The Quantifiable and the Qualifiable


And the advance -advance?- of the human species in the most concrete developments, tight, called "material", specify in number and in particularity with regard to what you can sell, buy, have… Everything that is quantifiable. Not qualifiable. And the qualifiable is reduced to “generalities”.

And so, generally, it is said that… well!, Hungarians are egotists, or that Icelanders are rather bland!, or that those in the Upper Volta are needy… 

And like this we could generalize… When it comes to giving qualities. And then we lose or, more than losing, "we don't have" qualities; because they have been left in "generals": the qualifiable has been militarized and been left in… "Well…!".

This, in addition, lends itself to have, "apparently" -of course, not certainly-, a theoretical culture or knowledge of everything!

The Suggestion of Prayer speaks to us of the option to quantify and qualify our living, our experiences, our knowledge… without falling into generalities or, on the basis of these, false peculiarities.

The human design has the capacity to quantify, qualify and transcend.

We could say: "My Father is short, but does not have money". Like this we quantify the figure of the father. And we generically qualify him, saying, "But he is a good person!".

And what if we qualify him properly…? We would say: "He is a person with some valuable qualities, since he is humble, has dialog, is a collaborator, is affectionate…".

"Don't carry on, don’t carry on! That doesn't exist". –an easy joke-.

And then we could transcend saying, "Well, he has been or is the intermediary of my identity… or a part of the intermediary of my identity,".

The consequence of the generalities -the militarization of knowledge-… is that it becomes a 'Prêt à Porter" for all the world, and everyone has to eat the same, dress the same, do the same… And it turns out that everybody is different, is distinct, and has similar things or similarities to others, but… its embroidery, its timing, its attitude… is different from the other.

With the quantification and the generalization, the immediate attitude is the vulgarization. It becomes vulgar… any situation; and is put the stamp that hurts most or is of more interest or more coerce… or that most serves any interest.

Now look, -for example-, in the false news, the fake news: it already has a space... which is attractive!

The truth… or "sincerity" -to be more… sentimental- does not sell. It seems that it did not have an application in our everyday living.

This is the way to reach the position in which any being, according to… -note well- according to the interests that are handled, -the level of interest that are managed-, can be virtuous or a villain.

It is like the statistics: that are squeezed, and gives the numbers that we want.

This situation, in levels of interest, of manipulation, if it belongs to let’s say the "influential", it does not stop to be a common practice -note well: "common practice"- amongst the human beings without any powerful influence; a common strategy for the reporting, the sharing, the living… And anyone can raise someone to holiness!, as another can be put as disgraceful.

Is it not possible to equalize our perceptions, and place, the object of our study or of our comment, beneath -at least- the principle of innocence - at least!-, before you condemn him... by this, that, this or that? Generalizing, of course. Vulgar, of course. Or before lifting them to unattainable heights. Generalizing too. And vulgarizing. but the most common is the destruction! Common, common, common, common.

And why is it more profitable? Because the one who manages the destruction of someone, with their comments, their gossip, suggestions, etc., etc.: "No. It is not what it seems. Keep in mind that… so-and-so".

These mean comments -right?-… they have much more success, because the morbidity is part of the current human behaviour. And there is a general interest -in more powerful positions- that there is the idea that everything is unpresentable!; that no one is just; that nothing is worth the effort!; that all are the same! And when there is some exception, quickly is looked for the qualification that destroys it; because, in that exception, the being is seen and, in not daring to be the exception -which it is, but not daring to exercise-, chooses to destroy it. 

And so are gestated the fears, prejudices, the doubts, the justifications… and a whole series of mini destructive courtships that place any being, according to convenience, as a “poor specimen”. That, in the everyday world. 

To what point has the human affection arrived!

And with these characteristics, and with this baggage!, how do you meet with a Call of Prayer? How do I present myself, full of gossip… without a top hat, with soot of a bad chimney!? How do I present myself with prejudice, with doubts, with rage…? Above all towards what is most appreciated, which ends with contempt, of course!

With that baggage, can you really listen to the call? Can you feel the fragrance… of what loves us?, the luck of our position?, the privileges of our environment?... Can you…? 

Or do you rather -ay!-… or rather is criticised as well the type of "call", the way in which the Creation warns us, guide us, suggests to us…? 

We criticise because "we feel referred to". And, instead of being grateful, instead of thanking such an intimate personal detail, from the Eternal, the being turns!, it breaks down- in the sense of flight-… looking for anything that does not entail any commitment, no  effort of advancing!, no intention of change; stay there, the membrane-like insurance, with the sure prejudices and doubts of yesteryear.

When the breath of thinking… without prejudice; when the breath of the feeling without limits; when the attraction, the emotion, the admiration… and the anxious listening, are all present, the being becomes verse: "uni-verse". The being is transformed and is configured in a poetical instant. It glides through the valleys, pastures, mountains or the sea, levitating… in their beauties…

Ay!... and there is no –there is no: they disappear- the doubts and the apathy. The being becomes ready!, willing, encouraged! It feels mystery. It feels adored. And with that, immediately loves and admires… everything that surrounds it. And admires even more whom admires them.

It is a state of contemplation… longing.

The sighs and wishes… become feathers of flight, without wheezing; with the simple naturalness of the invisibility of the wind. We transform our constitution, with a configuration of figures… who adhere to the joy; the joy of feeling unique, singular, created, creative!...

Confabulated moments… in which the being sheds its load: loses the ballast which makes of the being a drag. And, in losing it, it becomes light, adaptable, sincere…

Now!, it rises from the dead, the limiting, the forbidden.

Now, transfigures its image and becomes an exception; becomes a reference. 

And with it, the obstacles are diluted. 

And in its path, the difficulties disappear.

The cares of the soul are…  indispensable. Let them not be affected… by the ignominy of… the ego trip…; let it be nurtured… by the poem of the fantasy…, of new water…, and a trust without hesitation: the ardent faith of the one that believes that it is created, and that is willing to be creative. 

That's it!




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