It’s time for promises


It is the usual time of promises. It is also inevitable time for reflection, stillness, review, and evaluation...

One rhythm culminates, and the manifestation of another is generated.

And the Prayerful Sense calls us towards the discovery of each one; those promises that, in the sincerity of the being, are necessary for each one and, at the same time, very necessary for the environment, which sometimes can be specified, but sometimes not.

Each one is the anonymous protagonist of a multitude of anonymous answers that capture our variables, our attitudes, positions, and dictions...

And that anonymous listening is similar to each one of us, which in turn emits our promises.

A whole world of bubbles. Some of them join with others and make big bubbles. Others... barely manifest and dissolve; they do not thrive.

It is true that it is also usual to make multitude of promises... -which, in short, they are old or unfulfilled commissions, or unattended duties- that suddenly seek for help in the new rhythm. But, beware!, the new pace brings its new demands.

And what is going to be done? Do you manage with everything? With the new innovations, and with the hopes, illusions, fantasies... unfulfilled?

And it often happens that what is pending is mixed with the urgent of each day, of the new dawn, and the being is wobbled at times because... sometimes he feels an obstacle, and sometimes, enthusiastic about the new thing to do.

The prayerful suggestion is to go as light as possible: without hindrances from the past; without the burden of expiration.

Of course! It is true that, also in these days, the being rushes and wants to solve what it wasn’t done every day.

 No! It is not the precipice the best way to descend... And it is possible to gather in what has happened, what in living memory remains, and from all this to rescue a right position of "what is owed"... and "what is life"; and that it will surely be… -if you make it eagerly- it will be an attitude, a word, a change of habit, a possibility of certainty that it will be carried out. And... -from the Sense of Prayer- a serene calmness and passionate eagerness... that we will not be taken into account this, that or the other, if we have gathered everything in a small... -all is small- in a small answer.

Trust in the Creator makes us possible, it makes us trust in that Mystery. And with that small-big-resolution of everything pending, in one position, we can dare to suggest promises under... -in this case- under the help, the assistance, the Creator care, around innovating and putting those innovations into use.

But if we are loaded with what is pending, and we do not carry a sufficient lightness, they will be empty promises that do not... that do not respond to what is asked of us.

We live in an unknown Universe. We barely glimpse some visible light, scarce ... in a place without reference of the Universe; that expands...; that seems to move away, and at the same time it seems to approach the Infinite, if it is only possible to approach the Infinite.

And in that being, we are never in the same place. And, in addition, there is always innovation; because new spaces are created each time the Universe expands, which is permanently. And there we are. We have to aspire to feel that we are there!... And to look for the vehicles from here... that allow us to feel ourselves "Universe”.

If we have that aspiration present as a breeding ground, innovation will become frequent. Yes, because they inevitably move us, place us in another site, "on our way to". If we are aware of this, obviously... we have no choice but to innovate. And not even voluntarily!, if one is in that Universe frequency. Then we will add the will and tools to start it. Of course!

This is how we can understand that the Creation has a design of proposals, to promote those novelties... those improvisations... those healings of madness...

That innovation that does not disdain the texture of the experience of what has been lived, of what has been felt, of what has been discovered, but that gathers everything and presents it... new! It does not recycle; no. It regenerates, remakes!...

Every being has the perception of recognizing, in their intimacy or in their community, in their coexistence, in their sharing... every being, frankly and honestly, can know and does know, what it needs, what it needs to do, what their vocation demands, what you feel you should... promote, act or be

Also... -also, since life is social- one also knows about the needs of others.

And one also knows -thirdly- about strategies or ways to participate in those needs of others.

So there are three facets to each promise: the promise to oneself, the promise to discover what others need, and the promise to participate in that urgent sharing that humanity needs.

It is not a matter of life to say "it's not my problem", it's not my problem.

Yes. Yes it is. And to the extent that it is, I feel life, I feel world, I feel planet, I feel galaxy, I feel universe. On the other hand, to the extent that it is not my problem, I feel retired, I feel hidden, I feel guilty, I feel strange. I condemn and condemn and condemn!... what surrounds me; because it's not my problem. Or I ignore it or I ignore it or I ignore it; because it's not my problem. But like this, "not being my problem", I help the problem to get worse.

On the other hand, when I do assume my participation -without being aware of whether others do it or not!, without demanding the others to do it or not!-, you are, as life, a participatory unit of the Universe.

“You are, as life, a participatory unit of the Universe." Participate in its path! That will awaken and maintain your consciousness of Creation. It will make you a devotee of an Eternal act of Love!... and not "an elusive one" that avoids any commitment or any participation, ”just in case...", "to guarantee that...".


Living is the call to a feast of pleasures... that lead us to endless Eternities.

And they may seem like simple words!, but words are the product of Creations. Not a single word!, not a single sound!... has arisen from the speculation of a mind; of a human mind. They have emerged through the Creative inspiration.

And the reason, in its preponderance, can tell us: "Ah! What a dreamer! What an illusory proposal to walk towards the infinite! Although... it might be true, it seems far and unreachable”. 

But the aspiration is not to arrive -because the infinity is not reachable-. It is to go. It is going... in the complaisance of feeling "universe", in a particular way called "life". That is given to us.

And, as the gift it is, we must take care of it; we must place it in the right dimension. We cannot corner it in a street, in a house, in a job! No!

The invisible of our consciousness, of our cognitive capacity -the invisible, because it is invisible- is the true nature of being. And therefore it is flight, it is air, it is... nothing!

True, it is true that bones, fascia, aponeurosis, organs, nails and teeth are there, and acquire a particular constitution called "matter", but it is a concretion of that consciousness.

In reality, there only exists consciousness -although we do not know what existence is.

And at a certain moment of the pace of that passing in the eternal, in the infinite, a configuration is acquired, right?: as a child, as a girl, as a dog, as a cat... But it is the invisible that flies, what takes, what goes, what it drives!: our consciousness of being, our sense of love, our inevitable attraction for the life of living!

Oh! In that we should be. That is our being! Thus we can realize how we are taken, and at what dizzying speed, without feeling vertigo; rather complaisance, rather dignity.

Yes! When we heard that phrase of the Khristic Breath: "Lord, I am not worthy to have you under my roof -as a structure, as materiality-, but just say the word –one word, as a promise; onean I shall be healed."

And what did that healing imply?

To acquire consciousness. To make the consciousness recover. Make the vitality grow.

That is not tangible. That is volatile.

One word. One promise…

But without falling into the temptation of materiality -which seems to be something different, and it is the same but configured in another way-.

And, thus, each "promise"... is something that is placed on the table, but it is not seen; it seems that it is not there. But, if we approach the table and lean on it, we feel that it is there.

And that will give us repose, it will give us nourishment, it will give us rest, it will give us the study, it will give us... what is willing to give a table.

Yes! Yes, yes. May the infinite Piety of Creation fill us. Because it is there. It is there, but we must invoke it... to feel it! And, with that, we give encouragement to take away the guilt... and feel clean; magically adaptable, like a feather on the wings of a bird. Like a feather that knows, it seems to know -or does thewind teaches it?-... seems to know how to move away in a thread of its plumage, so that the air penetrates and makes a whirlwind and... and in a couple of flapping wings starts the flight.





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