Now that there is no "before"...


Before, when it was "before", it used to be said: "Hard or complicated times are coming, or..."

Now, that there is no "before", it is not that they are coming, it is that they are; they are and... and they will continue.

Before, it seems that there was a latency in which the being was preparing, purifying, cleaning up... Now, that there is no "before", at any moment there is the impudence or insult or aggression or... prejudice, condemnation...

We have been left without a "before".

And it is easy, by pure reactive mechanism, that in the face of noxious stimuli to answer in the same way... and the war that has long since become evident in the life of the human being of every day, whatever their habitat, is aggravated even more. What happens is that they were wars –or are wars- very diverse: of interests, of ideologies, of bombs, of attacks, of envies, of lies...

An impressive development of means... that have created intervals with twisted steps: they cause falls and... deteriorations.

When "before" seemed that being able to communicate... that we would really communicate!, now, that we no longer have "before", we realize that the means in which it was invested, the communicative intentions as needs of the species, have been and are un-communicating: means of aggression... that seek, in each being, the point that can affect the most; trained warriors for the restlessness, and thus to be able to handle, to manipulate... the despairs.

They sell us securities, they rent us freedoms, they offer us mortgages, they offer us loans...; all this is a premeditated action for absolute domestication.

And if we were looking at the stars..., and before –when there was "before"- we took refuge in the temples, in the abbeys, in the convents, in the paths of pilgrims, in the intimacies of the best breaths, now, the best food is... the violent power.

And the Prayerful Sense asks... and tells us: "Faced with... the discrediting of the believer, should we respond with the weapon of Faith? Or is that already sufficiently proven... with the exterminations that were developed in the name of Faith? ".

Also, before of "before" the flight had its time. And you could stay away... enough to have a record of kindness. Now, that there is no "before", where are you going to flee? Is there a shelter site? Is there a place of... blessings? Or do they wait for you with cold and new –to put it in some way- beliefs that force you?

It can be said, very lightly!, that there are better conditions than others. But very lightly.

Belief has become "difficult"... because it is becoming forbidden.

Undoubtedly, to Pray, as a formal expression, is almost a crime; low performance trickery. Moreover, among those who pray, the word is disputed.

Perhaps, before of "before", "only say the word and I shall be healed". Today, without "before", "only say the word and I shall be condemned".

But belief is the "name" that promotes us, that motivates us. And in that sense, the Praying Sense shelters us and nods to us and assists us... with the vision that it is "the opportunity"; the opportunity to exercise... in what is believed, in what is felt, in what is sighed, in what is longed for, in what is imagined, in what is 'creativized'.

If you are aware of the corrosive acids –which will arrive with their inflamed verbs and their comparisons of qualities-, they will paralyze our souls, squeeze our spirits, seek confrontation...

But, the Creator Mystery, is it confronted with life? Or rather is in permanent council with her!? Or, rather!, puts it in different circumstances to credit its value!, to promote its brilliance!, to make of living, really, an art!... and that the acid and critical fades for lack of applause.

If our help is the Prayer, and our creed is the obedient listening and the consequent testimony!... there is no confrontation, there is no fear, there is no despair... although everything is unsettled around!

Yes. As it happens with the constancy of the Mysterious Creator, who does not lose his assistance because of our barbarities...; rather, it makes us promote ourselves in discovering them, analysing them... and improving our condition, even if it is increasingly of a smaller dimension... "apparently".

When humanity discovered that hidden little atom... that kidnapped from the sun, and discovered that a small portion –so small, as small as it fits in a basin-, with a proper condition was capable of producing a heinous destruction!, the small and little was made great! And to some extent, uncontrollable.

They are not "quantities", which count. They are "qualities" that are, exist... and represent life.

Now that we do not have "before", nor "before of before", but we are in the instant...; although they keep dragging the past, present and future, yes. But the instant of that particle and of that atom duly activated is able to produce an immense quantity of force!, of energy!, capable of illuminating a city or... destroying it. In the same way, belief is activated!, faith is activated!, testimony is activated!, perseverance is activated!...

"In qualities".

It seems that we are in defence!; no. We are in evidences; yes. And this has to configure a complaisant style so that, anyone who approaches... does not find reasons for fear or desires for attacks; rather, knock on the door to feel pleased.

The attack arises immediately, in the praying person, when reasoning and saying, "it is an interesting theory". But outside –there, wherever!- await the judges, envious, scavengers, the dissidents of their projects... who do not exercise, but who serve as a parapet to avoid the breaths of hope, continuous.

"Continuous, Breaths of hope."

No. They are not theories. We are not in... the cloud. We are in being. We are in what we are: a verb that indicates an action! A verb-action that indicates a movement! A movement that indicates "life"!

And vindicating the word of prayer, we remember the initial sound, which announced that "In the beginning was the word!, and the word was Creation. And nothing was done without her".

Therefore, the Prayer warns us of the care we must have with our own contaminations, which come immediately when the anima is animated, souled, it is nourished, becomes capable! And, with it, the realization of any possibility!

We do not build with laments; we do it with breaths!

We do not grow up with "buts!"; we do it with "yes!"...

We do not reach the conviction, with reasons; we do it... by convictions of feelings!, of love!...

And all this does not create renunciations or losses. Rather, it illuminates the darkness. It promotes us in difficulties. It makes us truly liberated!... It takes away tragedy and drama.

The Breath of the Creator Mystery summons us and invokes us, prayerfully, so listening becomes a body!, becomes sense!, with smells, tastes, visions, ears and touch... operative!, beyond the material; knowing how to see through it.

Become transparent!

The luminous warnings of the autumn leaves warn us of the forthcoming snow, cold... and fires. As if it were a call to hibernate, to gather on the essence of what you feel you are and what you perceive that... encourages us to be!





La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


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