A praying story


And life was built based on balances, vibrations and pleasant adaptations.

It was expressed by complexities and in respectful frameworks... towards everything that surrounded any sort of vital expression.

It was developing... according to the need that appeared, that arose through links, affinities, and coincidences.

To the extent that the conditions allowed it, the seeds or messages coming from an “endless” stream sprouted - as the seeds do- to discover another perspective.

And all this was possible based on the tunings that were established between different modalities.

When, "apparently", some of them disappeared, it wasn’t as a consequence of the aggression or the obstinacy of others, but it was the interweaving of The Mystery of Life, which endorsed it as good situation, and when the conditions were modified, species ceased to fulfil and they transformed themselves, transfigured, with their compounds, into other functions.

We haven’t been told the story like that. It has been told to us under the law of confrontations, of aversions, of disputes, of falls from grace, of blows...; of explosions, earthquakes, volcanoes and...  terrible floods that ravaged this place in the Universe.

It was not surprising that, with versions of this kind, in the case of humanity, options and attitudes were developed... of expressions of defence, attacking… -“expressions of defence, attacking”- without even having been attacked!

Expressions of domain, of expansion, of imposition.

This we can see. Perhaps the first story is difficult to see. It is a prayerful story. The first story is a love story, idyllic and perhaps fantasizing.

The history that was written and is still written is dramatically tragic.

It is a "struggle for life", as if it were coming to fight with someone.

While praising the achievements and capabilities that a reasonable species performs, we can also see how all this is done based on speculation, imposition, and exploitation.

Thus, in the background of that achievement exists... a violent plot. In addition, the achievement begins to be distributed competitively, and again serves as a foundation -that competition- for the winners to get other achievements... and so on.

Today's Prayer Sense warns us of that dynamic which –being a prayerful version- refers to our deep intimacy; that intimacy from which a verse can emerge, an image, a sound, a caress, a joy, a game, an affection with solidarity!

Yes. Prayer is always addressed from that intimacy or towards that intimacy, since at this moment of the species -and it is going that way-, the most intimate internal instances are usually contaminated by that violence, by that rage! by that revenge, that hatred, that resentment!

To a greater or lesser extent, that is there: a competitive, abusive and controlling inheritance, which obtains its greatest pleasure within... the achievement of some members of the species, over others!

In that daily fight... and competition, the being is cloistered in its immediate competitors and progressively losing his vision of Universe. He remains with his local, partial, interested vision; always in a defensive attitude!... with attack methods!

Each one is marking up their achievements and failures, their unforgivable memories ... and their nostalgic hopes.

We are far from the first story, in which we vibrated, balanced, tuned...

But let us be careful, praying, to judge a place in the Universe as "perverse", "abominable"... and punish it with our criticisms, our stones or our revolutions. Because, in that closed vision of tragedy, despair and drama, there is -without wanting it- the idea that the human being is autonomous!, and that he can do whatever he wants, and he can write his destiny and his doing, independently of the rest of the vital energy!, independently of the Creator Universe!, independently of the Mystery! ...

And it is the famous "free will" that is embedded as a seed, without being so. Thus, some cultures and civilizations judged others, and these judged the following one, and so on. And we didn’t see, we cannot see ... the range of options that life presents to us. And this is the time that we are living in!, is a part of that range of possibilities. A cluster of possibilities.

And under that prism, we stop judging and we see the rods of each part of the fan... until we complete the idea of ​​the fan, which is the Creator Breath.

Thus, we tune in and synchronize with that Breath, and it is no longer necessary to decide... if this is good, if this is bad, if it is this way or the other!, but they are taking us and show us... where to go.

 Yes! This idea is far from being assumed, but it should be cultivated because it is the prayerful idea that allows us to refer to the authenticity of our origin… and to make, from our senses, amplified cavities that do not remain in the concrete fact, that are not nested in the personal interest, or of group, or cultural interest, but they are contemplated in the different tendencies, that are complementary and necessary to the other, like going back to the "initial story”.

It is undoubtedly an inner cultivate, intimate! But it is the one that can give us that felt, consented!, 'soulful' version... that makes us to be  true representative artificers... of a Creator Mystery Force that beats, that calls!, that informs!, that warns! 

It is, in a brief summary, saying: 

"I do not care for myself, but I know... I matterI do not feel important!, but I know... I am. 

It's strange. It seems contradictory! But to the extent that I don’t feel important as a defender, aggressor, 'achiever', 'winner'... I have been put there to be!, to interpret, to act in one sense!, under some premises, with some gifts, with some resources!

If I mind about myself, I break that connection!

I’m important to the Creation, but I do not become important… to myself.”


        It is not, without a doubt, an acceptable message for how and in what style one is living. You can say to each other: "Take care! Be careful, have..." But... they already take care of me. If I usurp that creational care and begin to take care of myself, I’ll remain detached, not only from life!, but from the experience of making of my consciousness an idyllic dream and... of an infinite nature. And I remain knock out in the achievement and the attainment!

It seems, at times -or for many moments- impossible to reverse this current trend. It seems impossible to pick up on the first initial story, which then has been shown in privacy. And that brings... despair and sadness. And even a declaration of disability, of nullity before that unsuccessful theory of comparison, that at the bottom is an envy that develops between one and the other... 

 It seems impossible, but from our little experience, it is not difficult –attention- it is not difficult to find some personal trace... -"it is not difficult to find some personal vestige"- in which the impossible has broken its barriers and opened us to another perspective.

 And surely every being has that instant, in his memory, of how the impossible became... possible.

 If we collect all those instants of each being that has passed, that is, that will be, we will realize that life is a continuous eclosion of impossible things that are left behind! A continuous flowering!, of blooming petals that open...  when the thought was that it was not possible.

We could say that life is a continuous achievement of impossible.

 That it is not about... -if we look at those little personal details- that it is not about an achievement!... Not personal, nor mysterious. It is about something that overwhelms us. It is about that Mystery that makes possible... our incredible presence.

And since that word has come out: "incredible", what would a being say -not from here, but from another dimension- when contemplating us?

 Probably that word would be: "It's incredible how life could have been giving to that species. What mantle of Mystery Force surrounds it! Because all its appearance and its realization is a disaster! It wouldn’t make sense that it existed! But it exists. It Is".

Then only one "Force" - o say in our language, still violent-, only an "Influence" -better- of unapproachable nature... is capable to show, to maintain, to preserve, to care and to permit this species. Incredible!

 Incredible!, but you have to believe in it! Because it is a creative expression! Because its training is unlimited!

So we have to believe in ourselves and in everything that surrounds us!, because they allow us to exist; because it allows us -the Creation- to be, even when we are unpresentable. Unbelievable! 

 I have to believe in the created...; in the near one in the and far one. And in that belief is the breath in love, which gives us encouragement!... towards other dimensions.

And while we believe, we 'creativitize', we conjugate, and we alert ourselves not to enter into conflict, confrontation, or comparison. But in the references; in the examples. But not in the lascivious and envious self attack of incapacity, of "I can not", of fated deterioration.

 It is not a creative work.

 It must be said: 

“It is not necessary to believe in myself, or that they believe in me!...

 Creation does believe in me. It has brought me here. I cannot hijack all that force of my existence and my presence to become an hedonist that compares continuously and deteriorates in envy ‘for not being like this one, that one, or like the one beyond’”.       

Let us give to each instant the transcendence ”of life”; of sustained life, maintained, recreated, created, aided and cared for by the Creator Mystery.

 Let's give -even in words!- that option… 

 Because certainly, there is not a single event that happens by one’s own will, but it happens through the Creator Mystery that dispenses it.

And that should never be a justification for any manoeuvre that involves apathy, reluctance or the consequent violent reaction... but rather implies a sense of humility, joyful enthusiasm to know our true progenitor, our true essence or intimate substance… that vibrates, that tunes, that synchronizes, that recreates, that is creative, that is in solidarity, that amplifies…

 That joyfully confabulates with the Mystery.  




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