And through the successive and continuous powers that the being of humanity was, is, and predictably will continue to acquire, over its own species and over all the living beings, that makes him generate a permanently occupied, pre-occupied consciousness.

It is like an invasion of what does not correspond to you.  Occupation is as a way of "living preoccupied”. Making of life a preoccupation. And then, obviously, a permanent occupation.

 It could be said –exaggeratedly- that today’s man considers life a lost cause, and he has to save it. Exaggeratedly.

That preoccupation, that occupation... invasive, arrogant, does not allow life itself to show its resources, its means, its skills.

And instead of emanating, as sources, the different possibilities, these are occupied, pre-occupied... by the constant exercise of power.

The famous saying "will is power", contains a desire for possession; to occupy positions..., which is not the idea of ​​overcoming with our own and discovered resources. No. It is the idea of ​​occupying and expanding the domain, whether of ideologies, of religions, or of opinions….

Imagine for a moment, in today’s Prayer Sense, that suddenly!, miraculously, you have no preoccupations. You laugh, don’t you? Because it is impossible. Life would lose meaning. If I were not worried about something, it would lose meaning. I have to be occupied, occupied with life, when life doesn't need to be taken care of.

The penetration of power is such that we are constantly reminded that we have to be preoccupied about our health, preoccupied about the intelligence and cognitive development of our children, preoccupied about whether they are dyslexic, 'aprexical' or anorexic, preoccupied about... I mean... Is there anything to not be preoccupied about? Is there any virgin territory that can remain unoccupied?

It gives the sensation... –without knowing why it gives that sensation, but it gives the sensation- that, when we observe or we contemplate how the events take place, when we make use of some simple knowledge of the activity of a galaxy or the luminous behaviour of the sun, it gives the sensation –the feeling- that all these processes... are not preoccupied.

It seems as if they live unoccupied, the stars and the Milky Way...

Carelessly, the earth rotates and moves...

Yes, maybe because of that Big Bang and that immense force that makes it turn and turn and turn and turn. Will it stop one day? Can you imagine for a moment that the earth stops? We will fall... Ohhhhh!...

Maybe at that moment we will realize the futility of our power. But, meanwhile, the being of humanity lives kidnapped in its own desire to seize and occupy –through preoccupation- the vital spaces of everything around it:

.- Oh! I'm preoccupied about your future

.- And why don't you occupy about yours? What a habit, right?

.- I am preoccupied about what is going to happen to you far away from home.

.- Well... you get preoccupied about running your household.

It is incredible!...

That is seasoned with solidarity, motherhood, fatherhood, ‘stepdaughter’… that is, with family concoction. Then, you have the right to be occupied, to be preoccupied, to follow in the footsteps of the cave bear that existed 5000 million years ago. You don't even leave them alone.

.- And what did the Neanderthals eat?

.- I don’t know! Whatever they found!

.- No, it is just to know why the food has evolved until it reached the lettuce.

.- Well... yes... yes... Very interesting. Very preoccupying.


And so you can see taciturn humanities, traveling on roads, rooms, airplanes, trains... preoccupied, occupied!

Yes, it is maybe slightly an apocalyptic vision, but the truth is that occupation, the always-systematic intervention in matters that do not concern us –and that concern is made to impose!...our criteria– it is, in addition to colonizing, enslaving.

The result of all these processes... is that homogenization has been achieved. And if you do not worry, then you are unoccupied, and you abandon your responsibilities, etc. It is not true.

Assuming our part… is a delight of living. But, being incapable of it, the being throws itself into preoccupation; to occupy: to occupy the positions of others. And they occupy us!... And they occupy us every time we want to do something! And you have to realize it, at least to know that they are taming me.

And that is being done in a pyramidal, direct, or indirect way… and in addition, the greatest domesticators, also among them they tame, so it seems that we are in a “no way out” maze.

Thus, the Prayer Sense directs us towards... other consciences, such as the prayerful one, that discovers our position, that alerts us about our lack, cadence!, and custom!


(Prolonged silence)


With silence... we placate the discomfort, and we let ourselves –perhaps– to get carried away... to an indifference of preccupations, occupations, colonization. And we open ourselves to that way of escape from the labyrinth, towards unknown… consciousness!, yes; mysterious, yes. But creative. Yes.

And it is curious to feel –except preoccupations, poof!, radicals, religious, dogmatic, etc.- to realize that... "towards those consciousness." And we pluralize them because… they are so infinite that it could be said that each being has its own; that they have similarities, but... they are diverse.

For a moment, when we stop preoccupying, by not submitting to the occupations and preoccupations about us –and at least we can think about it- to the extent that this happens we enter into another perception: the one that welcomes us without prejudice; the one that accepts us in our aptitude; the one that reminds us of our mysterious origin; the one that... we feel that truly loves us!... And that we cannot add a whit of our love –which is a reflection of that Force- to the love necessary to gestate life.

To dilute our dependencies to make us interdependent... in the sense of feeling unified!, mysteriously conjugated.

We seek and... we beg, although there is the Creator Aid... And in that search we open ourselves to the mantric sound that disposes us towards the Mystery, towards in-occupation of what concerns us, what preoccupies us... and allowing life to live... without the pathological links of the linkages of power that are established for power, power, power, power...

Listen three times then follow:



And it is good to remember that evangelical quotation that everyone knows, about the uncertainty and the restlessness of the apostles about what to eat and how to dress. And given that concern, the answer was very simple:

“Why do you worry about what to eat and how to dress? Do you not realize how Creation has dressed the birds, with their feathers; it has filled the earth with grain; it has finished, with its best finery, the flowers and its splendour?

Don't you think that you are also endowed with that possibility?”

Certainly! But... the intelligent development towards power, has ceased to believe... and only believes itself or others who hold power over oneself.

And this is how the maze is perpetuated, reason is structured, custom is established...

The vision is clouded, and not even the preoccupation about getting out of that torture remains.

Delve... into creative resources.

To believe... in the feelings of love!... That are not self-achivement, but instances of Creation Help.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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