The sense of living


And we arrive here, to this place of the Universe, because they bring us. And they bring us… by what we call "Creation", within a plan that we do not know nor comprehend, nor understand. A Mystery. And that is why we call it "Creative Mystery".

Our capabilities, our resources, according to our studies, have evolved by the means at our disposal; they have led us to the duality, occasionally we live the unicity… But, within our capacitation, we might ask: "What is the point of all this?".

What is this?: Well! "This" may be life, the planets, the stars… the things that we know! Well, "we know"; those that we have given that explanation of cause-and-effect.

Surely all beings, at some point, ask something similar to this question: "What is the meaning of all this?".

In the foreground, what we can do is to keep quiet. Silence.

In the background, we can say: 

-Well… The Creation has the sense of showing… 

-Showing?... Just showing? 

-May be, it can be.

We always imagine, of course -or it is not imagination!-, a point of departure. Just as the astronomers and astrophysicists do with "the Big Bang": a point of departure. But doesn’t this approach seem a bit poor? Of course, because… it explains things from a point… 

- And before that point? 

- No, no. It has to be explained from this point. 

It is like telling a story beginning from… 

- The story begins in 1888… 

- Oh... and before?

- No, there is no history before.

- What, there is no history?

- No! To understand "now", let's start in 1888, with the slaves.

- The slaves?

- Yes; with the slaves.

- Yes, but…

Usually we are at that point: you start a story from a point that… it can be casual, circumstantial, divine, mysterious… In the end, we can start to put words.

What we see at first sight, in the Sense of Prayer today, is that if you do not have an intuition, knowledge, perception, suspicion… of which is the model that gives meaning to our presence, it’s going to cost a lot -when we have a lapse of time to think-, some work when we decide… hitting, screaming, jumping… Yes. Because, in not feeling the sense -"what sense does it have…?"- we can lose ourselves.

However, even so, the phenomenon of life has resources, has potential to continue.

And in having that potential, we wonder… "Well, this comes from where? That potential to continue".

If we are called to pray and they submit us to this issue -in which we are now- it is to, definitely, confuse us. Yes. As we are right now. Well, at the best there will be exceptions, but in general, a certain amount of confusion. We're almost in… "The contracting party of the first part is the same as the contracting party of the second part".

And what need was there, to Create? Why? What For? Is it part of the divine hedonism? In feeling so divine, to decide to create and see: "What!... what I have done?"

That…? Is that it?

The egotism of God himself gets bored, and creates; and so, has fun. But… isn't that a particularly human model, that is seen in the actions we take? Are these criteria valid to situate ourselves? 


Then we are lost. Lost in… in a Universe! 

And it continues taking and moving toward… who knows!

Lost without Sense.

Ah! That is why… there are many people who sometimes stop circumstantially and say: "What sense does it have to do this? And what sense…? I don’t find meaning in what I do", and such. Then the "without-sense-iritis" enters, one of the many stupid human things, a product of the sympathetic -mimetic ego trip that seeks to know and understand it all: "without-sense-iritis". 

"Ah, because I am not worth anything, because such"…: the depreciation of the currency, looking for self-esteem; as if he was a God who wants his subjects to respond properly, and he wants to have sufficient capacity and power to modify and correct the errors. 

Then come the cataloguing and the value: 

- Well, I am good for nothing, I do not serve for anything … 

         - And who is worthy? Come on, who is worthy? What can we do in this perdition? Who counts?

- No, but Fulano does this, Mengano does that…

- What!... The worms will digest him and they will not realize what they have eaten. What a future!

So, it’s convenient to synthesize the without-sense-iritis in a piece of plastic and throw it in the bin. The container of plastics, of course! Because if we have to, if we have to, if we have to, there is no sense in all this. So, pretending to know, and in not knowing, to lose the head, to whip ‘oneself’, crush oneself and such… it is a vane vanity. 

"Vane vanity?... That must be, that, terrible".

The curious thing about being lost is that we have been lost for a while. I would like to say that… that we have never found ourselves.

Never the less, the "ignorant, stubborn" rationalists belong to a country, to a site, a place… and do not have access to these praying questions. No. They remain in their neighbourhood, in their team, in their food… and the rest.

Normally, when you are lost, you ask. 

"Heh, heh!… Whoa! Go to ask!  Who are you going to ask, let’s see? The bishop? The first one you see on the street?:

"Hey, I am lost, I do not know in which part of the Universe I am, this is a mystery, I don't know why I live… Can you answer these questions, please?".


Well it is likely that several things happen: one, that you are declared mentally incompetent; and another, that they decidedly treat us… treat us with treatment!, and fogs a little the mind to think sensible things.

Well! We see what question… 

"It’s that I am lost!…"

Well, when you are lost, you ask. But, of course, for whom is the question? Well, what fits is to ask those of your species. Those, as we can see, no… do not want those questions. And the other species, they are offside, or out of the game. Or have already responded to this question, and they have it very clear, or… Well, another question: 

- What are they doing here? What does the dung beetle do? But why was a being of this characteristic created? Let's see! Wouldn't a marsupial elephant be better?".

- Ugh! If we create… we can imagine thousands of things. 

But… let's get back to the lost. 

- And then, when you are lost… what does one do?

- Ah! Send smoke signals, send a… I was going to say an SMS; no, an SOS. Although, nowadays, one would have to send an SMS message, but we do not know where to.

- What…? 

- Well… surely many SOS’s have been sent.

- And…?

- And the answers that there are… are socially speaking, culturally speaking, scientifically speaking, religiously speaking… known by -more or less- almost everyone. And satisfies some to a greater or lesser extent…and “live, we only have two days."

The truth is that the situation gets difficult.

- And what if the Creation was a singularity, within the infinite singularities that may exist?... And had no greater importance; only importance for the created things, which, given its very low level, has anguish and feels alone and desperate. 

Poor little one!...

- But God has to have calculated it. The Mystery had to foresee it. 

- But who has said that the Mystery has provision? No. Excuse me. It is not foreseeable; it is unpredictable.

- Ah! This is more evident.

"A singularity, within the infinite singularities of Universes". 

Ffffff! Great!... great! Infinity!

When we love… do we know, understand and… perceive what we love?

Do we know why we love an idea, a place, a person, an animal, a plant, a project?....

No. We do not know. We believe to know "something" of what we love!, of what we are attracted to. We don't know why. We can explain something, " Ah! Because it is beautiful, because it is". "But for others it is ugly!-. "Because it is interesting, because it is a new experience…".

Then there is an aspect of human life, which is the event of… The Love, which does not require background, there is no need for explanations, no false justifications. "It happens".

That experience of Love is the equivalent of the answer to the question of the "sense"; the "why"; it simply removes the question of why or sense: it feels, happens, occurs. And to live it doesn't need an explanation.

And the Love was capable of creating?

And what is it that the man does, when it does… lovingly? It is recreated. At a certain level, it creates.

As a result, we could say that Love is the frequency that has the potential to create… and something more!

So, after so much rough trail, we could come up with the idea that… what is said: "God is love". And full stop.

To love would be a consequence, or an origin?

Endless reflections.

It seems that it has beginning, but it does not have; it seems to have end, but that's because it is put on it.

We live in infinites, in which we do not need to find ourselves. If we dwell in infinity, and we're infinite, there is no possibility of getting lost. To be lost is a trap. The infinite has no losses.

The originality of Love is what gives us meaning to any position; without attempting to give it. It has enough force to rehabilitate us, rearrange us, recompose us, continue…

There is no beginning. There is no end. There is feelingThere is feeling and sense of love.

And we are a tiny consequence of that event: the Love happens and, consequently, uniquely, we appear; we are engendered, they bring us, they put us here.

It is an infinite Mystery, yes, but it gives us the opportunity -for the singularity of life- to live, and it is when it makes sense to "live the love".

That is why we get up, that is why we follow, why we continue…


(Emits a light whistling sound)





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