Alert rates, markers of social concern, surveys, perspectives of huge inequalities within the species... all are bells that announce moments of worry, fear, anguish, fear...

Of course, it is possible that the being -this, that one or the other- is sequestered in his particular reality of neighbourhood, family or profession and... lives outside or "not facing", although, inevitably, those markers, those alerts, those "the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming!"... they are hovering.

The creative sense, the magical sense, the sense of beauty and the sense of the essential communion-communication-coexistence among the vital components of different traits and rank, is deteriorated.

The Prayer Sense refers us to gather in our creative sense, towards our creativity, towards the recognition of our gifts and resources, towards an obedience of life... that allows different perspectives… horizons.

There is... -yes- there is a determination -perhaps for what has happened, perhaps for what has been achieved- in maintaining structures, functionalisms, customs, laws, rules, norms... thinking that this will bring us stability... calmness... It is even sought after and it is thought, in some moments -even taking into account those alerts and alarms- that, counting on them, things can be changed.

Counting on the rotten apples, can I make the healthy apples become increasingly different and better?

Counting on... contempt, prejudice, condemnation, punishment -counting on it- can I get sincerities, contributions, collaborations, dedications, friendships...?

Counting on revenge, hatred, resentment, anger, envy... can I get... services, goodness, virtues, affections, dedications?

Counting on selfishness, egotism, personal importance, idolatry, possession... can liberations, collaborations be achieved…?

There is a war cry that says: "You can do it! You can do it!"... that applies -or they apply it- to anything. It is used by politicians, athletes, in schools, fans...

It's like saying: "Let's reach power, because it can be done."

It might seem like a lively phrase, but deep down it houses a position of aspiration, privilege, supremacy, combat. 

War beats louder and louder ...

And the warrior spirit -in purchases, in sales, in productivity, in profitability, in profits- is there from the early hours of the morning, when The Stock Exchange Market opens, seeds are bought and sold, hectares of food, resources for construction, for maintenance, for... an impressive orb.

And the thing is that being so aware of the stock market, life is being lost. 

The world of Creation has taken refuge in the invisible, and the world of... confrontation, the world of profit, the world of "securities", the world of comfort... prevails at every moment. It is not well known -without a doubt, in this circumstances- what life is, but the stock markets are known, so you bet on them.

The song said that "neither true love is bought nor sold” and that “there is not enough money in the world to buy love."

That, in what plane is it believed? Do you believe that...?

Or the powerful gentleman "Mr. Money", which Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas said -what a name!- which he already announced so long ago, is and is shown so ambitious, so necessary, so essential!... that it buys and sell smiles, postures, attitudes, phrases, sentences...; needless to say, emotional, physical, concrete blackmail, threats...?

A news that surely many of you will have read, and is a case in point; although it can produce hilarity and nonsense, it is a sample of the area of ​​safety, comfort, money, well-being...:

And it turns out that two women, a mother and a daughter, 52 and 20 years old, went to denounce, to the police -attention-, a hit man, because he had not fulfilled the assignment. He had asked for an advance and did not kill whom he should kill, and they felt cheated. What do you think? They went to the police to report the hit man!... that they had commissioned.

We assume that they do not understand, now, why they are detained.

But that happens in Spain! We are not talking about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the assault, the violence, the purchase and sale of... No, no, no! We are talking about... here!, of people who go to the supermarket, to the cinema, to the theatre. As a curious note, the hit man promised that he would return the advance payment and that they would all earn much more because he had already sold the victim's organs, on the black market for the sale of organs. It is a singular detail.

Black market for the sale of organs? In Spain?

Why do I say "in Spain"? Because Spain is the country that has more donors and makes more transplants in the world, legally. Of the world! That is not enough it seems to be. There is a black market, in the world, for buying and selling organs; which obviously needs expert surgeons, anaesthetists, operating rooms, light aircraft, helicopters... Anyway ... What a healthy vision!, right?

What a healthy vision to think that, by not knowing what, -or knowing- one day you receive an attack because your liver and kidney have already sold. 

Yes. It's true. Prayingly we cannot stay in an example, or in several... No. But they are samples. The hit man profession and its commissions are becoming natural, for example. 

Religions promised us eternal lives; we were predicted salvations, enduring lives...; they praised love for us... -conditional, of course: conditioned to alms, aid, cover-ups and other whims-; they promised us paradises...

And they still do! And on certain levels, they work.

While others promise us that, working hard, hard, hard!, we will become millionaires and... and twenty-six people will have all the economic power... of more than half of the poor population. Moreover: 1% -1%!- of one of the twenty-six, can cure the health of one hundred five million people. The 1%! 

So there are material proposals and spiritual proposals of the most diverse kind.

The market of life has opened! The market of possibilities is available to everyone. Come, bid and buy! Ask for a loan, if you don't have one. Mortgage your organs. How much are 250 grams of liver?

It's no nonsense: 37% of the prisoners in the Philippines have sold a kidney. That is calculations. Surely many more. They've sold a kidney!... which will then be transplanted in Massachusetts or Vienna or...

It seems… -right?- it seems that this is so far from one, so alien to us…

Yes? Is it very far? 

Is it far away, when living together becomes almost impossible, when the greeting becomes unpresentable or when...? Is it very far?

No. It is not far away.

Yes. Undoubtedly, the magnitude of a grenade explosion reaches approximately 25 meters with its shrapnel, and the thermonuclear explosion reaches kilometres. True, true. But does it not happen that, at times, the being feels like a time bomb, or that it can explode under certain conditions, or that it explodes commonly every day?

According to -of course- the moment each being is in, it is not difficult to discover that the loss of creativity, joy, availability, dedication, neatness... is -a little bit?- diminished, if we compare it -I insist, it depends on the stage of each being in this plane-… if we compare it with “other moments”. Not that they were better, but simply the incidence was lower.

And this progressive deterioration, is it increasing or has it stopped?

Apparently not: two thousand tons of cocaine have been produced last year.

How to say…? There are about three hundred million people under different drugs. They say 1.8, only to cocaine. But, in addition to increasing the product by 34%, it is because, of course, there are consumers; consumers have increased dramatically.

Is it... is it the lack of personal resources, which pushes someone to...? Is it... or not? Or of course, as they are "recreational substances" -that's what they are called-, of course, why am I going to give you an anti-inflammatory drug or an aspirin? No. I put a morphine patch and that's it. 


The Praying Sense positions us before the reference of a permanent Creation that mysteriously expresses itself. It is expressed -still- referring to our virtues, to our dimensions of life, created by the Mysterious force of Love, which, like the sea, surrounds the mainland.

Yes. In addition to the claims to produce, buy, sell, use and throw away... and permanently make war -"besides"- it also exists the... HE: what exists.

Oh! Of course! Yes! You cannot buy it, you cannot... It does not respond to blackmail. It's a problem. It does not attend to reasons. Another problem.

They tried to enclose it in the crypts, in the temples, in the synagogues, in the mosques... and he escaped.

He escaped and wandered through its kingdom, as if it were a king... with knowledge of lives, a driver of values, of illusions, of fantasies, of magic... and impossibles.

Yes, God escaped Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists... how many more?!

That is a great hope: it escaped; It is on the loose; acts...; It is incorrigible, undomesticated.

And therefore, omnipresent for each and for all at once.

It is felt when... when the resistance ceases, when the power is abandoned, when the possession is renounced.

When you are willing.




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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