The perspectives of species of humanity, with its special sapience, show us a confused, false, tendentiously informed, fearful, liar by vocation and by obligation... and continuously violent panorama.

These are perspectives we have to worry about. Undoubtedly, there are perspectives we have to rejoice about, like... some discoveries, like the communicative possibilities, like the resources and its possibilities of these,the exceptions of groups and people that make possible joyful events, the appearance of different ways of art... that seek perfection, sublime...

But, certainly, these goodness, these hints of virtues are greatly conditioned by these perspectives... of now and future.

It's not about putting it on a scale, no. Every being of humanity has a kind potentiality within it. But it happens that the development of his knowledge has led him to an egotism, an idolatry and a tendency to seize, to defend himself attacking!, and manipulating any circumstance... that inclines towards one’s  own benefit.

Only the eagerness to develop... our potential of origin of goodness, creative, artist, loving..., is capable of converting those perspectives, in worthless whims, but today they have a capital importance. And they are not only expressed in nations, in powers... No! No, no. They are expressed in people; in names and surnames.

Today's Prayerful Sense... encourages us -encourages us!, "encourages"– towards the development of our virtuous, kind potentiality. The one that loves Love. Not the one that envies Love. Not the one that fights against any love that is not theirs.

Oh!... Sometimes, it was said: "There is a lot to do". Then we went on to say: "Everything is yet to be done".

And -ay!- vanity that smears every trace, with radical positions; with impositions and... blackmail!

And it curiously happens that, when vanity, pride, violence, expresses themselves, they do it with arrogance and aggressiveness... that frightens, dominates and... it looks like someone! Yes! It seems... a neutron bomb has fallen on us.

Instead -on the other hand- when the being has to express, show, exemplify its virtues, its goodness... it is like a grain of sand in the desert. It even provokes laughter or acid criticism.

It must not be exempt of vigour!, of force!, of evidences!..., the experience and the exercise of goodness, of virtue, of service.

Scared for a vanity?, for a blackmail?, for a rage or hatred, or rancour?

Let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see!... All those perspectives posters have been developed by sapiens, in their most material and egotistical terrain.

Let's see, let's see, let's see! The virtues, the kindnesses and the capacities of creativity are developed thanks to our Origin. They are endorsed by Creation! We are intermediaries of them. We are inspired. We are vehicles of Love.

And these vectors will be scared, will be intimidated or stop expressing themselves, because of the envy of one, the anger of another, the opinion of that one...? Yes!... It happens. It happens, yes.

And it happens... and it happens because "they are put on the same plane"... kindness, virtue, help, art, on the same plane as the violence, the satrap!, rage, and selfishness.

No, no, no, no, no, no! They are not... they are not of this world. Goodness is exercised in this world, but it is not of this one.

If we live -in conscience- in eagerness, in service, in strength, in effort, in dedication of ideals and projects, no matter how much defects, disaffection, snares, jealousy!... -no matter how hard they try- if we know how to be in our Origin, in our true nature, it will not be damaged.

Yes, yes... it will feel the pain and it will be affected by those perspectives, but it will not cease insisting on its positions, its provisions, its gifts...

 But no, do not take them to trade, do not take them to the store, do not put them up for sale: remembering, in our culture, the entrance of Jesus of Bethlehem into the temple, where it was sold, purchase, etc., and we have been told that he evicted all the merchants.

 Well. It is a simile, of what happens in today's prayer.

But it is also true that, with these current and future perspectives, the being must take care of its goodness, its affections, its services, its creativities. Not because of fear of what they can do!, because they can do nothing if we know how to keep there; but it is more about "care": knowing how to keep there... and knowing how to communicate with everyday, with vulgarity, with rudeness, with what is improper, with... with "the usury" of living...

We are, as LIFE, Universe consciousness. To the extent that we detach ourselves from our celestial nature and we enter in our possessions, the being becomes dishonest; it becomes... improper of its nature.

Yes. Then he will justify it again and again. He will find the culprits and... he will condemn those who do not think like him. That happens every day.

The advance of these perspectives create, in the being, a power, a guarantee, a certainty... of four or five sayings that he learned, and he maintained, and he entertained, and he did not move from there... even if the entire library of Alexandria has passed through him.

Unbelievable!, right?...  But to that point the species has arrived.

Anchored in the benefits of lying, of manipulation, of power, of violence..., there it moves and stirs and rolls up in batter... and it splashes!

And Creative Goodness does not remain indifferent! It must not remain as virtuous or as brilliant or as... special! No! It must commit to demonstrate other perspectives!

And if one is faithful to it, one will do it without fear, with prudence, in its moment!.

Creation knows how to wait. Men’s promises... despair. Of men who have assumed... incredibly -although they do not express it-, the idea that they have been gestated by themselves, they have been produced by themselves, that they are the nucleus, the centre... and almost it could be said that "the origin of all species", which he submits, and that’s why he feels powerful. Although, really, a mosquito bite in time, takes you to a cemetery. Psss! So heavy!...

The Prayer Sense, evidently, delves into the deterioration of species, but fundamentally warns and... and calls!, to its Creation, to be a lover and love testimony, for being created.

And goodness, availability, adaptability, understanding and admiration for everything loved is the permanent prayerful memory.

That is the motive that can take away the splashes, the bad habits, the incredible marks that remain... despite the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Espasa Calpe or the entire Library of Alexandria.

A humanity full of prejudices!: alimentary, cultural, traditional, idealists... (sic) Transmitted by contact, and from generation to generation.

Amazing! I have a prejudice, and I pass it on to my son... and, to the grandson, and... incredible! Darwin was wrong. Genetics was wrong.

 If I do not like green, my son does not like green, my uncle does not like green either... There must be a gene that controls green? Can you all believe it? Or is there a... prejudiced attitude...? That, of course, is not limited to green, but is already applied... to the entire daily world.

Yes. In another apparent order of things, we are living a prodigious time. Seeing these examples is amazing: how, a sapiential species, can be so stupid!, so prejudiced!, so racist!, so envious of itself, that it self-destructs, deteriorates!

It is a prodigious time! Seeing... seeing something like that, when none of that was thought to be so.

Of course! It can be seen from the perspective -in this case- of a prayerful moment. Because, if one is not under that perspective, one begins to discuss the projects of one or the other, or the tendencies of one or the other, and the trial begins:

"The session opens! The prosecutor has the floor. And then the defence lawyer. And then the judge. And as if that were not enough, the popular court. Everyone come to judge this one... who does not agree, this one that does not follow the rules, this one that goes out of his… mind!, to this one that does not do the foreseeable thing. Let's all go to judge him. Let's condemn him... according to customs and rules of... who knows when? But since we have not had the courage "of", let's punish him, just in case others have the courage to imitate him".

 Thus, like this, under this perspective, it is a prodigious time.

Not without humour, this vision allows us... not to fall into the fallacy of combat, not to fall into discussion of opinions: "what you told me, and what I tell you and what he told me...". No!... Let's always give reason, to the reasonable ones. Let them keep on with the saw.

To the extent that one enters into combat and into reasonable, only the swords sound. And the only spots that appear are blood. Blood that expresses anger, hatred, resentment, bitterness, despair...

Nothing typical of a Star Being.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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