I do not renounce to my Celestial origin


In the peculiar way that our species interacts, with others and with themselves... -see "war"- human positions are proposed as positions of prestige, of reference, of rectitude, of precision, of equanimity... 

Obviously, there is not... - because of that war- there is no unanimous agreement regarding... the content of these references, but globally we can deduce that the human specie stands as the highest authority of training, resources, exercises, in examples of achievements...

That war, which motivates some people to better themselves, that destroys others to torture them, that exalts others to idolize them, that criticizes others until they become insolvent... yes it looks for the activity, "the position" -it would be better to say- in which the most powerful is the one who holds the reference; and based on that, the other creatures are ordered...

 That is the daily activity in which, each one at its level, develops and acts.


         Doubts will have to be considered, when "progress" is based on overcoming adversities that were previously established, or that are set daily.

         Evidently, in this climate of war in many different ways, the struggle, the violence in its uncountable forms, is the most valuable instrument. 

        And, as a "valuable instrument", it needs help to exercise itself as such violence, and appeals to reasons, explanations, interpretations, lies...

        Everything seems to indicate -and that is the point of today's Prayer Sense- that these positions, those attitudes... are becoming chronic, habitual, and are not circumstantial or occasional.

Mistrust, the vision of the other under inquisitorial perspectives... is like a rule; as a defence -of course warrior- mechanism. And since the best defence is a good attack, attitudes are always prepared, now -"in the always of now-, with a belligerent attitude... or "conflictive" attitude, if you prefer.

  In the complexity that life demands, as an exciting experience to discover, to learn, to 'creativize'… the complex becomes complicated; the complicated, becomes possessed; the possessed, kidnapped; the kidnapped, in revenge.

We have to realize that dimension.

The Praying Sense reminds us in what position life is expressed: in a privileged position... of resources, of variables, of novelties...; of unforeseen events, of luck!... But all that with a message, with a language, with care!... by the Creative Force, of the Creative Mystery.

 If we approach those perspectives of being cared for, of being loved, of being permanently assisted... -not persecuted!; not condemned!; not punished!- probably, if that is "fresh" in the consciousness of knowing, feeling and doing, at least occasionally let us leave the complication for the complexity; let's leave the controversy, for the confluence; let us accede to the solidarity collaboration, instead of the dispute for the permanent power.

We are running the risk of planning our species -and, consequently, reflecting it in our environment, that is, in other species-... we are running the risk of stabilizing, of accepting ourselves as a distrustful version of life; to assume oneself as an inevitable fighter... survivor; to put aside the affections... seeing the flaws, and thus justify the discredits, the attacks, or reviving the misunderstandings using History: of what happened, of what occurred... of an irresolvable evolution.

And yes: the current similarity with... antiquities apparently overcome, with a different atmosphere and -of course- a different ornament, is too similar; which, obviously, makes us alert to the insistent repetition -"insistent repetition"- of competitions, competitiveness... that make coexistence, sharing, and solidarity enormously difficult...

 Phew! And where are the ideals?

 Phew! It seems that money has bought them… 

 Phew! It seems that, the Creation, has forgotten about us...

 Phew! It seems that they have left us the responsibility of guiding life. 

Guiding life...!?

Are we, evidently, representatives of the Creation, with enough decorum, ethics and elegance to guide life

        Is our responsibility generous and transparent enough to order life

 In the bellicose, the answer is usually very obvious: at the beginning one says  "no, but you will learn, but it will be solved"... with the same method as always; that always "failed"... in the sense of the brief lapse of History.

One could wonder, praying:

 Have we got this far, by our capacity… resources... means...? Or have we come this far because they have helped us, supported us, facilitated us –even though they are barbarities!-, have they allowed us...? 

Could we imagine for a moment that the living species -all of them know each other- would collude against us? Would we have any chance of surviving? Or would we rather disappear in a few minutes?

 Let us think for a moment that the living realms are plotting, tired of being handled, manipulated, damaged, exterminated!... and decide a rebellion against our species. Do we have resources?

 Notice that, when some bacteria rebel, how we start to tremble!

Do we have the resources to establish a fight against a species rebellion... or really... we couldn’t even start to defend ourselves? 

 That, obviously, could happen. Why not? Every time we discover more and more alliances between the different living organisms, synchronized with those that theoretically are not living beings, such as minerals, soil... and the very dynamics of this place where we live in the Universe. Some people affirm that it is even a "living" organism... regardless of the parasites that inhabit it. 

 And yes, it is possible that under the myopic, strabismic consciousness... of the species of humanity, we contemplate being, doing, feeling... as a profit, but we are also endowed with a sensitivity that leads us to pray and takes us to listen to the word of warning, of care; that leads us to see and to watch our position.

 Not everybody, certainly, have that option.

 But when you have it, you are in a position to assess!... the personal and species development, not only under  our own reference of species, but under the references of Creation, with the recognition that... without the living help of other species, we are not viable.

Why do they follow us... in our barbarities? Why do they become silent accomplices of our impostures? What strange relationship do they have with Creation? 

Because they are not afraid of us! It's not that... they underestimate themselves. No. We could rather say that they have an impressive! vocation and servant fidelity. That they give us an incredible! testimony of faith. 

"They do not judge us."

 Would it be appropriate –therefore- to take note of that solidary attitude of faith and service? 

Could we take note of that attitude, so that our expression... is alike, or similar "to”...?

Thanks to the praying vehicle, the being can discover that he has mastery, subtlety, elegance, intelligence, emotion and training to be impeccable.

 And not at the expense of others!... but in itself, every being. 

 Should that route be taken into account, or does that habit of permanent fight make us disabled... towards subtle consciousness? 

 If we continue like this, we are already warned of... a decline. 

But the mere fact that the warning exists is a sign that we have the thread: the thread generator of perfection, of impeccability, of remarkable position, of kindness... "Goodness"...

 Perhaps, if the "warning" didn’t exist... there would still be much to be done in the bellicose aspect, but this prayerful claim must re-enable us towards other perspectives that, although they seem unfeasible, they are there, waiting to be used, to be lived, to be felt.

No... I don’t renounce... to my Celestial origin. I do not renounce... to my influence and permanent care.

 Any assumption of reference, of intermediation, must be vibrating in the emotion; in the Creative emotion that allows me to be. And so, get excited with what I have to do.




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