To the extent that we wander, we travel, we go –both physical and "fabulously": making fables, fantasizing-... to that extent we discover sensations, impressions and... differences in relation to what we do, in relation to what we think, in relation to what we propose.

According to that, over time, each being should be a cluster of... wonders; because it has incorporated novelties, variables, differentiations, etc.

And this really happens in the nature of life. Not in human beings... –except for exceptions-, but in other living beings, that are "learning": their life organigram learns and adapts to... survive, to live, to adapt and to do, of their life experience, a "joyful" event.

This is done by mosquitoes, ants, bees... any living being. But, but, but!… when we get to the living being, vertebrate mammal, "human being", this does not happen like that.

 Even more: it has a period of effervescence until more or less its middle age, that today is about 40 years old, since the maximum is around 80 –in the wealthy worlds, of course, in other worlds the average is lower-.

But, that: at the level of sketch we have now, praying, at that middle age it is almost complete. Yes. And you already know if you have to get married, if you are going to have children, if you are not going to have children, if you are going to continue in that company, or you will not continue in that company; You already know if death penalty is good; You already know whether you cheat the Treasury or not, if you do not scam it, if it's okay, if it's wrong, if politicians...; you know if you are from  right, or left, if you are a Botafogo supporter or Real Madrid‘s... Already, you know everything!

 What happens?

That, knowing everything –“knowing everything”- everything new that comes  –sorry for the word "new"-, everything that is incorporated, what you discover –because to say "new"...; it will be new to its structure, but perhaps what he incorporates is not new- everything new!... overflows.

Ah-ah! How does it overflow?

Yes! It becomes 'in-com-petent'. It overflows... And he cannot do anymore and… he already has his chips ready and does not want to continue the game.

And overflows, and the very Holy Spirit itself in the form of talking dove can come speaking Slovakian or Trinitarian, and he will draw a gun and kill the dove as a demon emissary:

“Nooo, but it was the Holy Spirit! How did you shoot it! Do not be stupid, don’t be a brute!...” Another would say. But the pigeon is already dead.

So much so?

Yes. So much so that, even... More than even!: so much so that, even when that prosperous formation is reached, the subject begins to lose value!... Ah, yes!...

 “This player is already… already 31 years old! It loses value, it's not worth millions anymore!” "35 years old, and already... he does not run as he did when he was 20!"!

 Ah!... In the case of other professions:

"No, no, no, no, no, no!... He is already very old and... he is not up to date! He's not up to date."

Because one already starts from the idea of overflowing. So:

"I do not want to be seen a very experienced doctor, or a senior doctor. No. I want a young doctor, or a female young doctor. Because he is up to date, because he knows."

The experience overflows. And, except some exceptions, indeed, the society itself, the social organization itself... In other times it was not like that, but now it is like that! In other times, the council of elders educated, ordered... That’s already over. Now the elders have to be "eliminated".

 As the Japanese Prime Minister said in a famous speech, some years ago –not many, four or five-, addressing pensioners, retired people. He told them: "Gentlemen, you consume a lot, you spend a lot!, from the state coffers, you come out very expensive to society. Please, die".

To all this, the prime minister was already 74 years old.

 Yes; we are not going to make euthanasia fashionable now, because it is already fashionable.

Then, it seems to be, it seems to be!... –and this is a claim of Creation to us from its Mystery- it seems that man, the human being, has "rounded up". Yes, it has been rounding up himself. And now, everything you see, listen, read... overflows... and overflows... and overflows.

 Just a few days ago they told us an anecdote of an event in China: a distinguished foreign teacher from Ireland, who has been in China for many years... This teacher was proposed, for his institute –in China!-, to do some exercises of Qi Gong...  –in China!- to improve the elasticity, the plasticity and the harmony of the balance of the being. In China! A humanist institute. An institute responsible for the development of interpersonal relationships. In China! What was the response of the teacher in charge?

.- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! They might confuse us with a sect. Besides, I am a Catholic, I am a Christian and... I cannot do to that.

This happened just a month and a half ago in Shanghai, China. That man’s lymph is overflowing... the lymph! –just to say something. He must have greasy hair, he must sweat a lot, he must not have a good body odour... and, probably..., we wish him the best but we fear the worst.


It is as if we proposed to an entrepreneur, in Colombia, the idea that after three hour of work, four hours of work, they would give them half an hour of rest at the rhythm of cumbia in order to improve personal performance, by resting. Yes. And after that half an hour... that they had half an hour, so people could dance a little, avoiding sedentary lifestyle and such. And the businessman said:

.- Cumbia...? Here in Colombia, cumbia?

.- Yes. We are going to put only one: "It was the canoe of Guillermo Cubillo, it was the pirogue, it was the pirogue...".

And the entrepreneur:

.- No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I am Catholic, apostolic and Roman! How can I allow that!...

You cannot imagine it, right? Well, go ahead and imagine. Because the story I just told you is absolutely true, it happened in Shanghai, and they told me three or four days ago. Amazing! And we are talking about Qi Gong, in China, where every morning, the city of Shanghai is filled with the public –in general- practicing some variable form of Qi Gong or Tai Qi or... any of the Qi arts! 

But that man, who has been there for forty-some years, has not yet found out, or he has learned, but... he is already formed.

.- Ah! Did you say "formed"?

.- Yes!

.- Ahhhh! Well there it is, there it is!...Human being is formed... –just as the fetus is formed, and after 9 months…- because now the human being is formed at 40, and then, anything you give him is... "borage water!"

"Borage" is a plant that has little value, in principle, but is good for soup.

.- The fact is that... he does not take anything anymore! He does no longer admit anything!

.- But that's... death.

.- Oh!... yes, or yes. Yes

.- But that is serious.

.- Yes!...


The Prayerful Sense warns us that the life of the human being, life in general, never stops being formed. Because at the moment it is formed, it establishes patterns of form!, and life is deformed... and becomes... impenetrable to new features!

Look how curious! A note, to prop up this prayerful revelation. A note. You will see. Some time ago some news about elephants... –I believe all of you know what an elephant is- the elephants, it seems to be –it does not seem to be, they have seen it- they barely suffer from cancer. Look what a strange thing! How have they come to study that?

.- The elephants?

.- Yes. With such an impressive mass, of course, they need immense cell reproduction! Well, they do not suffer from tumours, practically!

And instead, look at human beings. Who does not know someone who has, who has suffered or who has a neoformation?

.- And why is that?

.- Ah! –humans have discovered-, because they have a gene... a gene that activates –or they have it activated, rather-, and every time a cell appears suspicious of not being favourable for life, that gene is responsible for making apoptosis on it, that is, to gobble it up and turn it into another product. No, to "kill it"; it does not kill it –that terminology we have to...-."Phagocyte". The gene sets up in motion a series of mechanisms, and the cell is phagocytized.

.- Ah!... That’s good!

.- It becomes an ally –in addition- to the famous p53, which is a gene they have... It is the antitumor best gen: p53. They could have named it with any other more loving name, right? That turns out a little... "p53". Well, a main ally of p53, which is active in human beings, but obviously, as we see, its activity is insufficient.

 .- Good, and…?

.- And it happens –for what we are talking about-, that they went to find where is  that gene that elephants have, and we do not.

 Surprise!... Before asking where it is, when is it active? In the embryonic stage. Just when there is an incessant cellular reproduction, that gene is active, very active!, and does not allow things to be created that do not have to be created.

Then, when the first formation of the being has formed, the embryo, and the subject appears before the light and is born, that gene is confined in the so-called "junk DNA" and is in a state of dormancy.

 "Junk DNA", which was considered to be the remains of another kind of life that we had dragged throughout history, in our human genome, and then we realize that it is not, that it is information that, although it does not codify forms and material, it gives the orders to those that do code forms and structures to do so. “To do so”.

 And that is probably what happens, that is why the appearance of neoformations is continuous, constant and is already common.  Some get pancreas cancer, others liver‘s, others lung...

.- But what is this? An epidemic?

.- Yes.

.- Why?

 Because man has structured and has formed his life!, and there he has remained. And life was not designed for that, but it was designed to grow indefinitely! In thought, word and deed, "without omission".

And the man, by severely transgressing his formation, which should be permanently embryonic, becomes a brick, becomes "Spanish", becomes "German", becomes "Colombian", becomes "Norwegian", becomes "Finnish", it becomes "Portuguese"... and it becomes made.

 It becomes a nuisance. Yes, because it does not contribute anything. It is a rampart. It's a wall!

He became an adult and... he stopped incorporating, renewing, reactivating, regenerating... Mamma mía!, terrible!

Consequently, you should consider very seriously your conceptualizations about anything! And you have to melt those blocks, and make them porous... to be able to renew yourselves, grow, develop, admire yourselves! Be admirable!

 Does not Creation admire us "in spite of"? And it must admire us a lot, because we are still here.

If life is not mine!, and the opportunity is given to improvise, to venture... there we are taught that it is not mine, and that's where I have to do, from my bricks, permeable pores that allow me to venture into the paths of Creation, in the 'possibilities' of living... living in a continuous longing for creativity.  




The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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