Internal Cultivation


Given the place where what we call "Life" lives, and the consequent dynamism that happens, that has to happen, the continuous adaptations to... simply the drought or the abundant rains, or to the heat and the cold..., the such incredible biodiversity and amazing human diversification... -in short; very summarized, of course- it shows us, what we call "life", a dynamism of incessant activity.

     “Dynamism of incessant activity".

But it happens -it happens-… that even with the force, the influence and the characteristic of that "Life", that has those resources, those differentiations, those adaptations, even so -that the vital essence is to diversify, expand, adapt, achieve, obtain, change, yes, yes, yes-... even so, the levels of consciousness of humanity are established... -"established": as a stable, as to establish oneself, as to set up- for times, generations!...

What we call establishment today: the stable man, the established man, with his rules, customs, laws, habits...; obviously there are small things that change. But it draws attention -being the nature of life that incessant diversification, that replication, that continuous remodelling based on all the variable criteria that take place- that the levels of consciousness and rules, behaviour, and above all thoughts and feelings, are found... in the dungeon.

Yes, of course! In the Middle Ages it was different, yes. But a series of generations had to pass and, and, and...

And, for example, the Catholic Church continues with its norms, and the sultanates continue with stoning...

The prayerful attention call focuses on seeing how the most subtle, the most precious, what really gives us the evidence of living... is what is more stagnant, more righteous, more moralistic, more... And the rest, it is continually changing    -as recently we commented-, and soon we will have a quantum computer that, just by projecting our intention, will be able to do the operations that we need, that we demand. We wont have to type or anything.

And of course, that, compared to the smoke signals... man!, there are changes, right? And it does not look like we're going to go back to the smoke signals.

Even more: the water purification, the construction of houses, the channelling of residue... –few things more-, the improvement of the clothes, the quality of the food... –just that, right?- has doubled, in just a century, the average age of the species.

But careful! -and this is... well, this is important; we remove the "very" because we see that it has little effect: "this is important"-. It is curious that, in this organicist change -we have no choice but to continue with certain dualisms-what part... what part of the intelligent and emotional consciousness has contributed or has collaborated to achieve, for example, that survival?

Is there less jealousy than before? Is there less gossip than before? Is there less anger than before? Is there less revenge than before? Is there less clumsiness than before? Is there…? Is there…? Oh!...

No really.

At least proportionally.

There is no doubt that the separation we make between the material and the immaterial is fictitious; they are intimately linked. Yes. But the awareness of the being to participate -for example- in its longevity, or in anything else, is small!... compared to the rational and material and possessive, which develops to an exaggerated vertigo. "Exaggerated". In quotation marks.

Thus, from a bird's-eye view, we have "won" -sic and in quotation marks- we have "won" in prejudices, in xenophobia, in rages, in revenges...; of course, in violence... Because violence has spread. It is no longer just the stick and the stone. No, no, no, no, no. It is now the subtle look, it is the tenuous comment... ufffff!

That's not going to favour our longevity and our quality of life, no; it is going to mix it up!, it is going to get more confused!, it is going to... well, to contribute to a permanent war -in which one is-.

Oh!... They put us... "flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood, bones of our bones", and it did not work.

They put "sweat on our forehead and give birth in pain," and it did not work!

They put us "to wander and conquer the whole earth", and it did not work.

They put us... They said "OK! Promised Land", and each one felt very happy, destroying the opposite. It did not work.

 The truth is that the effort of the gods, of God, of Creation, has been evident. A strong... effort!, right? Broadly, right? At least in our Western cultures -in others it's similar; the Ride of the Valkyrie doesn’t change things very much!-.

Moreover: in general, everything that is good, happy, satisfying and joyful is persecuted, envied, set apart and possessed. In general.

On the other hand, everything that is poor, miserable, disgusting, "quarrelsome", harmful is, in some measure, the perfect justification to continue as always.

In other words, the great divine investments -with all due respect and with all the... speculation- did not work. In large numbers.

If we look for a moment at any country of our western world, which is the most advanced –attention!, eh?, the most advanced- we see that its rules, its customs, its laws, its morality, its spirituality... have a multitude -almost endless-indications, paragraphs, appendices. And what they want to say is that... look at a very simple question:

Is it possible somewhere...? -for the moment we limit it to the West, right?-. It's possible…? -it's a transcendent question, ok?, you have to get ready-. Is it possible?... -is it done or not?; yes, it is done-. It's possible…? -well, come on!-... Yes! Is it possible, is it possible, is it possible to... observe -what is called "obey"- with all the rules, customs and laws that are established? All of them!

The answer I think is obvious. It is: No.

.- But they are established.

.- Yes.

.- And when for some reason you do not observe one of them, can they 'prejudge, judge, condemn and punish you?

.- Yes.

.- Ah!

That is to say, in the last, in the first and in the medium instance, each one adapts of by denying; breaking. But the ones who impose the norms and everything else know this. Of course they know it! And it is important that this happens.

Why? Because that is how you can punish; thus one can 'prejudice'; so you can criticize; so you can harm; so you can... –of course you can!- destroy; that is how I can show that I have strength; this way it can be demonstrated that my reason is the true one; this way you can prove the quality of my violence.

Those are not the deals that Providence gives us.

The Prayerful Sense suggests us -starting from the evidence that life persists, lasts, continues-... we make our conscience a transparent way, a way of concord, a way of respect...; a way without taking advantage, a way without possessions, a way without judgments, a coexistence way that knows how to be discovered continuously; knowing how to assimilate and enjoy the joy of any event that occurs in life.

And as the School of the Internal, the Prayerful Sense reaches our interior, so that we can exercise those feelings... and we can really be liberating intermediaries, intermediaries of relief, of consolation... of healing, of remedies.

Intermediaries! Not, imposing obligations, cataloguing; dispensers of punishments or gratuitous criticisms that hide the own disquiet.

 Let this cultivation of "the Internal", which comes from the influence of the Mystery, have its reflection in that doing: in the doing of our senses, on seeing, speaking...; in the doing of our conscience, of expressing, of expressing opinions...

Human 'community', as its name suggests, is -by nature- a continuous gift, a continuous giving and giving in common. And for this to happen, for this to occur -something that does not happen and that does not occur, except in particular sectarianisms- we have to be free of prejudices, and willing to tune in with opinions, ideas, projects... that may not be in our agenda, but we have to listen to them; we have to let them give us, and we give to them. And in this mutual giving, we can gradually get to really give ourselves; not by hitting... but to give oneself in the sense of finding something in common!... that allows us to give ourselves.

And this happens in the prayerful call, when a call is made to expose, to clarify, to suggest, to... guide. To establish references that are not imposed or obligated, or avenged, or profitable. They are THE HELP.

 Yes; they are consequences of measures of help in the face of deterioration, before the outrage of the species.

In the year of Innovation and start-up, it can be the best receptacle to renew liberations.

To unleash the roots of stabilization, those that do not allow anything that is not their own opinion.

Let the reasons and the established logics, which are in the background persecutions of prejudices and punishments, do not annul the emotions, the affections, the admirations, the complacencies, the possibilities of feeling ourselves immersed in the permanent Love of Creation, and that we are capable to reflect it to our environment, with our special and particular dedication. And that in no case it is... doing at the expense of the damage “of”.




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