The listening to the Creative Silence


The theory and practice of the winner, the triumphant, of the important, as a sign of value, as an expression of power, reaches higher levels of prominence… that have made themselves heard.

And so, those who listen -who in general are those who envy, desire, want, seek-… aspire to realise themselves in those models of accomplishments and achievements; of momentary human applauses, according to the income and profit… or rejections and criticisms, according to the poverty of the results.

And this is how is ploughed a society full of demands, prejudices, of importance…

And all of this is heard.

The Meaning of Prayer reminds us that there are other calls, that there are other messages.

And it's not that they make themselves heard, rather… you hear; and should be heard, since they are the words, sounds, signals, the signs… that create.

The social calling is devastating: "use and throw away".

A living cemetery of losers and glittering figures of triumph.

When you listen to the silence…, protagonists are not engendered, winners, triumph, important…

They show, rather, the humble, the ignored by winners and losers, the meek, the innocent, the cheerful…; those who feel identified in what they do; those who see their ideals… without careerism, without fight!; those who know that they have their place.

In this dualism of listening, it is clear that the noise from the winner’s gallop is a rumble!

The silence of listening without sound… seems like an absence. But it is a presence that contemplates, which contemplates us.

The rumble and the noise of the passing of the species in its majority-majority, is there… and it is inevitable to hear it.

The question is whether you attend to it, if you enter in the supply and demand… or, knowing that it is there, the being protects itself before the obvious proposal to carry on until wearing down, get bored and forget itself… covered in defeat, in the injustice, in the betrayal, jealousy, and other… suggestive and attractive actions of power.

To say the truth, looking at it well, the noise does not deceive. It is a style of vital provocation. It is a model of rise and fall, but a “collapsing”. "And there is no more." This is a limiting model…, which can be picked up at one time, in one day, in a year… and then end up again in an urn or in a cemetery.

But this does not scare you enough. No. Each time there is more "addiction" to the achievement and the scope, to remain -even if it is for a second- in the importance, in the gain and the triumph.

There, each one can see their noise, their sound, their incidence, their complication, their complicity or… their profit or loss.

In contrast, the offer of silence is vague, it is dematerialized. It is poetic, it is sigh, it is breath, it is… dream. It is aroma. It is a daydream… and a sigh and unlimited fantasy.

But, in its process, it does not deny our configuration; it does not deny our structure; it does not deny our capabilities. But it does not sell itself to them.

The silence of the Creative Breath, expressed in the Love, has enough resources to generate the required material, the exact material; and to not enter into the dual listening, but in the firm conviction that the infinite, and the infinitely in-love, guides, proposes, without brakes.

And covers a Universe of infinite shades.

Declare yourselves a "listener of the Creative Silence expressed in the Love, conceived in the coincidence, in the chance, in the unforeseen, unexpected, in surprise, in luck…" provides, to the being, a liberating freedom.

With the fullness of consciousness that life brings us, tells us, calls us, maintains us through a Mysterious Breath of Love, should be sufficient for the being to gestate a coexistence, a complaisance, an enjoyment of living; and not a drama and tragedy of everyday life -small, medium, large, thin…-.

But what happens is that each winner, in its smallness, becomes a hero; and from hero they convert into deity; and deity converts … into a personal ego trip.

Everybody adjusted to their field, to their space, to their micro-universe.

Do not fall into the easy trap of comparisons. Do not fall into the easy trap of the reasons. 

The Meaning of Prayer is the ally that permits us to maintain the truly protagonist intimacy before The Creative Mystery, and chases us away from the diva, which requires its vassals and their co-religionists for power… power… power.





La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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