And you will believe, when you move your hand, that it is your will power; and you will not realize the emptiness there is for that to happen.

And you will think that what is most appropriate for you, and for that one and for the other, is what you have deduced based on your knowledge and intelligence; and you will not realize that this faculty does not correspond to you; that you are only... a speaker.

And it will happen that… decisions, opinions, condemnations and successes will have their profits or losses; and you will think that they are the result of iniquity or skill... or luck.

And lo and behold... nothing happens!... without the acquiescence of the Mystery.

And you will believe that your ideas are... the result of your intelligent proceeding. But you will not see that, through the breath you breathe, you have been given the idea, the word...

And you'll think you know!, you know and you learn.

And, oh!, if one day something?, someone?... showed you your infinite ignorance, and you will discover it... blessed you would be!

But it is true that everyone feels powerful, controlling, dominating... and with the rules learned; with the rules... of others who drove the straight path, not realizing that the time of the wind enveloped them.

And they created rules, bevels and compasses!... and they thought they had everything.

And one day a volcano, another day an earthquake, another day a cyclone... And it was said and it is said: "Nature things!"

Everything learned flew or weakened... or that old parameter was followed: "When you fall, you get up!". Ha! The serious thing is that you get up to do the same.

Do you get up... or you have been lifted?

Oh! What... what sorrow of the Heavens!, what regret of the Creation!, to discover itself anonymous. Not being represented. Seeing its products, equipped with capabilities, they do not recognize it, or see it, or feel it!... the invisible hand that allows them to breathe, beat their hearts, get excited, get thrilled, be impressed... and even fall in love.


And in that falling in love, beings take over..., they cling to their love ideas and, above all, their cherished reasons.

They marry them. And they faithfully reproduce inquisitions that they distribute... because they say, "the world is full of reasons". Certainly.

Would it be possible to ask to each being... to ask, yes, to each being: what is the use of blue... of that you call "heaven"? What is the use of it?

What good are… these night-lights for you?

What good are... the incandescent sunrises for you? Ha!...

What good are the fertile lands for you...?

Oh! Maybe all this is of little use. Maybe, the earth is of some use. But have you noticed that you only serve yourself...? What do you consider a beautiful ornament –poetic, in the best case- a rainbow, a shooting star, a storm, a snowstorm?...

And a world of... "personal" has been created. Yes, from "personal": each person... beats their world...

And it seems that the senses... did not exist... Because each one, with its beaten world, only serves and looks at oneself.

A recent historian... toured the places –so many!- where recently, in the last hundred years, cruelties had occurred: Cambodia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Congo, Balkans...; countless civil wars. And in every place he went, when he dared to compare the misfortune of some, with the misfortune of others, he always found the same answer: “Here it is different. This is not the same”.

Just what we have said before.

But yes, the cut necks were the same! Yes, the common graves were the same!, yes, the executions were the same!, yes, they were the same... the famines and the miseries. What was particular?

.- No, it is different here.

.- Oh yeah?

The historian now carries the difficult task of proving that they are not different; that it is human barbarism that imposes, dominates and subdues its own species. And as each one believes to be "the only one", different…

And it certainly is, but... as long as you don't discover that "the other" exists... your "distinction" is useless.

Oh!, how easy we reprimand and correct!; we reward and punish; we hide and hush; we hide and argue.

It is not a "blessed" species. That was created with all the blessings! Perhaps for that reason... it became "damned".

But The Creator... is not subject to our concerns, and to our reasons, and to our explanations, and to our logic... Poor rehearsals!, miserable attempts of replacing... The Infinite, The Eternal!

Oh! Blessed are those who feel carried away... and they know that the footprints of their footsteps are not of their feet, but... of "that" which carries them in its arms.

Oh! Blessed are those who... feel love and don't question!...

They feel promises, and never falter. And they know that all their happening!... is blessed.

And, when you manage to feel... the other, others, someone different than yourself!..., it may happen that there is the magic of giving, permanent availability!: that, that, that which makes us say the right thing; it allows us to sway without reasons; the one that takes care of our logical explanations, but that knows they are prisons, prisons to illusions!

Oh! The feeling that I feel the other... And there is no judgment or condemnation, but reward and joy!... to discover that, the loneliness that I cultivated so much, was a prison that I created myself.

And intelligence –oh!- it did not become entrails!, it did not become organ or interstitial fluids, or muscles or tendons or bones; it became calculation, it became number, it became data...

The viscera beat and shouted and asked for its... its dais!; its podium, to say... "the voice of its Creation"!

Ah! But they were subdued by culture, learning...

Culture?... Learning?... Whose?

Ah! Uncomfortable question:

But they were learning and culturing... from whom?

From the latest despot who oppressed, punished and institutionalized... the good, the bad, the regular, the appropriate, the inappropriate...

Where?!... Where was, among so much knowledge and so many learned and endless scholars... –where was, among all of them-, the Creative culture, the Divine culture?!

Quickly, of course!, they locked it in mosques, in temples, in churches, in sarcophagi, in myths, in legends... In anything that was manageable and that served to manipulate... any feeling, any emotion! Any madness of Love!...

That's what the laws are for! That's what Roman and canon law are for! The natural... who knows what natural is!: Darwin, Lamarck, Venter...? Monk Mendel’s peas? Is that natural?

Oh, yes!... It seems a Prayer Sense that despises all that has been obtained!, all that has been achieved!... by our species. The prayer against the species!

No. The Praying Sense does not need to go "against"; it has no oppositions.

Yes! It has no opposition!

Oh yeah! You will have opinions, of course. Of course, of course!…

Have you ever seen an army fight the eruption of a volcano? Probably not. Or against the giant wave of a tsunami?

The Praying Sense does not seek to "go against". I insist: It doesn't have to. It belongs to Creation. And before it, not even all the generations that have come, or those that will come, can do "anything"... that is not what Creation decides.

Not against.

Always in favour!

But, does the father or mother not correct the child when his clumsiness leads him to do this or that? Does the child like that correction? Do the parents not think they are giving a good education?

Ah! Education!...

Apart from infinite differences, the Praying Sense goes in that mysterious vibration.

Humanity, awkwardly tries to imitate –without realizing that it imitates-, thinking it is “their own creativity”. And what is worse: thinking that it is “its own creation”.

And based on cultures and cultures, educations and educations, the being collapses in its bricks of customs, norms and laws. His explanations have already been given, and he has already accepted the impositions of centuries... He has not bothered to review them, of course.

It is time –the Praying Sense, the Praying Call claims- that the being deepens in its nature, devoid of norms, rules, cultures, educations... that have emanated systematically from powers that searched and seek... the hegemony of slavery.

They searched and seek the hegemony of slavery.

It is time to discover the void... that has been created so that we have the right place.

It is time to realize that love in love has no conditions or precepts...; it only has transcendence of senses and... astonishment for what happened, for what happens!...

To feel really in the hands of Creation.

It is time to banish fears... and stop giving fears.

It is time to correct the directions that are gradually leading us to madness, to foolish insecurity of each one!, to security that is sought and to manias that are imposed!

It is time... to leave the slogan: "I am that way!". Not even a crumb is offered to the Creator Mystery!

"I am like that!": as if he had emerged from nowhere.

And so, judging each other, violence is shared, because each one believes it owns the truth.


Creation was never objective! It was never rational. None of the attributes we posses!...

The Creator attributes are only perceived, in humans, when they let themselves be discovered loving. And that, less and less happens. And more and more it is analysed. And, consequently, it is increasingly destroyed.

The light of dawn smiles again. It is not because of us; It's for us.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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