And with the "eagerness" to reach, to achieve, to attain... blunders often occur and debts tend to be incurred.

Blunders of relationship, of communication, of needs, of proposals…

Debts of... affection, debts of dedication, debts of intentions, debts of projects...

Which, at first, it usually produces... like a gambling addict: "Let's see if I recover". And he insists on some risky bet... that usually doesn't work out. And so, the situation becomes one of helplessness, of incapacity...; of a uselessness feeling. And notice it all started with enthusiasm, with an eagerness of reaching, of achieving, of obtaining...

And then blunders, debts...; then recovery... whatever it takes; then decline...; and then feeling useless and incapable.

This is a cycle that, with intense frequency, plays out in competitive... 'aspirational’... triumphalist... lifestyles.

And all this is centred on the capacity of the "I", of "ego", of one's own resources...; of social advice of many different kinds, from friendships to intimate possibilities... that advise and overwhelm the ears of the one who only trusts in himself.

The Prayerful Call warns us about self-absorption.

 Contemplating oneself alone on achievements, on attainments... and all that this entails, makes the being ignore his microcosm and, of course, does not really -even if he says so- "really" grant any option to that permanent miracle that calls us, to that Prayer that surprises! us, and warns us and guides us.

The being becomes more and more radical in his positions… -of any kind- and he feels the possessor of "objective" truths. And although in theory he understands that everything is subjective, in practice, intransigence and criticism is the usual confabulation.

A critique that needs a radicalism, and a radicalism that needs a critique... to maintain an "egoism", a self-absorption of the personality, of the character, of the form.

And curiously, in that tendency, in this "egoism", in that arrogance, it is difficult    -not to say very difficult- for the being to accept or assume any participation in errors, in debts, in commitments... No! His radicalism places him above any situation.

And there are no reasons or logic... to modify these positions.

The Praying Sense and the Praying Call does not reason, does not explain, it does not...

It transmits!... It invokes... It discovers! It is unpretentious! That is why it is -without a doubt, and without radicalism- the best referential to... see oneself.

And to begin with, do not struggle about solving debts; No! Just making an effort not to contract new ones. And to that extent outstanding debts will be resolved; Lukewarmness that are left behind.

In the same way, errors -all of them subjective, of course- must be referenced to our abilities; thus, if I adjust my ability to my own requirements, and the environment, the possibility of error is minimal.

The referential models that are usually taken, from one, the other or the other one, for... each one in his position, to do the same or achieve the same... those reference models are not sincere. They do not start from self-appreciation and recognition of one's own gifts, but they rather lean, or allow them to lean in excess, by the opinion of others, by the point of view of the other... In short, a little "a weather vane that anyone blows and it diverts it away". It does not dare to remain faithful... to its function, its belief!

To the extent that this -all of it- is discovered, that is revealed to us by the Praying Call, we must "futurize" ourselves immediately.

If we wait until we have all the tools and necessities to start the march, it will never start.

 Now, if we start it all over again every day, under the auspices, under the shadow of Providence, under that... -let's allow it- unconditional love that living gives us, every day, then we become permanent "futures", which is like annulling time. It is like saying: living what has not yet been lived, what has not yet come.

To assume ourselves as travellers of light and, therefore, pilgrims who recognise their setbacks and their debts... and do not seek to be rehabilitated by a stroke of luck, but rather remake themselves because they accept the hand of Creation, which lifts up, promotes, and helps.

Investing innovation... of each day’s future, under the reference of the Creator Mystery, makes us true intermediaries of that Mystery.

It gives us the strength to... adjust to our "real needs".

Each Loving dawn means a new future.

The debts and the blunders to be redeemed... will be resolved as the future unfolds, under other perspectives, without the anxiety of arriving, reaching, achieving, attaining...

If at every dawn we assume the protection of "the Name...", if we assume "the Help", future initiatives will be made available, they will be made fresh, they will be made without hindrances or past conditioning factors... with the confidence of feeling like intermediaries.




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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