of the powerful, demanding and radical breaths. And after a while... the discouragements appear.

Languid proposals of ‘dyed' hopes; bastions without consistency...

Languid lives...

Then, when this happens, occurs and passes, the usual explanation is... other people´s fault. The others! They are the culprits. The others are those that have prevented the good work.

Once the culprits are located -which can be social, cultural, political, close ones, family... a wide range-, discouragement becomes rancid, distrustful.

Results are planned...; mediocre achievements are established...

With some exceptions, they are all enemies.

This can be a vision in which the being can get involved, or it is involved sometimes, and at times. And fundamentally it happens when... -and that is the message of the Praying Call- when the breaths are conceptualized, thought, felt and understood as something of their own!, as something personal; when the reference is the ego, and what he has learned, what he knows, what he feels. And, in fact, he has never cared much about what others feel!

One has cared that others should feel what you want them to feel, and that they behave, as one wants them to behave.

The endogamy of the breaths is, consequently -seen in this way, in two aspects- disappointing. There will be and there are variables, yes, but when the being feels that he owns his breaths... soon becomes clear that they are not viable. He has used something that was not his, something that has been given to him to guard, something that encouraged him to live, survive... but that was never his own.

He has stolen the Original Breath and made it personal, he has made it individual; he has projected it as a weapon or as a flag.

The Prayerful Sense alerts us, calls us!... to wake up to the awareness that our breaths are talents, gifts, graces that are given to us, so that we channel them, put them to the service "of", we excite them, translate them to reconcile, to coexistence, to solidarity, to joyful complaisance.

It is a value that we have to guard as if we were refuge, hut... or bag, chest... Who knows! It goes through so many models!...

The treasure of life expressed in breaths... is a grace of Creation. And to the extent that we are aware that we are custodians of it, and that we are just frame works of interpretation, these breaths are proclaimed, projected, proposed! They do not expire. They do not reach the top! They are at the top. There is no discouragement. There are... different breaths.

When it was said: "I am not worthy to have you under my roof, but one word...".

With this example -close to our culture- we can understand that, when we assume that our breaths are from another dimension, we do not manipulate that force and make it discouraging or sick, but that word of breath serves to heal us, as we become vehicles of care, help, joy, enthusiasm, ecstasy!

But it was so great... -seeking an explanation- the enthusiasm was so great, that it was a temptation not to appropriate it.

It seemed... -and it is, but in possessive hands it ceases to be- it seemed inexhaustible.

The insatiable vanity of power was recreated in the breath.

But what emanates from the Mystery, what encourages us and promotes us to life, what gives us the option to contemplate the luminous... is not to appropriate it.

They tried –and it was largely achieved- to convince us that, with our breath, we were going to eat the world. And that was adapted to the different ages.

And so that Infinite Force of Breaths was domesticated.

And little by little, based on that domestication, the being was... degraded.

And in each passing era, it "couldn’t" anymore… -could: power!-. Then another time passed, and neither could it...

His powerful consciousness left its peak.

And that was normal.

And all this happened in the a world of believers, of religious, philosophical practitioners...

But it happened -and it happens- at the height of the belief that the being is the ultimate, the perfect work of Creation ... to which all must pay homage.

And if they do not give it, it is imposed.

And then, it is worth asking:

But then... what are we?

"Receiving expression of a Grace, of some breaths; that, in the course of an exceptional event -life-, its function is to show the greatness of Creation... and to involve life in a contemplative doing, worthy of an Eternity".

Of course, this does not happen suddenly; it happens, it takes place.

It happens and it takes place under unknown levels. Because it is also easy -and usually happens- to ask oneself: "Why do not they tell us? Why do not they warn us?".

And what are we doing now...?

And what we are doing now -advising and warning- has been done... infinity of times. But the receptacle of the breaths has not listened. It has taken refuge in its vigorous, but declining, collection when it is possessed.

The messenger does not know the message he is carrying. He takes it. He does not think of opening it, read it, interpret it and... act as it suits him.

It is as if the mailman opened the letters and read the messages and rewrote the letters; and would cause such messages to arrive, or not.

This is the case, but that is not what must happen.

As nomadic pilgrims, we harbour the gifts, the graces... and all the necessary resources so as not to faint.

So, when the discouragements appear, based on this alert we can be alarmed... and tell us that we have possessed what was not ours; we have diverted what should not be diverted.

And to the extent that we correct that position, the breath returns to its nature; returns to its enthusiastic, innovative, creative nature.

Is the child discouraged when he starts walking, and falls again and again...? Does he have awareness and knows that he must get up and walk? No. But there is something that drives him to do it.

In the same way, that "something" of encouragement, of breaths, that promotes us towards the Creative, when discouraged, it means that we are not being adequate custodians of those life forces.

Is it perhaps that, as healers, we do not seek to encourage the discouraged ones...!?

Is it perhaps that, as healers, we do not want their breaths to recover, renew, redirected...!?

Haven’t they told us and have repeated to us, in our training, that these disturbed, altered breaths are susceptible to change insofar as we know how to act with the word, with the vivifying breaths, with the proposals, the suggestions...?

Since the alert, the conscience, and the warning of the nature of the breaths is received, and a way is shown to keep them in their true essence, enough reason so that the discouragement, the accommodation, the habit, the routine... do not have site.

And the beauty, the enthusiasm, the novelty, the innovation, the art, the creative, the solidary, the coexistence... So many samples for which the breaths are designed as a Divine plan, as a Mystery Plan!... that we can not usurp, that we can not kidnap and make it ours.

Just as the mother holds in her concavity the essence of the incarnate... and she is an emissary.

Just as she then wraps him up in her lap and breastfeeds him, but she does not impose anything; She is his "blanket".

The same way she sees him developing and growing... with his breath, with his message.

She takes care of it, but she does not own it.

In that sense, the feminine shows us, in that passage, how we are a design of receptacle for breaths... and, in no case, a dominator of discouragements, threats, of... -ay!- of fears.

As a shelter of eternal breaths, we are "Good News".

And if we let ourselves be... we are seeds of Eternities.




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