And the trends seem clear. Now that a change in the evolution of the great alarm is in sight, a tendency aspires to return to the consummate action of producing, growing, dominating, controlling... and perhaps also ensuring profits, to put them in safekeeping in case something similar happens again. In this tendency there is no sign of change in the style and way of being, of doing, of feeling or of thinking.

Other tendencies begin to insinuate themselves and mark as a humanity with aftereffects, with a residual incapacity, with a residual impotence towards other actions; and, in that position, to submit to any help, to any handling. A consciousness of disability and dependence, which does not face up to its resources, but substitutes them and makes them available to the power.

And another tendency, the minority –although it seems at first to be the most logical and... even enthusiastic-, is the tendency to be different, to do things differently, to propose new attitudes, to suggest new projects, to innovate in creativity, to develop an art of science, to aspire to all ideals, without renouncing to any tendency.

This third attempt... is timid. Fear still is scared... and sometimes terrified.

The Prayer Sense shows us the mosaic of tendencies in which we all are. And in showing us this mosaic, it adds a detail: the detail that we are a Creation, the detail that we are –each being- unique, unusual. It adds that, if we were created out of Love, we must become lovers.

It adds that the trust in our innovations, novelties and changes, is made on the basis of Providence, which provides us with suggestions, instincts, discovery, imagination, knowing how to contemplate the sweet wait to corroborate the Providential promise.

Yes, the Prayer Sense explains to us that when it comes to proposing a libertarian process, the fundamental Force is the Transcendent Providence; the one that is not afraid; the one that always finds resources; the one that always rises.

And in those prayerful remarks, the conscience beats to warn us that we are loved, that we are cared for, that we are encouraged... towards complaisance, towards balance, towards the communion of consensus, of contributions in solidarity.

And in that throbbing heartbeat, it asks us, almost begs us, to make of living together a mutual trust!, without prejudice, abandoning categorizations and premises that tend to disable the faculties of others.

The condescension –condescendence!- in the face of our fears, worries and insecurities, covers us –the condescension- so that these disappear. This Creative condescension opens the way for us to overcome obstacles.

The vigorous arms of Love descend, and open for us the way to liberation.

It becomes, the Creator Mystery, condescending with the forgetfulness, the clumsiness and the snub of the human behaviour, that thinks it deserves punishment, and renounces to being a faithful reflection of the Creator Art, who has put in him the colour of his eyes, the texture of his skin, the beautiful movement... and the gift of the word.

In these points, the Prayer Sense calls us to be testimony and witnesses of other versions-visions. Of other versions-visions in which fantasy is not just another ornament; in which imagination is not a proposal that... well, sometimes it comes in handy; in which detail has a value and is not a possible accessories; in which sincerity is not an explosion of complaints and accusations, but it is a version of what goes on, what hurts or pleases, what is shared with the care of one another.

He warns us, like the call of someone who wants to make himself known –"he warns us, like a call of someone who wants to make himself known"-, that his Mysterious Creative Force is not ¡there!, ¡over there!... it is, also. But it is also here!, in what is not seen, in what is not subject to our senses; in what may be the fleeting song of a bird... or a faint shadow at dawn.

One tends –yes, one tends, due to the dominance that the species has established over oneself and over others- one tends, even among most believers, to place there, over there –like another structure- that Force of Love, like a wandering and distracted person in love... who sometimes sees us and other times does not; who helps that one but not this one; who ignores us.

No. He doesn't have space or time. He doesn't kidnap himself in the distance. He doesn't hide in the confines! He's endless in everything! He becomes endless in everything! He becomes endless in everything!.

 And if we pay attention and keep the complicit silence of his verb, we will notice in our hands a special sensation: it is a caress. And no one is denied it.

And those hands, protagonists of the caress, are the equivalent of a doing, of an expression, of a language, of an intention, of a hug, of a permanent help.

And so we can perceive in every gesture how, in addition to our structural consciousness, there is something else that moves our fingers, that nests in our palms, which seeks to meet.


[1]In the palm of your hand

ayyyyy, in the palm of your hand

has landed, ayyyy... a presence...

that caresses my hand

and gave an assistance.

And I've been taken...oh, by the hand

to the endless... than I've ever felt

than I've ever felt

Aand that... and that... I've fallen in love

and it's given me... –oh the sense

It's given me sense... to everything I do

of everything I do.


And the rapture reaches the heart. And it can't help... it can't help expressing itself, because life depends on it! And even if you don't know what it is, it's there, beating!, saying!, jumping, and dancing. Making a vessel out of the mud; making filigree out of the fallen trunk... –oh!- a filigree that can be soothed by the gouge that, without cutting, moulds it.

Oh! You can't... live without a rapture. 

If it is not there, it is because the sinuous is not welcome... the sinuous profile of the Beloved.

And if in Love I have been gestated, and Love I am by evidence, the rapture is the conscience: that which, without knowing how, shows itself; that without knowing how, it is gestated; that without knowing how, it is pronounced or shown. 

Consciousness of Eternal Love... accomplices of evidence: that of being a sample of complaisance.

And there, there, and there and there and here... and more inside here!... the Presence is.

And in a permanent gift it drives us, it encourages us... with laughter, with tears, with sighs...; with the surprises of the occurrences, those that we find without looking for them... and that give us the touch. And which give us the touch of distinction.


[1] Singing


The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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