The variety of hominids that managed, so to speak, "to succeed", were the sapiens. The other five forms that we know today disappeared.

Perhaps –surely- the fact of wanting to know, and to the extent that they knew "a level of interpretation" of a phenomenon, they possessed it, probably it was one of the factors that caused the species to triumph.

It is a way of talking, that of "triumph". Because seeing how badly it is beaten, battered, corrupted... by itself!, we couldn’t speak of a winner or a triumphant species –which is in the flirts of its own disappearance.

This eagerness to know in a cut of precepts –that is, in some closed coordinates-, that allows "to possess", is a temporary way of remaining as a species.

Evidently, what one doesn’t know, what one doesn’t understand, what one doesn’t grasp, cannot be possessed.

And that is how... it treats –as a species- the unknown.

On the one hand, optimists, as something that sooner or later will be known and will be dominated; it will be possessed.

And, on the other hand, 'evidencialists', those who handle evidence... do not see themselves, in the future, knowing, learning, controlling and dominating the mysteries.

Knowledge, on the other hand, has led the species to feel superior; because, in addition of controlling, dominating and possessing, it manipulates, cultivates and enslaves... not only to other species but to itself. It has enough power, as a species, to destroy its entire species habitat.

One might wonder why this knowledge has developed in generating destructive resources against the species itself.

A preventive and assisted suicide, future...?

A desperate action, in case you do not get to conquer... what you propose?

Under square, closed systems, rational sapience has a battle won. But as soon as it is placed in spiral, open spaces... any battle seems ridiculous.

Today's Prayer Sense warns us... of that growing tendency to domination, control, manipulation, possession that knowledge gives, because of its science and technology, and the flight from the misunderstood, from the 'ungraspable', from the Mysterious, for not being able to collect it.

It is... –to have an image nothing more- it is as if the head were square, and the heart was a spiral.

The square commands, like dice thrown at random.

The spiral, on the other hand, turns, moves, opens... and discovers without possessing, without dominating, without controlling...


The great "but" is that the development of the being has become square it has become closed!... And its spiral is... it is weak!

Surely, before he closed his sapience he was more sensitive, more intuitive, more careful... But the square has subdued the spiral. And it establishes norms to feel. It sets up standards for art. Sets standards for beauty. It establishes norms for affection. Establishes norms for emotion. It establishes norms... for loves. It establishes norms with the corresponding report of "money, age, sex, profession"...!

A calculated racism, emerged from the square, that does not put up with insecurity -not because it is insecure, but because it is open- of feeling, of getting excited, of imagining, of fantasizing...

And that is why each person "signs up" with his name, his inheritance, his possessions, his earnings, his ages, his achievements, his failures... And he is already placed in "little boxes, little boxes"... in small boxes where you will have your activity as... the one who is locked up in a psychiatric or penitentiary or in a residence or in... or in a flat! Over there, he can play cards at 5:00 in the afternoon... and going out sometime with a friend or family to the park.

The square is very strict! The square has everything planned.

The issue presented by the Sense of Prayer is... if that position that the species has today is something irreparable, something irremediable, something inevitable or... or could we do it differently?

Because of the nature of the prayer, from the harmony from which the Eternal One calls us, we have to say yes, another perspective is possible, another approach...

We can be effective and affective at the same time.

That the spiral can be framed, without angles!... but framed and also be effective with a pipette, a test tube, a rocket or a bomb.

Power, with its established reasonable violence, with its habitual lie, is in demand, because it offers ¿guarantees?... of security, because it dominates work, production, income, profit, benefits, losses...; personal importance with studies, diplomas, degrees, masters...

Oh! And it's everywhere: like God.

Yes! Surely, deep down, that is what moves sapience. That old idea of God "infinitely wise", has already incorporated sapiens. And, as we see, it intrudes in every corner.

It does not even leave a verse alone! And it puts meter, and puts rhythm, and puts number...

It has constituted a slave, "domestic" humanity.

The most difficult thing was to tame a human being... because of what he thought and felt...

 And so one gets into a relationship of species, like "having a pet."

Does it sound cruel or irreverent? Or, on second thought, will it probably work like this?

Business company pet, college pet, family pet, friends pet, university pet, productivity pet, disease pet, pet company of…

Perhaps it would be better to say "company staff", instead of "companion pet”. Domesticated. Obedient. As in the best Oxford or Cambridge schools.

Instead of saying "this dog has been trained by...", you can say "this person has been trained, prepared and developed to be..." a Spaniard who votes, for example.

And he votes for fear –for example. And few people say: "Ah! Fear scary! Fear, fear, the bad guys arrive! You have to vote, because if you do not vote, the bad guys come and they will eat your balls!".

Then you run to the cemetery, to the urn, and you throw the piece of paper. And your little balls won’t be eaten anymore.


"Run, run!".


We are neither far nor near from that reality; we are in that reality.

And to the extent that we are aware, we assume other possibilities...; we move away from the demands of performance, profit and power, and we launch ourselves into the supportive, helpful and committed action... of doing with sense, of doing with feelings, of a moved life... for an emotional life!... in love!...



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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