Circumstances, Justifications, Repressions, Order


The circumstances often justify repressive behaviour.

Circumstances… justification… repressive action. 

It is a common event. It is not an exception. Everybody appears to be surrounded by a circumstance, and obtains from it a justification to suppress their spontaneity, their creativity, their emotion…

It seems that this approach is a safeguard to prevent licentiousness, to search for the balance, to ensure the safety…

Certainly, before, the human being had to adapt to its environment. Now, the human being has composed its activity forcing the surroundings to suit it. And this is how the human intelligence, and its manipulating capacity, has been creating circumstances, has been brewing justifications to maintain an order.

"Order! Order in the room! " -says the judge, when the populace protest an unjust or fair decision, it doesn’t matter!-. Order!".

-First of all, the order!

-What order?

-The established! The one imposed by the law; the law that has been created by the powerful, in order to obtain benefits, income and control. If not for this, we would not reach a sustainable development. Order!

It seems as if we were in a military recruitment: 

"Order! These are the orders of the captain. These are the orders of the commander. These are the orders of lieutenant colonel. These are the orders of the colonel. These are the orders of the general. These are the orders of the captain general". Oh!...

We should say: 

- Sir! "Yes, sir!" Sir! Yes, sir!"

- I didn’t hear well…

- Yes, sir!" "Yes, sir!"

- Ah, ok!

And, like this, the order becomes the magic word of “milking of minds".

And everybody, in its own way, fits in the order. From time to time there is naughtiness against the established, the stable order, and small disorders or disobedience… to create a new order of orders or milkers: those, which order or milk the mind.

We are mammals, right? We need to milk ourselves, don’t we?

The Meaning of Prayer does not seem to have a lot of order; at least, that which we discover here. Yes! It does not repeat, it is different, it has another tone… How easy it would be to enter in the order! And have a prayer, and say every day the same one! We would be ordered! Like this, more asleep than awake, we are rebuked in the morning making us think! We are caught unaware and, then, or you either don't hear or you complain of the cold of the room or… who knows! You shield yourself in the "who knows", because of your not knowing.

- No. Give me something… something that is ordered. Orderly, neat, arranged. Because my computer…

- Ah! Do you have a PC: "Personal Computer"? Your Computer! You are in the orders of your computer, of course!! From there come the computers: the order; to establish a new order.

-  New? No! To establish an order!

A "New Order" was a famous phrase before the Second World War, edited by the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler. "The New Order". Established, of course. But everybody quickly picked up the phrase, and new orders were installed: the priestly order, the legal order, "to be in order… ah!", and "in the order of". Like the Military: "We are in the order of". Everybody is dressed in the cloak of the Cossacks, or of the British Royal Army of Her Majesty or…

There are models to choose from. The case is to be in order… based on the circumstances and the justifications.

The orders of the order remind us of our circumstances, and they give us, to bear it in the best possible way, the justifications. And, at the same time, orders are justified to modify the circumstances.

- Oh, what a mess, what a mess, what a mess!...

- No, no. There is no mess.

- Yes. It is a mess, it is a mess! It sounds like a paisa speaking and turning the things around, without saying what has to be said.

- Oh, what a mess, what a mess, what a mess!… that I make, with the circumstances and the justification. Give me an order! Give me an established order, so that I… I see it clear.

-  Clear! Clear or…?

- Clear.

- Clear?

It is relatively easy for everyone -or each one- to look at its circumstances. 

Yes, there are times when it is known what… what is the circumstance.

Well, it is everything that surrounds you in regard to the environment -to begin with the furthest away-, customs, norms, religion, rock'n'roll, Blues, copla… Degas, Picasso… etiquette, behaviour… prohibited, permitted… loved, not loved, admitted, not-admitted, perverse, charitable or… who knows! Yes, I know it: generous or contemptible…

That's more or less -more or less- very contracted, the circumstances. Consequently, it is not worth to say "who knows!". Yes I know.

But, sometimes, what is known we do not like.

- I do not like to be like this, because me… me wants to be like a Soviet citizen. I do not want to be from Ohio, me wants to be from Bogota. More elegant, more traffic jams and more violence. I like violence because it is unforeseen. Amazing.

- But you are Homo sapiens and you know your circumstances. Do you accept the circumstances, or do you create your own circumstances? Do you have circumstances or are you single?

- Oh, what a mess!... oh, what a mess, what a mess, what a mess! This, nobody can understand!

The justifications are the justice, justice, justice, justice... 

Woe, justice! What a beautiful woman, blindfolded and holding a balance! A balance that does not move, that nobody can weigh in it… because it is rusty!

Woe, justice, justice! She does not want to see!, to be fair, to be just. Alas, Lady Justice!

How curious! They put the symbol of a woman: the most unfairly treated. But, to compensate, they put a blindfolded lady. They didn’t put a splendorous dark man with hairy chest! We don’t imagine that, right?

It is like the French Revolution and the topless lady. I think it is the left one. That gives the idea that the revolution is the sex appeal of the topless

But it already existed, it already existed in those times -and at all times- the designs. Ah, the designs! And they made a small design, and you stay with it 'per omnia specula saeculorum, amen'. This is Latin.

Yes. Justifications, justice. In justice - in justice - the justice says, and each one is a lawyer. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

- "Oh, yes," what?

- Yes, that each one is a judge.

- Of course! If we were not each a judge, this would be a chaos! We would bite ourselves, eat ourselves, we would mug us, pull out our ears!…

- The ears?

- Yes, the ears!

- Ah… how barbaric!

- And, of course, each has its code. Its criminal code.

- Criminal?

- Yes, yes. Of penalties. The Criminal Code, criminal, criminal. Of criminal offenses committed against the civility, of offenses committed against the human outside. Penalties, penalties, penalties!

- Ah…

- These are criminal "justifications".

- Yes!

- Ah! But there will also be economic justifications and such…

- Yes, but in the background, they are criminal.

- Ah, now I understand the song: " Oh!, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow in my heart, that runs through the veins with the force of a cyclone". Ah! That is why we are "criminologists"! 

- Yes. And we penalize whom we have in front of us, below us, to the right, to the left… for being handsome, ugly, a globetrotter, for being skinny, for… for anything! Isn't it more or less true that all have some defect and, therefore, may be penalized?

Oh! And everybody handles well the exercising of the law!: 

- No, that is awful! That is horrible! It is unbelievable to do such a thing in a place like this! It is not justified!, because of such and for what… I tell you this. Don't tell anyone, but you'll agree with me that… 

- Oh, yeah, you're right.

- Am I right or am I right?

- Yes, yes, yes! You have the best reasoning in the world.

"The best reasoning in the world". 

- Hey, how difficult it is! Hey!, how do you get all the "best reasoning in the world”? Of the whole world or of Euskal Herria only? You get all the best reasoning of the world? Hey, you're from the Dominican Republic, boy! The best reasoning in the world? "You have the best reasoning in the world". And the entire world thinks like you? Except him, right?

- Yes, of course!

What phrases -right?- so beautiful, so absolutist, do dictatorial. Each one carries in the background a voracious imperialism! But voracious!, eh? "You have the best reasoning in the world!" It crushes! Crush the crush!

Yes, yes, yes. In fact, a well-run dictatorship is a rescue. Because, of course, if you don't justify yourself in front of the others, and the surroundings, the circumstance… well, of course, this would become an anarchy!

- Anarchy! What happens to the anarchy?

- It is bad! Because it has no order! Because suddenly it says: "Come on, let's make a song". "And the words? And the music?". "I don't know! We’ll put it later. Let’s make a song!". "But… What about?". "About whatever you want. About the plums: 'Tachunta-pam, plums for you; tachunta-pam, plums for me. Oh, how rich is the colour red that you have, how well it suits you. Plums for you, plums for me. Stones for you and for me the flesh’. And that’s it, right?, the song. The morning Song. And I eat the flesh and give you the stone, and you manage as you can. A dictatorial song, right?, about the plums.

- That’s it: Anarchy!

- Ah, yes...

- But don't you see it, don't you see it, don't you see, the order, the order in the cosmos?

- In the cosmos… Where?

- In the cosmos!

- Ah!, in the cosmos! What do I see?

- "I see, I see". What do you see?". "A little thing." "What thing is it?".

- Now, with the darkness, a little. Little I see. But, come on!, we can make an effort.


- The Cosmic Order! Oh! And how do you justify that order? And what circumstances has the cosmic order?

 "Well, ok! The cosmic order is so ordered that it does not need to be justified or, or…That is, the circumstance is in itself.

- Ahhhhhh!

- If it wasn't for the cosmic order, no…

- No, what?

- No… there wouldn’t be a sunrise, for example!

- Ahhhh!... That is because of the order. And so, why do the bulls fall in love with the Moon? "That bull in love with the moon"… What kind of order is that? We'll have to kill the bull before going to any place! All the bulls will be killed on the full moon. Because now we are in full moon! We have free light. What a mess!, no?, to take advantage of the moon. There, the poor one, orderly: increasing, decreasing, new, full… and repeats and repeats. What a slave! What slavery is the order of the cosmos! What slaves, hey! There, no one comes out of the orbit. Mercury is in its place, Pluto, Uranus… Hey!, what order!, right?

-. "Phew! !...

-. Just as there is an order above, there is an order below. And we are beneath, and we have to maintain an order. Although on the inside we have a liver on the right side and a pancreas on the left; and a spleen. Even if we have a bit of a mess, because of a left lung with two lobes, and the right with three… SSHH! What do I know! A trachea there, with rings, misplaced… The truth is that… there is a certain disorder. The majority are right handed and have developed the left hemisphere better than the right, and left-handers are badly seen… But each time less so. But, well, it's a little unbalancing, right?

-. Yes, that is why. That's why we still need more order, because inside we are made unbalanced and, therefore, we have to establish an order.

-. Ok…

The Prayerful Sense warns us, exclaims!… concerning the justifications with which we modify the circumstances and assume an order, to the outside, which does not correspond to the inner disorder; understanding by "disorder" that which you think, feel, imagine, fable, speculate…

No! None of that! No, no. That is repressed. That passes through the filter of the circumstances and justifications, and then what comes out is… who knows?

Yes, yes. I know. What comes out is what others want to see, and the sample of what I want to show, to properly hide what I really feel.

This is very common, right?

- Because, Of course!,  -each would say -, if I show myself, I express and I say, and I show what I feel, it would be a lack of respect.

- Yes, but… it's the same lack of respect to think about it!

- No, no, no! It is not the same.

- Ah, it isn’t?

- No, no, no. Let’s see. One thing is what goes out, that is what counts, and what you have within is, well… I don't know.

- Yes you know, yes.

- Well, yes I know, but I don't want to say.

- Ah, ok…

In the face of this evidence, or faced with these evidences of justifications, of circumstances, of repression, of order… how can you approach a moment of prayer? It will be necessary to establish a rapid and immediate system to not judge, to not order, to not repress…

I am called to pray… and I have to be careful!, because what emanates from that call I have to incorporate it and let it resound in me, to really know who I am! 

Because, certainly, from infancy, I was told what I had to do, how I had to think, how I had to speak, to what extent I had to believe, in what I had to believe, what I had to say, what I had to silence…

Who am I, really? Am I an order? Am I a justification? Am I a repression? Am I a circumstance? Yes. I can say that I am all at once, but I can also say that I am none of that. But no. I don't know who I am exactly. Because there is a hidden world, that I worship and I confront with the environment.

I am who I am in my privacy, but I'm also not sure of it; because the continued camouflaged actions strike me. Makes me go into shock, in shock. Because also I ask: "Could it be that this vision that I see, that I intuit, that I think, hidden, is a consequence of the justifications, the repression, of the circumstances, of the order? It is simply an internal response, but it is not my inner being? Because probably the internal and the external being doesn't exist! That it has been a need of the sapiens to be able to fool better, in order to be able to lie better!".

This is what you see. This is what I am going to let you see of me. So that you have the idea of me that I want you to have; that surely will be the one that you like. Or so that the image that I give of myself, is sufficiently impressive and important to impose on you and make you obey me.

The order of the cosmos! Oh, what a shame! What would the Universe say… where is the cosmos! what would the verse or the poetry say!; that which is free and does not need to be a quatrain, a sextet or a decasyllabic, or any other order.

What would say the lily… or the geranium, when you use it as a ploy for a conquest or for a gift! What would say the rose, with its thorns, when only its petals are highlighted and the fine style of the tip of the spine is not respected!

What will the Universe say, when you try to classify, sort, understand… and to know about it! Will it become dark matter? Will it hide in shame, in seeing that they want to order it, and, under that order, to justify any behaviour, any imposition…?

What would the Creation say, when it hears that "It said", that "It has given ", that "it has ordered"…! What will the Creation say of such delusions…?


If every day I am created,

in beliefs I live, but… not dressed.

Naked I feel… hot or cold!

And naked I imagine…

and walking I realize myself

looking to have in my hands

My long-cherished wishes.


Woe!... But they dressed me, taught me,

ordered me, led me and warned me.

And now I am a Meccano set

that mechanically distrusts,

I become irritated, violent and I impose!

I don't know myself.

I feel like an unknown universe.

I fell like an unpardonable sin!

I feel persecuted and I hide.

I steal from myself!

And when they ask for me, I speak of the other!

And when they require me, I distrust.

I inquire about the income or search for my benefit!

I'm on the edge,

the fine thread… the thin edge of the knife.

And, so, I fall, I cut myself, I bleed!

I blame myself!, they blame me!

blame and punishment, and I am punished.

Is that life?

Or is it the justification that in these circumstances

I can only be a suffered living!… cut, cutting!?

Confined to the advice of others!

Confined to the obsession of me, without knowing who I am!

Confined to the obsession of importance, for my small rebellion…

that has led me to the loneliness, the anguish, depression!...


I've abandoned my love

Because the established order requests a love "with sense",

with a sense of prevention, with a sense of care, with hourly sense,

with a sense of… personal demands of self-esteem, self-care!...

Meccano. Articulated Meccano …

of friendly, kind and correct feelings,

but soulless.

Pity, pity, pity!...





La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


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