A popular saying that is probably scattered by the species says: "Fear is free!"

Much-much-much more... after, it was said: "Long live free love!". But... you can't compare!...

It seems... it seems rather that the first freedom man had was to feel fear. Remember? Well, maybe –you are very young- you won't remember it: in Paradise, when the apple –or the apricot; we do not know very well, but let's leave it in apple- what was there? Well, there was shame, fear and lies...

Then, however, things did not go well... and they had to get out of there. This was long ago, huh? And there were two little brothers. But, as we know, one of them did not like the other one, so he hit him with a donkey jaw and... well, he transmuted him.


Fear reappeared among brothers...; no, rather in the story that came before that. And the most eternal fear that exists appeared: fear of the Eternal, fear of the Mystery, fear of the Divine, fear of God. Voila!

But then, immediately, after thousands of billions of eons, it was said: "God is love, God is love, God is love ...". God is love. "Godislove":  godislove. But no, it failed, it failed... despite the Beatles: "All you need is love... tata-ratatá"... No.

The fact is that fear was catching agility and released.

It was free, but it wasn't completely loose. It was released gradually, and it was considered and it is considered one of the greatest freedoms that we have. Amazing!, right? Most probably you have never thought this way. Well, it's time for it!

This can have consequences, of course, because we could say: “Let’s lock fear up! Let's take it to galleys or condemn it to life imprisonment”. But for sure it would create problems in jail.

.- Ah! Jail, They are very afraid over there!

.- Yes. It is not a good place, no... We can also say that fear is ill, and we send it to a hospital.

.- Ozú! What a place to have fun...

It is not exactly a place of joys, right? It is rather a breeding ground for fears and fears and fears... Of course: with a white doctor gown, with a mask... But there is fear in a hospital! Oh my God!

.- Well, let's send it to... I don't know, to the government!

.- To the government? Whatever the government it may be, its fundamental function is to install fear in population so that it can be tamed more easilyMore or less motivated fears, promoted or not.

.- Well, what about the State?

.- The State? The State is so afraid that its roots will be discovered, that everything can be endangered; anything can jeopardize the security of the State, in which case it is a fortress of fear.

.- Wow!... Well, let's send fear to a church.

.- To a Church?

.- To the churches that exist; Yes of course, there are churches of a very diverse nature.

.- But if the faithful go there to confess their fears: "Oh! I'm afraid of this... Oh! I'm afraid of that... Oh! I'm afraid of..."; to ask God "don’t let this happen, don’t let that happen...".

Do you know? Of course you do. When a fence of fire surrounds a scorpion, the scorpion tries to leave, of course. He realizes fire can kill him. There comes a moment when... when he realizes that the fence of fire remains, the scorpion decides to commit suicide. Yes. And he stings his own stinger on himself. And it works!.

We all know the expression that says: "He's scared to death, he's scared to death!". A bullfighter is a man who is scared to death! Until he resuscitates when the bull passes by his side for the first time and has not killed him.

Could it be... could it be that, as we are surrounded by so many stones –in the Universe, I mean: stars, suns and all that-... could it be that our fear comes from, just in case something might fall on us, as it happened   –well, now we know that it didn’t- to dinosaurs? “And this stone for Antonio; this one, for Maria; this…".

.- Ahhh! That’s where stoning comes from, right?

.- Yes. Stoning was a method... It's a method! –because it still exists-.

.- But... living with fear is not good, right?

.- Yes; indeed, analysing situations, living with fear is not good.

.- Not good. So it is best to live without fear.

.- But "fear keeps the vineyard", says another saying. And if you are afraid, then you put a security guard or alarm systems...

It is an interesting experience, in that it makes possible any variable, any “horizon”… now that word has become a little fashionable; well, fashionable... not exactly fashionable: "a unique horizon" –referred to the last show in the photo of the little black hole.

But yes, the word serves us: "the singular horizon".

Normally, when we see the horizon, we see and prove that we are flat-earthers. That is, it is flat. We do not see the curvature. Probably because it is so far away... Or it is not! Who knows?

But let’s not engage in discussions of whether we are a discus thrower like Mirón or we are like golf ball.

But we see "a singular horizon," when fear is not the shepherd.

Yes, we all have... Each of us is a singular, not a plural; although there is a plurality of events that generate a singularity.

But let's not physically complicate things.

But, from the Sense of Prayer –yes, true- it is not the first time that fear appears as an alert!, alarm!

Fear is not only free but it is loose. Because sometimes free fear is hold, isn't it? I am afraid of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, for example, because they are not entirely organic. Another is afraid of his cousin –there are many cousins– and others are afraid of being discovered.

.- What?

.- Whatever, it doesn't matter!

Because fear usually covers, conceals, hides...

We could really say that in the course of time, homo sapiens-sapiens has discovered that his best "weapon" to live together was fear. And the Praying Sense alerts us and alarms us about this conclusion:

.- Is fear the best weapon to live together? So, is fear a weapon?

.- Yes.

.- And can you live with weapons?

.- Yes. Some shoot before, others shoot later, and others do not have time. Ah!, some do not carry weapons, but they are a weapon.

.- Huh what a mess!

.- No, it is no mess. It is evidence.


Yes, given today's Praying Sense, everyone has thought –inevitably- of their fears, you will realize that a beautiful beehive has been established –huge!-; a beautiful beehive full of their own safe cells –of course: "I am like that"-.

Although it would be better to say what "Raphael" said: "I am the one who gives his life to love you"... Better. But well, let's not go to fantastic extremisms.

A beehive with multiple safe cells. "Because I'm like that", "Because I was made like this"...

Who made you like this? Your genes, your neighbourhood, your religion, your country? Fear after fear after fear after fear. Of course. And you made your beehive based on that it is like this, like that and so on. And he put fear as guardian. Yes. I mean... I wasn't sure that it was the way to live. Consequently, I was afraid.

Moreover, all the ideas one has about this or that have a little bit of: "What if...?".

Once the scene of fear has been revealed, that by the way lately exercises a lot in horror and terror…

.- Horror? Terror?

.- Yes. Fear, when exacerbated a little, produces terror and reaches horror. In other words, it has an evolutionary system –right?- and leaves history, leaves its mark… 

No! They did not recover. Neither Adam nor Eve nor all their progeny recovered, and it wasn’t able to nullify its fear. Look how good they were: they didn't have to take care of anything, they were naked, they ate everything... Man! They were a little vegan, but then there was no need for ham.

-You don't have to laugh, huh?-

Do you see? That is a very curious aspect: fear laughs little. Well, "little"; it does not laugh at all. Why doesn’t it laugh? Because it is afraid; afraid that, when I laugh, you will notice that I am not afraid. And if I'm not afraid, I'm an idiot! An unemployed, an ignorant!

And so, those who have a little more “sacred” journey in this place of the Universe, will recognize that humour has been lost because fear is increasingly loose. That is the explanation. Although, really, more than explanation, that is the experience.

And they say: "I'm not in the mood!". It should be added later: "I am scared to death."

Wow! Well, what a binomial! A worrying binomial, right?:

.- I am not in the mood because the world is not as I want it to be. And I'm scared to death, just in case it happens what I don't want to happen.

.- But if you have been told before that you are “a unique horizon”!

.- Yes, but that is far away.

.-No! That is here. Because when you say “that horizon”, you are saying it from here, and from here you see that… “Oh!, there, on the horizon”… Singular.

.- And what's that for?

.- Well it serves, for you to feel, a unique horizon. And you can feel it, because you have resources –for the sheer fact of being of this species-... you have resources to be seen as a unique horizon, because you are unique. If you, at the same time, project that reality, that evidence, on your environment, you will see, everything around you, as a singular horizon.

Yes. It will fall into the hands and claws of a black hole, but –but!– will enter in the Mystery. And upon entering it, you will discover and discover yourself in Creation. And when discovered in Creation, in the Creator Mystery, you will obviously take A Fearless consciousness. A FEARLESS. Another singularity

It's a good trip, isn't it? It is a very operative prayer proposal... It goes far beyond the slogan "God is Love". Because when you say that, you compare it to the love you have for your goldfinch, your cat, your friend, your lover... No, no, no, no, no! It is something more unique.

The Love that Creation professes us is evidently OBVIOUS, isn't it? Lost in any corner of the Universe, we survived; when the normal thing –for the little we know from here- is that… we would not exist long time ago.

But "something" –and of course, is the limit of language- "something" loves us in such a unique way! So special! So extraordinary! So exceptional! So... mysterious! We shouldn't be afraid!...

And consequently, everything that happened, passed and occurred should not affect us. And we should not build beehives –that is what bees take care of- but rather, as Alberto Cortez –R.I.P- said, dedicate ourselves to building castles in the air. They are organic, they are biological... They don't even need solar panels! Nor geothermal. Nothing, nothing!…

But, of course, there is always someone who spoils them, right? Like when you make a sand castle, on the beach, and there is always a funny guy who says... Or the sea itself!, which suddenly rises and oh!... And takes the tower away.

Yes. Sometimes castles are built on earth; the worst are those made of blocks and weapons. And now... not anymore.

Of course, given this proposal, most probably you can hear this: "And without fear, who will take care of us?"

"And without fear, who will take care of us?"

 .- Ah! It turns out, then... –Oh, mon dieu!- was fear our caretaker?

.- Yes. It was already said that "fear keeps the vineyard". So, it is the one who takes care of us.

.- Ah! What an aberration!, right?, after the proposal of the singular horizon, until reaching the Mystery. "And if we are not afraid, who takes care of us?"


It's terrible to get to that... everyday life.

Now, if we pick ourselves up again in the Prayerful, who wants to get us out of that terrible sentence: "And if I'm not afraid, who takes care of me?"...

We have been taken care of for eternities, beyond the infinite; "Beyond of beyond" –as they say.

We have been taken care of and we still are so much!, that they let us realize of terror, of fear.

There have been so many religious, social, emotional, moral conditions...; a little house and another little house and another little house, like the Russian dolls: inside one there is another one and another and another and another and another and another one, until you reach a small one that no longer has another, but it is hard, it is solid, it has no void.

The fear of Creation that the intermediaries –popes, priests, monks and others- instilled in us: they spread their seed in a dark way that did not care for us precisely, which did not go beyond love, love, love, love, of love, of love... –beyond-, but, on the contrary, it was a sniper who filled us with karma and shot us at any... sin?

.- What sin?...

.- Ahhh!! It was a great invention! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. It was the currency. It was like, like... –how to say, how to say?-... the place where you had to shoot. Then, each one, to the extent that they committed a sin, it was quickly seen by God, and he fired. And you could have an irritable bowel or an economic failure or an emotional unrest –"deranged": that is not very psychiatric, but it is very social; understandable-.

.- Wow! So that was the currency?

.- Yes. Once the criterion of sin was established –and each culture had its own, so that fear has consistency...

.- Ah!, it is the consistency of fear!

.- Sure! Because you have to give it shape! ! Otherwise, it is too free. Although it will remain free. It has a free component and an associated component. The free component is "fear is free." And the associated component is "sin." From there, God notices and shoots us. But well, not only God, but the intermediaries of God plus the supporters of God. And even those who do not even think of God shoot us, but only think of themselves.

.- Then, we live riddled!...

.- Now you realize it?

.- Riddled with bullets ...!

.- Well, bullets or... Well, yes, let's leave the bullets.

Of course! Sin generates fear of punishment. Wow! What a strategy!: punished by the law, by morals, by customs, by prejudices ...

.- Ahhh! So it is fear!...

.- Yes, without a doubt.

.- But sin...

.- Yes. As long as you have a beehive, you have sins. That is, do not get into being a queen bee or drone; let them, they know how to do it. To the extent that you accommodate, you codify, you sprawl, you look for comfort, well-being, security...

.- Ah! What word is that: "security"?

.- Oh yeah! Another variant of fear, but full of sins.

I don't know if when this culminates I will come out better or worse, because sins begin to bloom, right? Ha ha. No. I say it prayerfully, in the sense that you don't… don't worry. Then, when this is empty, the Universe is already responsible for taking away the waste.

Leave them! Leave them! Take advantage of leaving your sins here! But do not commit them again after leaving, because otherwise, there is the sniper again...

Sin!... to feel sinful and, thereby, become "fear"; and, with it, defend and attack and... Well! It is already known. But we insist!

Yes, society has tried to decriminalize certain aspects, but it has not stopped clinging to sin as a defence and security mechanism, and as a reference to know what is right or what is wrong. But those decriminalization, of any kind!, institutionalize the error and make it quotidian. They do not allow the creative.

“Let’s decriminalize abortion! Let´s decriminalize euthanasia! Let´s decriminalize dignified death!..."

But... isn´t there any other way to not institutionalize an indelible mark...? That will condition any new footprint and will not allow us to leave the mountain free, as if no one had climbed, so that the new experience of the other is truly original. And not to write with spray: " Paco was here." No! Please!

The beloved does not punish; it doesn't shoot. It Creates and recreates in its continuous beauty.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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