DAWN to life, perhaps was a passing of Creation; an elapse of Creation, as an expression more... of the Infinity, of the Eternal.

Any theory that goes to talk or value or explain life often makes complicated mechanisms. And if we look, almost always they are all from the point of view... –it would be unbelievable, right?, but it's believable- from the point of view of the conscience of humanity; from the conscience "sapiens".

Consequently, life is accompanied by difficulties, problems, organizations, developments, possibilities... Well, almost-almost... that, if it were not for the effort of life itself, it would not have appeared. And the fact of being as such, supposes... we already know: blood, sweat, tears, fear, despair, anguish, jealousy, rages!...

It is difficult to live under these perspectives of consciousness. And in fact this is the case, in the appearance of ailments, deficiencies, abundances... disproportions that hinder, damage, reason and force life.

Today's Prayer Sense brings us closer to the possible consciousness –not human, but under the Prayerful Sense, "Divine"- of life, of living: that which becomes difficult, or "still more difficult!", as if it were a circus of permanent obstacles.

But it turns out... –starting from the most concrete- but it turns out that, even in the worst circumstances –"worse" from the perspective of human consciousness- like the icy poles, like the deep sea, like volcanoes, it turns out that "easily" there is life. The logical thing would be to think that, if in favourable conditions it is so hard, so difficult and so complicated life, then in extreme conditions there would be no life. And there is. By the way, elegant, colourful, surprising.

That would be the most physical part.

And relieving a little the physical, but without losing sight of it, we can realize that, despite the human consciousness of blood, sweat and tears, it turns out that the species of life proliferate everywhere, multiply, defend themselves, they become more and more capable...

   Moreover: increasingly it is discovered that all the hotbed of life is a great pot that does not lack the necessary fire or the precise condiments. However –nevertheless- obviously the idea that life is complicated, difficult, continues. And of course, it becomes complicated, difficult, unbearable...


And who makes it unbearable? Life itself...? Or the consciousness of life -in this case human- are the ones that transmit the 'unbearableness' of being?

But we continue. It turns out that –without losing the thread, but on another level- in addition to the countless species, it turns out that ours... continues its growing gallop of growth, and doubles in births the number of people deceased. With which, the increase in the population is increasing.

But was it not very difficult? Was not it very complicated? Was not it very...?

Oh yeah. Yes, yes. The idea of ​​"complicated", "difficult", "hard"... is already taking more and more appreciation in those places where there is abundance, where there are resources –apparently, at least-. And then, life is less 'favourable', and you have to calculate it, you have to mathematize it.

But let's continue. On another level...

.- Another!... Another?

.- Yes, another.

On another level, those who reason wisely, sapientially, that life is birth, growth, development and death, well... well, what a pity! It's hard, is not it? It's hard! Hard! Because, when the decrease comes... ufff!, they leave you slowly, they criticize you acidly... They...

It is hard for the naturist-naturalist-materialist, to see the complicated and... absurd? life results; although, not knowing how to explain why –in that position- they live! Yes, they live and... Hardly, they do it.

Through that lens –and in others that we will see right away-, life is a daily trauma, a daily pain: for this, for that, for the other... It is as if you walk and, at each step, your toes hit stones.

Ah!, but... voilà, voilà, voilà, voilà, voilà!, at that level of levels, we reach the believers.

Let's join them all: all those who believe that life is an event gestated by the Divine.

.- ¿Y...?

Ehhh... Now "blood, sweat and tears" appear again. Good, It does not seem to be much better than the previous level.

Yes, you will see. Because for believers... living is a punishment. Perhaps people do not realize it, but under the believing system of any tendency –Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu- living is a punishment; that then, if you behave well, you will be awarded.

But a very important prayer question arises. Yes. What need –although, of course, we cannot know, but the question is valid- what was the need of the Divinity to create life, to damage it?

It creates life, it annoys your life, it makes it hard for you!, difficult and... well!, then they say that "you will be compensated", but to begin with you do not see it clearly. Maybe then it looks very clear, but first...

So we might think that the idea of ​​life is a malevolent gestation of the Divine. Of course! Because to give you blood, sweat, tears, birth, growth, decrease and death... it does not matter what the origin is. And meanwhile life is celebrated: "Because life... You have to see life, what life is like... Let's study life..." and such and such...

But it's a job! But we have not been able to distribute water to the thirsty or bread to the hungry! But if human coexistence is a... disaster!

What interest –under those premises- does living have? Is it interesting to live?

What would happen –as a hypothesis- what would happen if the being did not follow those patterns that we have just described? And he saw life as it was said at the beginning: a passing of Creation... easy, soft, creative, novel, eternal. Eternal.

Perhaps that corresponds more to the Divine Creation, than a Creation... divine?, which already brings karma, already brings an infinity of... defects!... and that reaches a redoubt of defective, as are societies –whatever it is-.

Does Creation have the need to create something defective? In this case we are referring specifically to sapiens, to the human species.

It seems –sometimes- that life is a heavy burden that must be transported, to enjoy as much as possible, but knowing that the worst will come.

Life, as well –under the cultural-social prism- became to be worth nothing, to be worth something, to have a price or to be despicable. And it keeps going through those stages, depending, of course, on where the change is. The change of conception. It depends!... if we consider life in Ethiopia, in Sudan, in Greenland, in Paris or in New York.

In any case, today, in the 21st century, there is already a conscience –like the haze of a contamination- in which life is difficult, difficult, difficult. Complicated, complicated, complicated.

It is curious that, after that –what we have just said-, the most used slogan in the most powerful neighbourhoods, with more resources, with more... It is said: "Everyone can live the life they want. Live as you want!".

Oh, yeah? Is that true? No, no, no, no, no! It would be fun, but no, you will not live as you want, you will not live as you feel, you will not live in what you think. You will live according to your capacity, resources, means, around an effervescent storm of thunder, lightning and other incidences created by the species itself. That in turn gives you hope... –no, it is a very important word-, it gives you the possibility that you believe that "I do with my body what I want; I go and I come where I want"...

No, no, no! No, no, no, no!

It is similar –and there everything is complicated- to false freedoms. The State manufactures... –it is a monopoly- manufactures tobacco, right? Yes. And it has official establishments –tobacco stores- and sells tobacco, and warns that tobacco produces cancer. Even more, it says: "tobacco kills". And then creates centres to heal those who are killing themselves. At the same time, of course, the State becomes rich.

A simple question: if you know that it kills, and the State is in charge of watching –watching?, yes- to ensure the health, welfare, comfort... everything good for citizens, why leave them and sell them poison?

Do you remember that phrase of the Christ?: "Who, if his son asks for food, instead of giving him this one, would give him the tail of a snake?". No, right? Or give him stones! No. Normal –normal?-, well, the right thing is that, if the child demands food, he is given food, he is not given poison. Do not even ask: "Do you want poison or food?".

Of course, that is an example. We can put thousands more. Not only from the State, but from living together, from the one who forbids you, from the custom that obliges you, from the law that condemns you... and a long etcetera. Life becomes very difficult. Living is very difficult!

And it was easy –easy, yes-. It was a passing. Let's make it easy.

.-Do you like: rice? Eat rice. I like chocolate.

.- Not! Eat rice, like me.

.- Ahhh!

Small problems start.

The menu is always debatable. Amazing!

So, if the menu is always debatable, puff!, the Divine is... what is it?

If the Divine has been diversified into a menu... and It becomes a problem, obviously, when looking at the origin of Creation, in the Mystery, then it is not only a problem, but something... problematic.

Hence, the being takes refuge in his wisdom and in his conscience and... declares war on life.

.- What?

Yes. The conclusion and the culmination of this whole process is to declare war on life, and try to end it because it is bad. It's a bad invention... that damages you, harms you, hurts you, makes you suffer!... So war has to be declared and end it.

This is already being done, right? Yes. The man is already in charge of that. Little by little, of course. Or sometimes someone protests and says: "Nooo". But it is only that: a small protest. But someone shouts: "No, but it's a wonderful world!!". "No, no, life is wonderful!". And another contemptuously looks, and says: "He's an idiot!".

Who pulls it off? –as an expression-. Who takes the profit? The desperate, the torturer, the abuser. The one who mistreats you today, tomorrow but the next day... caresses you, is affable, is condescending... Ah!...

A few days ago life was terrible, but today is wonderful. That is the model of the mistreatment, in which the deterioration is established at such a level, that it sets out to end life –we declare war on life!- intermittently. We will only accept that way, form and mode of life that interests me. Otherwise, it will be rejected. Consequently, there will be war.

Yes. It's funny. The human being can declare war on life, but cannot animate life. It animates itself. Alone! Something encourages it!

Would it be possible –as a possibility, of course- for a moment to think and feel!... that life is that way in the Universe? That is not subject to whether it is good, bad, regular... No. No, no, no, no. It is not in those levels. Life cannot be a divine punishment.

Did they give us the prayers to console us from the punishment? Or do they call us to pray for us to free ourselves from the punishment we daily inflict on life!?

Yes. They call us to pray so that each being discovers the punishments, the war that each one declares to life; which it has to guard and with which it relates.

       That´s why, Creation gave that magic potion of Love, which has really contaminated itself so much that it has become, in a great many... well, in countless cases, it is a deadly poison.

Like the war.

So you could say that "for love of life, I end it.".

But if, for a moment, we pick up the Prayer Sense from which we are called to make a conversion of the war, in the simple passage of the Mysterious Creation, based on the dynamics of Love...

Yes. Intellectually you know, you know, of course. In practice, you do not.

The Prayerful Sense calls us to practice, to experience all these questions. Because, with all of them, a conversion is possible.

A loving conversion... that stops judging, prejudging, condemning, punishing...

That stops being war against life... and becomes communion with the Creator Mystery.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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