Before the desolating mental loop, discover the THANKS they give us


The saying said... and says: "Rain never pleases everybody"; although in the rational conscious is known that rain is necessary, since rain brings us the water that we need. But consciousness, and its individual development, makes...  the feeling of it  -of consciousness- when it rains, this person says it's too little, the other person says it's a lot, the other says it's fat drop, the other person says it's fine drop...

What does this mean in the cohabitation? That before the other person thinks I answer it. And before the other person knows what he or she should know, I want to know it.

That´s terrible!...

That is why controversies are established at an astounding speed.

That loss of corporation, of solidarity, of a "common being"... kidnaps the being towards a ”wholeness". What is “wholeness"? Well, it means wanting to embrace everything, to have everything... Not "everything" as "the Whole". No! The "everything" from everybody.

Of course, this is not possible, and insofar as one feels it is not possible, there is a certain disenchantment in being, in living together; a certain predisposition, almost on the edge of the lips and the word, to... to jump, to...

The Prayerful Sense tells us, with this introduction, that we must recover the flexibility of our consciousness; we must be more amplified, without pretending to possess, control, dominate, know...

The daily being that doesn’t doubt, that doesn’t distrust of the person next to him; that from the outset, the cognitive is assumed and flexible according to need. But a need that does not demand, that does not impose.

The inquisitive presence of inquisitive consciousness that feels possessed by the truth... is not a good “protection”; it is not true.

So, in those positions, it is possible to be almost permanently displeased with anything: with the stone of the road, with the position of the sidewalk, with the colour of the dawn, with..."I have asked today, on the dot, and they have not answered me before the dot". In the end, an inordinate demand... to ask and demand and request that it rains to my pleasure, or that the world bends to my need.

And so, the envies and the comparative grievances: Why this, to this person, and not to me? Why before the demand of that person, is yes, and the demand of mine is no?

It is a sweeping mental loop, desolate! Desolating mental loop!

If we notice that each awakening is a dawn endowed with thanks!...

If we take reference on those thanks

And we do not reference on misfortunes!... but on the graces of recovering the consciousness of breathing, of seeing, of hearing...

But no! The references in which we have been praying, are lowered, lowered, lowered... up to the point of complaining because the toothbrush was not the appropriate one that morning, and someone should have replaced it and didn’t do it... or I didn’t do it myself I repudiate myself for it. What a way to start the day!: turned  into a toothbrush.

Of course! If the reference is that!, if the cognitive reference is that endo-personal, endogamous, endomorphic loop!... -what swearwords!-... it is difficult is to take off to see some light!, of smile, of joy, of joke, project, of...

A rounded structure, flattened by the poles, of five hundred and ninety million square kilometres, is under our feet. And turns!... and moves!... And give us the grace that we cannot fall!...

 And it's not a matter of thinking big, and large! No, it's a matter of evidence. And when from those astronomical evidences, and from another level: of THANKS, they are so copious, so huge!, when we get to the detail of the word, of the awakening, of the beginning... when we get there, we cannot lose the grandiose thread of life. Please!

In the Prayer Call, we are invited to get tuned with the vibrations of the Creator Mystery.

In our position of consciousness, our vibration is a plea.

A plea that represents humility and submission to the Creator Mystery, and also a plea that supposes... a disposition... complaisant.

It is not... of comprehensible matter, the relationship between the Creator Mystery and the living creatures. Any attempt at understanding, comprehension, reason, logic, is bound to... not only to failure, but also to a mumbling dissent, nervous and anxious.

If, on the other hand, the attitude of referential awareness towards that vibration of Mystery, towards that harmony, is made without understanding, but with the intention of feeling... we will find a multitude of feelings splashed in each day, which configure... a picture, without limits..., of interpretation, of guidance.

It is similar to the blanket that wraps up the creature to give it that soft tenderness of warmth.

Ayyyy!... Because if we feel the beginning of the wobbling of the wings of the butterfly... our breath of life will be filled with proposals, suggestions, plenitudes .. and of soft consciences that recognize our fragility.




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