It is the moment


Where, how... and why did the postponement begin, the leaving “for later”, the “now I cannot”, the "we'll see", the "we'll talk" and a long etcetera?

When did it start, if life is instantaneous...? If digestion cannot be left for later because the food in the stomach would spoil. Sleeping cannot be left for later, because the vigil would be torture. Eating cannot be left for later, because the hunger would finish with the being. Leaving breathing for later is anguishing. 

How many instantaneous and precise activities, such as the heartbeat, are done punctually? No... they are not postponed.

And the light makes its appearance in time, according to the season, and thanks to it –among other things-... living becomes possible.

Consequently, it is legitimate to ask oneself: Why the instalments? To do, to propose, to speak, to... be up to date.

.- Are you up to date with your 47 years old? Or do you have the ballet of the 15th pending, the exercise of the 27th, the reading of the Quixote of the 24th…? How is your waiting list?

.- Waiting list? So each one has a waiting list? It is not fair then, to complain about waiting lists.

.- And what are you waiting for...?

.- No, the fact is that I had planned... But now...

.- Ah! The deadline has expired!... That at least has a penalty, doesn’t it? Or an eviction.

.- Terrible! You shouldn´t take it so seriously, do you?

.- Yes or yes.

The truth is that... to what extent –and that is today´s prayerful call-... to what extent to postpone and put off and postpone and postpone, ad infinitum, our duty of talents for which we are for and for those who need us, maybe has something to do with the "instalment sales"?

.- "The instalment sale"?... Ah! The instalment sale, yes, of course. Because... that's relatively new. Payment was always made in cash -it was done. Now, it's almost-almost -in some cases- forbidden...

.- Ahhh!... It is probably a reflection of the same thing too.

The case is that the being is postponing -we see at the moment-, postponing the promises, the tastes, the dreams, the words...

And... for when do you leave it?

.- I wanted to go see the snow, but... it's already summer! There is no snow anymore!

.- Please!...

.- Well, I'll try next year.

.- "Next year". Do you think it will come for you? Are you sure?

.- Not. I´m not sure.

.- Oh… But while It was around this winter you could have...

.- Yes, but... my grandmother got ill...; is that... I met a boy or a girl... and, well, the plane tickets price went up and... the truth is that I've been very busy and...

 .- And What? You are a sack full of corotos.

"Corotos": see specific and non-specific word of Venezuelan slang, which is... everything! It is the word that has gathered the whole. EVERYTHING has another name: "coroto". "Coroto". That is coroto. "And you come and put corotos in a sack". "And you get more corotos". "Give me that coroto... and that other one. And that corotico" –there are small ones as well-.

The fact is that yes: to not waste words, they are called "corotos" and that's it.

And the being is traveling with a bundle of corotos, that every time are heavier. Could… could it be that the RAM memory is not renewed and the wastebasket is not used? –this is high technology; we shouldn´t say more because it is not necessary-.

Well, it could be...

This in terms of every day, the daily coroto: "Let's see if I read this, which is interesting because...".

And after a while: “What did I have to read that was interesting...?"

Can you postpone life...?

Because it seems that life is made of instants, of moments, of everyday life... Yes. And could it be, could it... could it be possible –let say it- could it be possible that maybe, to the extent that we postpone and postpone and postpone and postponed, everything is accumulated and accumulated, it is not recycled, it is not renewed, it is not changed, it is not spent, it is not done... and so the body is getting heavy and heavier, becomes wrinkled and wrinkled, and it becomes impoverished, lamenting, deteriorating...?

Could it be…?

Could it be that this attitude of deferring has something to do with "degenerate"?

Yes. It seems that the "old rules" never die. And the postponement becomes so helpful that...

- Well, I'll leave it for tomorrow. And meanwhile, today, well...

.- Today, then what? Has there been any other unforeseen, unexpected or fantastic plan?

.- Not! It's just that what I had to do today, no... Today, well I do not see it!

.- But yesterday?

.- Yesterday I saw it.

.- And today you do not see it?

.- Today I do not see it.

.- So one day you are a visionary and another day you are blind.

Life is lived in one instalment, up front. We've said that before, but sometimes it's better to update oneself. And what happens is that certain updates are not done because... the computer is not capable to do that program.


Of course! Then, one should to be in seventh or eighth of whatever level, but since the third or fourth has not been passed, then... the formation and information of the eighth is not enough. Then you have to repeat the course.

If we look, the four things... –not to mention “thousands of things”, which could be very long- the four things that correspond to the human being are still to be done –generically as a species-. And since we are in it "something is for us".

Could it be that, with such a waiting list of daily life, it creates certain "forgetfulness" towards other spheres of consciousness, such as to feel oneself Universe, as it is responding to the prayerful call, such as meditating in the position that we occupy, as it is contemplating the universality where we live...?

Could it be that the preoccupation and occupation of the being is too full of its own actions, its achievements of junk, and these take up space and... there is never room for what is necessary and for updating?

Sometimes it seems we live in an eternal... –"ether-nal"- delay.

So eternal sometimes it seems, that very soon one gets old.

It has been rewarded and stimulated the obtained, the achieved, and it is kept in a golden chest that is carried everywhere, but it is overflowing.

You forget that time when things were for yesterday and become actions and achievements for... "we'll see."

Except exceptional exceptions, what is started with enthusiasm and euphoria and with desire, soon –more or less- becomes custom. To that "soon" another follows that soon becomes tradition, and soon becomes crusted –yes: the crust of a wound-. And that fills everything. And any disturbance, call it "novelty", call it... –that's what we call "disturbance" now- call it "tuning", call it "revision", call it "evaluation", call it "quality control"... it produces a remarkable discomfort.

The demand of Creation towards the created –specifically towards the human- is great. The demand towards the human, on the part of Creation, is great.

And it gets bigger if... it counts individual by individual.

"And it gets bigger, if you count individual by individual."

And you have to ask yourself: "What part of the demand belongs to me?"

And how many times –and how many times-, because of an emergency, is it necessary to do what another person... should do?

With which, one stops doing one’s own thing; that was necessary, also for others. But it is not seen like that.

How much love has been discarded! How much love... has been postponed!; it has been left for later!...

How much tenderness has been repressed!...

How much wishful thinking has not been transmitted!...

How much frustration has not been clarified, nor has one been able to ask for the help needed...

How much selfishness has been consumed, ignoring the demand!... Creative.

That demand of the Creation which can come as new, as… –sometimes- difficult to identify, but that we can easily notice it by the deterioration; deterioration that has spread in all aspects of being.

Simply observing the deterioration produced in this place of the Universe, "planet", in which the species has been able to deteriorate... the respiratory food, the nourishment of the earth, the food of communication, the nourishment of the relationship with the environment...

These evidences show us... that there is a demand, on the Creator's side, to solve those serious deficiencies that lead us to think that, if we continue like this, we would disappear; when, according to one's own life, it is something left to be done, to be lived!... it is exactly life itself. That it seems that what has been lived so far has been a rehearsal!

"An rehearsal"..., a rehearsal to take, the work of living, to its authentic stage.

Could it be?

In any case it seems that the director is in a hurry to release the work as soon as now! It seems to say that there have been enough rehearsals... that have led us to exhaust the celestial prana, the earthly sustenance! To exhaust the original score, and create selfish, disconnected scores...

And, of course, everything seems to indicate that the play is not yet assembled. There are all the elements: the spotlights, the platforms, the curtains... everything! But…

.- Yes! It has been announced so many times that the play will be released!...

.- A premiere... of life?

.- It has been announced so many times, that it has lost relevance...

 .- Okay, yes! Well..., maybe!... But, of course, maybe it's not very profitable. We probably need more rehearsals.

.- More rehearsals?


Yes; according to rumours of the rehearsals, they are pending to evaluate the scenes of concord, of solidarity, of... the updating. The libretto of trust is still to be defined, especially the part of mutual trust; the part of personal confidence seems ok. I do not know who plays that role, by the way.

And so there are a handful of scenes that are not clear. Although they are, but they are not. That is to say that... to rehearse them... yes, they have been rehearsed some times but...

Due to the fact that the Prayer Call takes place, it is a sign that, still, the updating, the setting-up, the tuning, is possible.

That, although it seems that we are on the edge of the abyss, the Creation creates new universes and spaces to dispel the abyss and, consequently, to give us, with the demand, the help, the strength!, the inspiration!, the references!, the guides!, the resources... to be able to regenerate ourselves, to stop the degeneration... and to show us followers of that expansion without anything... or –better said- without something pending.

It is the moment.




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