The disaffection of living


Perhaps, the majority of people in the civilized world do not agree with the life they live.

Surely, in their area of work, affections, projects, and proposals... they are not at ease.

There is -so to speak- a subterranean disgust, which is sometimes expressed as protest, and other times is silenced as "normality"... thinking, perhaps, that "life is like that".

Today's Prayer Sense warns us of -in principle- two details: 

The first one is that "life is like that" -or in another way-…, and in that "is like that" participate those who in majority are reluctant, in disagreement. They too have formed that tapestry, that sieve, that floor of dissatisfaction.

This is intended to assume at least a part that depends on one's own being, and which could -so to speak- remedy some -"some"- complaints.

The second prayer warning is that, in this way of living, usually, in addition to not recognizing the personal involvement, culprits are sought. And there is always one. They can be big culprits like the State, the Government, the Prime Minister... or they can be small culprits like family, friends, husbands, wives, acquaintances…

As we can deduce, between culprits, and not recognizing themselves as participants in that situation, it is extremely difficult to get rid of that perception of being bitter, uncomfortable. Because you can't get rid of all the culprits. There are many. That would be the final... result.

And on the other hand, one does not recognise what one brings to that situation of apathy, despair or... It has multiple names. Perhaps it is "disaffection of living".

When we ask ourselves why this happens, we discover that we were educated, trained and encouraged to make the world to our desire, to our own way. And certainly, insofar as there were no compromises or commitments..., things happened as one wanted them to –apparently-. This encouraged the being to make the world in his image and likeness.

But, little by little, the so-called "world" resisted being treated according to the whim of each one. 

And that is where the culprits emerge... and the awareness that my project is the best, and I have no responsibility, no involvement in this situation.

At that moment, each one -who is the majority- does not realize a detail that is important, and it is that probably… it is more than likely that he is guilty, according to the reference of others. Ahhh! That is to say that he is ”the culprit-blamed”, the one who thought that the blame for everything was of this or that and the other, turns out that, for the others, the blame for this, that and the other is yours.

This is not usually seen.

And the Prayer Sense wonders... and asks to "the permanent discontent": 

"Where was Creation, where was the Mystery, where was God, when you were permanently in despair…? 

Did you think that perhaps it had something to do with it -culpably, of course- in this whole process?”.

Or better:

"Do you think that the Creator Mystery has something to do with all the disasters that happen to you? Burdens, anxieties, fears, rages..." -Wow!-

When we talk about pollution, we usually omit existential pollution.

And how would the situation change if this third variable were taken into account: the Divine, the Creator? How would it change?

In everything.

But how would a determined actor admit -according to his permanent will and according to the criteria of the guilty- how would he admit something that is above him?

That is a small difficulty.

If we contemplate... -this is the Prayer Suggestion- if we contemplate all our being... without the intention of being the protagonist, we will surely realize that everything has been shaped to be like this. And that, probably, our participation is... let's say minimal...; in which case, it would be logical to think that the burden, the sorrow, the rage that we have... would be diluted, since it is not something that is gestated by others, by me, but it is something that occurs mysteriously and that I must face up to vitally, by acknowledging an intervention... superior to ours. By "superior" we mean not a being -like us- that has more strength, but a Mystery that manages our lives towards a mysterious direction.

Let's see: does the child know, when he starts to walk, which trousers are going to be bought for him? Does the child know, while growing up, why he is taught this or that? Does the child understand what the television says, or does he understand the discussion between the parents? 

In short: does the child know anything about what is going on? 


If we put that in proportion, as we develop -and here comes a problem- "believing we know", our position is similar to that of the child. 

We do not know.

And usually the being develops in its affective, spiritual, religious-moral ghetto... All are conditioners!... that do not know, and that create a way of being.

But is that the way of being...?

It is similar to the child who, when he does not get what he wants, cries and gets angry...; or who always wants to eat sweets or candies. And his world is reduced to the ball, to eating and sleeping...

In proportion, the adult is in similar... we would say "worse circumstances". Because the child is going to evolve and will see something else. But the adult who is already established -established!- he does not see more; he does not evolve. He admits no other criteria than his own. And no “tool" -philosophical, animistic, spiritual-… no tool is useful to him. He uses them –he uses- these tools, but... without enough faith. He listens to them for a moment, but then returns to his interests.

What if, under the Prayer Sense, we dilute the culprits?

What if we recognised our own insignificant presence and... some responsibility?

What if we let in the fresh air of Creation... and assume what is happening as a Mystery..., and act with the vital breath that each resource, each means, each environment gives us?

And another detail should be added: What if the being dared to ask for help...?

Of course, help that is not taxing, not demanding, not selfish...

The human species breathes anxiously, each one in search of their needs, trying to impose there will, constantly clashing with other wills.

The species of humanity has generally refused to assume that it is a presence in the Universe; that it belongs to a Creation; that it is maintained and entertained by an unknown instance... that we might well perceive it by prayer, meditation or contemplation. 

And as a consequence, in addition to the culprits and their own responsibility, other participations should be taken into account.

Among the destructive, guilty and distressing discourses... -among them- there is a gratifying vibration; liberating. 

Creation insinuates... compassionately.

It does so under the cloak of chance, the small surprise, the detail of beauty, the happy story... It uses what is there, to recreate the unbeliever, the selfish, the hedonist, the proud, the vain, the egomaniac...

Let us stand without arrogance before... the breeze that moves the feathers; before the light that enters between the cracks; before the sounds that slip through the words.

Let us allow ourselves to be discovered by the compassion of the Eternal.




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