Square life


Soon, the moonlight will become... extinct.

Soon!... soon, the golden light will become present.

Soon, the sounds will awaken, and soon the footsteps will be heard.

Soon! Soon the imagination... will bubble and scream.

Soon, soon the news will be heard.

Soon, the activity will demand.

Soon others, somewhere else, will sleep.

And soon... soon, others will depart, and others will miraculously remain.

Soon, soon skills, customs, and...gifts will be lost.

And soon, soon they will seem... novelties.

Soon there will be better... -better?- or more consumption...

Soon... you will hear -more and more!- the personal demand.

Soon, some people will demand more from others, and the more you shout, the more you will have.

Soon, all soon... at the same time it happens. And it seems that there is not an instant of serenity. What is that... if soon we have to be, if soon we have to leave, if soon we have to attend...?

To all this, what is "soon"?

Looks like it's all that will come and... and it's coming. All that is about to arrive and… worries. Everything that is about to arrive and... But about to arrive soon, close, immediate.

What a strange Creation it seems!....

What a strange activity... swaying!

Is God restless?

"Soon," for "later" it's late.

The prayerful demand is restless. Yes! It seems that it is only an instant... when it expresses itself. But then... then, the message becomes "late", and does not manifest itself.

Is it because there are other priorities soon...? Is it because "the soon" disquiets... and the [1]impulse of each being prevails, as that which is expressed without reservations...?

"Oh, what an impulse this one has!, oh, what an impulse the other one has!...that, without thinking about it, shoots again and again!".

Could it be that, lost in the Universe, the being has become endogamous of... its own thought, and only looks at his square enclosure?

Could it be that he only sees the exits of one face of the square, towards another face of the square, and towards another face...?

Yes. How incredible it is... -in this immeasurable vastness of the Universe- how incredible it is that this one, the other one or the other becomes the protagonist...

Of what?

Ah! Of a square!

"Quadrature-consciousness" that seems... to have detached itself from the journey. And, yes, rather than "appearing", it is evident that he has cut off –by his own- from the Origin. He has cut off from the Origin as if he didn't need... breath.

It seems too much to forget –"too much"- that we are... permanent creative works, that we cannot cut ourselves off, we do not have the faculty to recreate ourselves. We are permanently recreated.

And perhaps because of that –but without taking it into account, of course!- the being feels autonomous, self-sufficient, auto, auto, auto, auto...

How is it possible to have forgotten, in everyday life –not when things get difficult, but in everyday life- that we are permanently recreated?

"Recreated" means that we are constantly created by –as a reference- the Creator Mystery.

Yes! It was established... absurdly –but by a theoretical wisdom- that...

"Well, the world was created... and that's it!".

Similar to giving impulse to a ball, and it will roll until it runs out of impulse force. In the meantime, the ball was living its friction, its friction and its friction, and ended up forgetting the impulse –without which, it would not roll. Moreover, it is not possible to generate impulse itself, but –on the contrary- the friction wears it out.

That could be a simile.

But if we amplify that simile, it was not that we were once given the impulse and: "Well!... Now, there you are by yourselves!". No! The impulse is soon, it is continuous... and it is what we should have, in consciousness, permanently present, gratifying 'impressively', admiring and adoring each breath... product of the Creator Impulse.

"Admiring and adoring every breath product of the Creator Impulse."

Yes! It would seem!, it would seem that –and reason would immediately say so-… that we were useless; that we could do nothing by ourselves.

It's not an opinion... It's obvious. By ourselves, what is said "to do" –which in the slang of Creation is to create-, we don´t. We can do nothing by ourselves.

With just... –just, eh?- just thinking about the square life, and obviously taking into account everything that happens in the square and all the influences that the subject is subjected to, does he really have the resources to do something on his own...? –under the criteria of a personalist hedonism-. Is he able to take into account all the variables and influences to which he is subjected in the square? Without entering moons or stars...!

Does he believe that his creative hedonism is original enough to gestate... life? No! –no need to wait for the answer-.

But perhaps! –perhaps, perhaps!- to "save the situation", we could say that, of course, with this incredible and unapproachable inheritance, each being feels... heir prince! And that's why he acts with God's… own natural hedonism!

–Wow! Saved the situation!-.

That it would be simply a sin of... of perspective, not of betrayal.

As the saying goes: "Like father, like son"! If Creation, the Creator Force is great and immeasurable, everything that emanates from it is great and immeasurable, and every element of it becomes great and immeasurable and feels just as great and immeasurable is its Creator!

And we should add, in this 'ecstatic' salvation of the situation:

.- However, that does not mean not recognizing the inheritance!....

.- Rectify...

.- Well, I mean, that doesn't mean that the inheritance continues to be recognized!....

.- Rectify...

.-Well!... And that greatness that one feels as a human being is due to the permanent influence of our inheritance!

.- A little better.

.- And this human prevalence is a sign of Creation!

.- Good.

You can save the situation, more or less, with several corrections, like this.

Now, if each being is the expression of the permanent Creation and this is how it is felt, we will have to feel it!...; we will have to express it... And, consequently, we will have to be careful, supportive, affective, devoted, impelling... Such as "in the image and likeness".

If an unusual and mysterious exception appears –like life in this tiny place... and who knows where!-, as an exception and as an unusual expression, surely it is only adorned with exceptions, marvels!

But, really, no... –with the creative consciousness- it doesn´t seem to be that way.

What mysterious creative form has been gestated, which seems to have the freedom to spoil everything? –one, the other and the other prayerfully wonders-.

If the Creator Impulse is continuous, where… where does that variable of humanity that tends to problematize, dramatize, make tragedy of any instant, of any moment, come from?

What strange experiment is made in the life of the being, that makes it believe that... living, being and doing depend on himself...?

So much Creative Force is promoted in humanity!, that each one of them... –humanities- feels self-created... and separates? –in consciousness, not in reality because it is not possible.

Of course, "to grid yourself" makes the perceptive conscience really live of an illusory world in which each one feels protagonist and solvent! And that is why he repeats over and over again the same... discomfor

Without a doubt, it is not possible to see, the Creator Plans. But, it is possible, in conscience, to know that our autonomy is fictitious...; that it is the permanent Creator Impulse that maintains our illusory... and vain protagonist attitude.



[1] In spanish “pronto” means “son”, but “pronto” also means “impulse”.



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