The winds seem to claim... the lived moments, which are classified as "past", as if they had not existed. They also bring us the news of the future... lived in the present.

All this seems to intend to dilute time... and thus having the consciousness of Eternity. Because in it there is neither past nor present nor future.

It exists!

That Eternity, the being of humanity has set it aside; he has attributed it to the gods or... or to no one! And he has created –that humanity– its times, renouncing the Eternal.

 The material pace imposed by being born, growing, developing, decreasing and disappearing... seems evident, without being so!, since it only contemplates a perspective, a dimension.

When the being measures up in the Universe, time becomes timeless...; any event is made to "pass", and does not exist before or after.

And so it is that the Prayer Sense warns us, with the vehicle of time, so that we do not sink into oblivionThe memory is not to remember; it is to witness, to remain.

The wind becomes a good equivalent, with its invisible passing and its elusive language. Not knowing obstacles, it reaches everyone, prowling them, surrounds them, giving sound to them and… continues.

It has been interpreted –as could not be expected otherwise-, from the perspective of time, the Eternal, with the stillness, with the immobile, being just the opposite: mysterious, changing, surprising, unpredictable, amazing!...

The Prayer Sense urges us to... enter any moment of impression, of sensation, of emotion, as a present-future-past, without time!... Fearless of it ending!...

Under that perspective, without fear of... the end!, under the consciousness of eternal memory, it is possible to live... that feeling of Eternity. And becoming free of prejudices that constantly gravitate on the temporality of the events, loaded with judgements, convictions, punishments...

In an attempt of Eternities, human memories remember and celebrate –as if it were eternal- events that mark the experiences: "And today a year ago..." "And today..." "And today is the birthday..."

It is not difficult to guess that these celebrations are a thread of Eternity; otherwise, what would be the point of bringing them to the present, if they were already past?

It is also true that, little by little, memory is becoming –in the time of the current humanity- a selective, competitive and radical style, with which... memory becomes oblivion; and it remains in the anecdotal, as if nothing had happened.

And it is good to remember, as Eternal, that in this place, the call to pray has been done, it has manifested… permanently different, various!, novel!, amazing!, unpredictable!…

Is it a sample of Eternity? Without trying to be more important and more transcendent and more... No! Eternity does not understand these aspects. What's more, it doesn't need them.

 And yes: this place –where the wind now beats it– has been witness, is witness, will be witness, to dilute time and become Eternal. This place has been, and is, and will be, the echo… of the Eternal.

And it will not drown in physical space, but it is expansive... like the echo that resonates in the distance.

The permanent innovation of the Prayer Call, of the meditative intention, of the ceremonial songs, of the inspiration… the creative inspiration, are samples of Eternities that have passed. They have manifested from a moment, yes, but they were already there!

Everything was already there!

But the being, in its domain and control, tries to feel himself protagonist... and divide what it was, Eternal, into what is now and what should be forgotten.

The truth is that they remind us, from Eternity –Sense and Prayer Call today- that, against all odds, against all omens... – that should not be forgotten, in order to assess Eternity-, this place manifested, this space...

The omens and fears, almost from the beginning –to put a reference- were constant, and they grew to the extent that more space manifested.

But there were beings who, abducted... –as if abducted- collaborated, participated, helped...; they believed differently in what was done, in what was proposed, without suspecting Eternities or anything like that!

Everything was framed in the word "madness."

And it is curious: today it may seem “sanity”.

No way! There is nothing sane here!

Prayer is not intended to bind, to tie up, tame, to fasten, hold, forbid, allow...

And consequently, as timeless space-time, this does not happen in this place either; although, often, the will and... good mood! –without a doubt!- of the human daily mind, tries to order, classify, impose...

It is logical!

But The Eternal has never been logical. It doesn’t have the level of thought of the being of humanity. The Creator Mystery is not subject to logical reasoning. And this place… neither. It is under the reference of that Creator Mystery.

So much so that, as soon as it is aromatized, as soon as it is savoured, as soon as it is seen... all the development, all the activity, all the experience –in terms of permanence- that is lived in these dimensions, has no logic, no reason; rather, it is called to be a testimony of another different consciousness of humanity.

Another position that does not intend to fight, but to show itself as capable, as sustainable, as permanent, as –without saying so- immortally Eternal.

And so, as they say, if we want to immortalize something, we have to eternalize ourselves first.

If we want to immortalize something, we have to eternalize before.

And to do so, only the help of the praying –of the praying!, of the praying- of the Praying Call, allows us to enter into these dimensions.

And be, thus, a faithful witness of an Eternal act of Love! Vigorous! Invisible! Present! Real! Sinuous!... Like the wind: that seems to happen, but it remains as breathe.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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