How far away feels our communion with the Eternal!


The Praying Call calls us as… an example of a panoramic vision of our species, of our presence in this Universe.

And opens for us a panoramic view so that, every person, every community, be conscious of what are the most striking difficulties that hinder our development of the anima, of mood, of our communion with the created, our relationship with The Providence.

Wars increase as a symbol of communicative incompetence, as a symbol of arrogance, as the representation of racism, radicalism, which aims to communicate with bullets, bombs, with horror!

If, they spoke a while ago -not too long ago- about the "humanitarian crisis" it is like saying -what the phrase itself says, right?- that the humanity is in crisis!, nowadays this is an almost popular phrase. 

Certainly, the so-called "humanitarian crisis" refers to the abysmal differences that there is between wealth and poverty, between aid and response. "Humanitarian Crisis" as an expression of the ‘non-solidarity’ of a species, with itself and with all the others.

The international organizations that bring together state communities are not able to influence its general group decisions about specific actions born as a necessity of the species to avoid abuses, to recognize virtues, to train solidarities. No. They have become centres of influence that handle strategies of power.

Ay!... Ay! Thus, with a bird's eye view, how far away -in prayerful time- how far away is our communion with the Eternal, with the Unnameable, with that Providential Force that maintains us, entertains us, promotes us! That still conserves life!

Will it be, therefore, that this Creator Mystery has hopes for the species? 

Any word that we put to the Creator Mystery is very human, very far from its true essence, but it does seem that -and as a blessing it should be felt- that, that Creation, hopes and trusts in our human community; we do not know under what criteria, we do not know under what parameters, but it is the Force that maintains life, and it continues and although deteriorated, it recovers in some solutions -small, compared to the dissolutions-.

That sensation of feeling –let’s say that "in spite of", beneath the human criteria- this support, should convert each being and every human community… -if we assume and accept this- we should be converted into privileged -ay!- for having been communicated, for having been transmitted, for having called us to position ourselves in the face of this carnage that affects us… so much!

The rise of the famine shows us the audacity of power and its money. A famine that seemed to descend, but that was fictitious.

The residence of the Empire reduces the average life-span as a result -those are its deductions- as a consequence of the massive consumption!, and with an unexpected increase of drug addiction: heroin, cocaine… 

To what extent could they in influence the average life span of a population of 320 million people? Well yes!

Without a doubt, one of the causes of resorting to contrived states of consciousness are the desperations of daily living; are the fears and anxieties of the daily coexistence. 

They are the vital insecurities… that make a population shelter in the deterioration as "nourishment" for their difficulties.

The scriptures said –faced with the view of some about the coming of the Messiah, and responding to the opinion of others of its arrival some 2000 years ago, or perhaps waiting for the second coming- they said, I insist, that the New Jerusalem would be the mainstay of reference toward the fusion with the Creation. 

This civilization of humanity, with the Judeo-Christian tint as the predominant, arrogant and domineering, also shows its crisis. But it could be at the same time, a notice of renewal? -Question mark-.

Because the commotion that has arisen, simply -which, as we see is not so simple- simply to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State, Israel, has moved the foundations… to the point that the international community as a whole has requested that this proposal be eliminated. But the fact is that, others who also claim Jerusalem as its capital also proclaim "their share". 

It is curious: a place so small within the panorama of our planet!, that has so much resonance -also this has its logic- on the dominant thought!... 

As could not be expected otherwise, the fighting significantly intensifies between each other. They all seem to be preparing for the "great war". 

-Ah! But the Great War was not the First?

-Yes, it was called that, but what is warned about now will be larger. It will make "Experimental" the Second one.

One, "the great war"; another, "the experimental war"; and another, "the war of extermination".

In that way we are going… and yet, with small indexes of qualities, vibrate and arise small lights of spirits, of hope, of belief, of trust. Perhaps, very fanciful, but something will be left of so much fantasy, and a good surprise may happen!

And in this process of providential praying warnings, we cannot remain on the margin and kidnap ourselves in virtues or privileges. No. We are, each being, one! Of humanity. In every being is included all humanity! And every being, as if it were a mysterious genome, if one of the genes -one being!- disrupts, the whole swarm of activity is disturbed. And also, if one… becomes conscious and purifies!, the whole will also feel it, and to each one, mysteriously, it arrives.

The Meaning of Prayer that we have the privilege of living does not run out here. It expands -we might say today- "gravitationally" to all the corners, in conscious minorities -in conscious minorities- and, in the majority, unconscious. Therefore, be aware of what takes place, of what happens, to modify the personal impression, to influence this deterioration. And that can be done beneath the sign of belief, of believing!

It is as if each being carries on their shoulders the weight of all Humanity!. Once, surely, we have seen those figures or that figure. And it presents itself to us as crouched and tired being, carrying a lot of weight. But still erect and holding… holding itself to not fall.

The differences that are made -also abysmal- between the masculine and the feminine show us a picture of perpetual combat, of mutual distrust, -not of trust, mutual distrust!-.

Governments are quick to establish laws and dedicate money to stop this scourge.

One Billion! -how it sounds- in five years, to stop the scourge of gender-based violence in this place of the planet: Spain. A compendium of laws and laws and laws that punish the bad, but hardly any allusion towards the education, culture and knowledge of our real roots.

But it seems that everything wants to be understood beneath the language of the money. And, at the same time, incredibly, the military budgets empower and increase.

We have been capable, as a species, to be presented with the opportunity to eradicate smallpox, -for example-. Although they conserve the virus, just in case it has to be used. But the world is dying of common colds and diarrhoea, of cholera!, which happens in the areas of misery and poverty as a normal event. 

And meanwhile, at the same time, the deaths caused by contamination exceed those that are the total sum of malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS… 

Interestingly, this incidence… affects the smaller, especially in children under five years of age. But there is no index that talks about that it is going to stop this contamination increase. What’s more –what’s more-, the most polluting countries have no vocation to change, today. "Collateral Damage of progress" -this is how you can qualify it-.

The Providential possibility is offered to us… to be otherwise, to feel otherwise!, to live together another way!, to relate in a truly animistic way! And it seems that there is something between fear and distrust in assuming these options. There is a clear tendency to become isolated, to hijack oneself, to self-annihilate oneself little by little.

The windows of the soul do not seem to be found that permit to breathe the fresh and renovating breath!

Corruption becomes so natural, so comfortable!, that only laws and laws and legislation -as fiction, of course- try to stop it. Because, yes, they will be laws and laws and laws that apply to the wretched and the poor, never to the rich and powerful, who are those, in fact, that have made the laws.

And that corruption is not something that happens there, over there. "No, no!" It is there, there in everyday life. And each one, if it does not take care, enters into it … by indolence, laziness, lack of desire, for tiredness, for pleasure, hedonism, selfishness, pride! There is the corruption. No, you don’t have to look to the great-corrupted one that has cheated, that has stolen… No! That is less damaging. 

Of greater concern is the small dose of corruption that each one forges by the style of living that it craves, and desires: security, possession, property. But as all has been taken as "good" -even if it involves a continuous and constant war-… this makes the being feel different, each one, of what they call "corruption" in the newspapers.

And the most serious deterioration is the feelings.

Ay!... and this Creation gave us visions to envision and enjoy the rolling beauty. It permits us to savour the perfumes and savour the charms of the taste. 

Ay!, feelings… that give us the option of listening to the melodies that each sing, or recreated on one occasion… 

Ay!... the true caress -the voracious caress- of a contact.

With all this, are elaborated something like… the large doors of communion with the Mystery! The elaboration of that which is called "affection"? "love"?... Something like that. And they gave us the opportunity to attract one another, to ‘vision ourselves’, to approach, to applaud, to embrace, to kiss…; to feel plenitude! in the way that we hugged humanity.

But no. But it is good to remember that this is the case, to be able to put it into practise. 

But no, no. Each one began to exercise their free will: "Today I love you, I don't want you, tomorrow yes; today, regular; tomorrow, we'll see…; I don't know, maybe, who knows…." A litany of indecisions, of affections ‘un-committed’, of interest, of exchanges: "You give me, I give you…". The unconditional… does not appear, or minimally appears. 

There always seems to be a claim on some corner!, which calls for its allegiance, which demands its ‘droit de soigneur’… 

And this situation makes that the belief, which is based on the love as the sea, weakens, disturbs, is anxious. Ay!...

No, it is no exaggeration to say that "everything is yet to be done." Everything is yet to be done in each sunrise, in each new birth to the daily love. 

"Everything is still to be done".

And with that feeling, in checking the action, it is seen that… as if nothing was done.

But we can certainly say prayingly, that he who believes and is committed in his love, as something liberating -because it is!-, that assumes the world in their consciousness and exercises it in each dawn, certainly "does". "Does," within what is to be done. 

But it is also evident that it is noticed little… and one relapses a lot.

Certainly… certainly.




La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


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