The being of humanity, as it evolved, adapted and settled on solid ground... in very diverse places, established -with certain speed- norms, behaviours, categories...

It seems that its obsessive and progressive expansion had to "control"... all events.

And so, it interpreted the eclipses, the storms, the tremors, the colours of the rainbow, the good or bad harvests...

Its ability to control the environment and himself... was an evolutionary constant, and still is, although they are no longer events interpreted -in most cases- from the perspective of the Universe, of Mystery, but everything is interpreted -almost always- from the perspective of what is known, of what is controlled, of what is understood to be. Sometimes, when listening... to some scriptures or comments... it seems as if the communication was based on condemnations. Of course, the condemnation does not allow you to establish a dialogue. It doesn’t! This is the sentence!

.- No, because all men are equal. No, because all women are equal -for example-. Some have a soft spot for power, and others for control, possession.

.- Wait, wait, wait, wait!...

On the one hand, the development of the scientific, technological, "creative" -​​let's call it like that- goes vertiginously. But, on the other hand, what is sensitive, what is emotional, what really moves us -because that is going to move discovering, wandering, learning-... that is what is sentenced and condemned. 

And, of course, easily, the conscience of a being can be made up of fifteen or twenty sentences. It doesn’t need to think more. Nor does it need to feel more. And whatever it feels will become the first part of the party of the firstpart -as the Marx brothers said-.

The Sense warns us that... that is a yoke -stranglehold!-, that is a premature judgment where everyone is guilty, each one sentenced by the others.

For example, the kingdom of Brunei surprised us these days with new regulations and sentences of "Muslim” origin, they say –as they interpret it, of course-. Then, homosexuals were prisoners condemned to death "by decapitation". And also so were the adulterers, in general. With which the sentence... -apart from other sentences of cutting a finger, a hand, half face or whatever, depending on the offense-.

Yes, yes, but be careful! Let us not be alarmed and think that this is the worst. It is atrocious!, without a doubt. But if we move to other perspectives, we would probably find sentences more sibylline: that is, more of a good face but still bad deeds.

The sentence and the social, cultural, coexistence punishment is... a constant impediment for living together.

And the curious thing is that human social coexistence has reached a level where each one judges others -or everyone!- and, of course, establishes a sentence and condemns it.

Now, for example, we are here, in elections. And what do we listen to... those who are going to dictate the rules, laws, customs, opinions, judgments!... of the Spanish Iberian community? What do we hear? Sentences. Sentences of attacks of parties against others, of condemnations, of warnings, of caring!...

"Vote for me, I will protect you from the terror of the others." The other one says: "No way! I am a sheep. Vote for me, the other one is a demon. " 

Evidently, in addition, the language is voracious; and surely it has a "contagious effect", right? And in small places, they contradict each other with sentences.

What was that about... "presumption of innocence"? No!... That... does it exist? Noooo! You will always find someone who condemns you.

"Please, can someone sentence and condemn me?" Do not answer now please. You might have thought about it, but do not answer. 

The Praying Sense puts us permanently on the edge, on the border. It is not heads nor is it tails. It wants us to roll. It wants us to be in permanent discovery.

And when it comes to interpreting daily events, the question suggested by prayer, to the one who is praying, is:

How... how could you accomplish something without sentencing, without condemning, without punishing with your indifference or with your words, something... or situations or events that you do not like, that do not fit, that you are not attractive to you... [1]that you do not, that you do not, that you do not, that you...?

And it turns out that each one has "the Tablets of the law". Voilà! All are ‘ Mr Moises or Mrs and ‘Moises’. They have gone up to the mountain top, and the Lord God, Yahweh, has given them their tablets. And each one has a tablet that starts with 1 and ends with 15, with 30, or with 12, it depends.        

And then, everything that happens around him, if it does not match the tablet, he breaks the tablet in his head! Yes. A very easy example, right? Impossible to forget.

"Let's see, what do you do? Let's see, how do you behave? Let's see. I'm going to see my tablet." You see your tablet. You say: "Well, no. Well, here it says no. So, how do you want...? Do I break the tablet like that and you duck your head, or do I chase you to break the tablet on you? " Wow!

It seems a bit like "the stone remover", right? From the time of the "Endocene" -I do not know what time that was, but it must have been a terrible time, right?-.

Yes. But, if you notice, it is easy for everything to happen on the basis of... tablets, planks, tables or tab.

Because, of course, when you've already broken the tablets on another´s   head -because it does not match your... thing-, you have to go back for other tablets. Surely they will give you the same tablets -or similar ones-...; because you have not stopped to interpret, to evaluate, to consider what those tablets meant. And neither -of course, not that!- have you asked the other: "Hey, how are your tablets?".

Thus, evidently we have -based on planks, tablets, tables, tabs- the very diverse interpretation of the same fact... in one place, spot or in one spot or in another.

Look, there's a thing about large numbers, right? Thanks to polygamy, the species has been able to reproduce up to levels like the current ones, of 7,300 or 400 or 500 –something like this- millions. To count, you can say that, globally: without reaching 100... 100 million new people join the planet, and about 57-58 leave -which are incorporated into another level of reality. So, about 50 million new; which obviously are not from monogamy, because it does not give us enough time, it is not possible.

An example so abrupt, so crude. At kilometre 537-A, from there, monogamy may be the only thing that exists, the only tablet. And as if they are half monogamous, poly-visual...

.- What is that?

.- I do not know, but imagine it.

... then they have already committed sin, and so on.

But a few kilometres away -kilometres, huh?, but not many kilometres!-... a few kilometres away, it turns out that no -it turns out that no-. 

It is the same as now -as in the past- the Earth is flat for some, and for others it is round. The truth is that it is all the same to us, that's why we call it "embankment". That is, we live on an embankment.

And we say "all the same" because, well, we're hanging there...

Really... the human being really believes, by his sentences -a sentence is something legal, you understand, right?; yes; ok- for his sentences -not of innocence but of guilt- really believes... -so to speak, in terms of those stones that we are now- believes that God was wrong, he did everything wrong...?

What a hard job for man, having to fix God´s doings! How could God have made a man and a woman, that... that wow!, wow!...? How did he come up with it?

So, man has to -with his intelligence- fix the woman and fix both women and men. And in some places he fixes them in one way, and in other places he fixes them in another.

For example, if you go to Galicia, women are dressed in one way: all in black and all in mourning because there is always someone who has died. On the other hand, if you go to Andalusia, well... well, they are not dressed like that; they are dressed... well, waiting for the April fair to arrive to put on the gypsy clothes and other things... flowers, and to ride a horse and... Well, they are not like that every day.

Ahhh!... That's why it's so common in many religions -at least in the Judeo-Christian- that "you have to help God".

.- Help?

.- Yes. Because he had to create so much that he made mistakes. You understand?

It is like the genome: the genome, the more it reproduces and the more it reproduces, over time it makes mistakes: it makes copies that are not appropriate, it begins to write things that are not... for children, do you understand? Then, of course, thank goodness that man as a species is attentive... and knows what is best for him. Otherwise, what would become of God?

.- Wow!

Yes. Religions are doggies. Yes. As we said "wow"... They are doggies, doggies, doggies. Yes, because they all fix, with judgments of God, to men. And men try to fulfil those sentences... or not!

The result is that... everyone is guilty. And moreover -moreover-... in the worst case it was said: "Everyone is innocent."But that was in the stratosphere. It said: "Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise."But as soon as they show you the tablet, they will hit you. You will see.

So, in everyday life is: "Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise" -while the culprit does not prove that it is not! guilty-.

But already advanced in our 21st century civilization, the sentence is: "Everyone is guilty and does not have to prove anything".

He is guilty! Because surely it contravenes some law, some sentence.

Then, deduce: if everyone is guilty, everyone is sentenced. If everyone is sentenced, everyone has a... a penalty.

Oh, what a pity, oh what a pity! Oh what a pity, what a pity, what a pity!

It is true! And you pay attention and you see, this one has a penalty for this, and the other has a penalty for the other, and the other has another penalty for the other... But please! Oh, pity, pity, pity...!

.- Ahhhh! That's why there is so much sorrow, is not it?

.- Yes. Because everyone is condemned. There has been a sentence... Well, first there was a prejudice, then there was a trial, then there was a sentence and then there was a conviction. So then you are like that: prisoner.

Oh! The Prayer Sense tells us that, well, that is a way in which the human being has been organized, but it has nothing to do with Creation. In Creation there is nothing that is imprisoned, there is nothing sentenced, there is nothing condemned!, there is nothing prejudiced.

Comets move in their own ways; the planets are adorned with their garlands of satellites; the nebulas confabulate in their stardust... Everything seems to flow in a magical way, and does not require, for its Mystery, any law, norm, prejudice, judgment, sentence, condemnation.

If it.... "If it needed it, life would not have been gestated".

Can you imagine a scorpion being envious of an elephant, because it has no trunk and only has a sting? No, right? Surely the scorpions follow their path, and the elephants theirs. But it is difficult to imagine a human being coexisting, sharing, that does not have a prejudice, judgment, sentence and condemnation about a relatively close environment, or distant!

Now we have Trump. And he is already sentenced, tried, convicted... come on!, life imprisonment! -for example-. And if you do not like that one, it applies to Putin as well. Or... well, it depends on the tendency of each one, right?

See how easy it is? That, on a large scale. On a small scale you do it with your friend, with your girl friend, with your acquaintance, with your... with your-with your. With your and with yourself.

And in addition, there is -incredible, right?- blackmail.

.- What does that mean?

.- Yes, yes. The blackmail is that, because you are guilty and you are condemned, you are imprisoned, so you blackmail your guards, those who have locked you up -who in turn have been imprisoned by others, right?-. You sentence them when saying:

"Hey, do not change my diet, do not change my free day, because it makes me angry, huh? You're going to give me a huge disappointment if you do not let my wife bring me the brown rice sandwich I asked for”.

So, between penalties and penalties and penalties and penalties... -of course, produced by prison, prison, prison, prison-… is it possible to see, between bars, the light of dawn? Is it possible to see, between bars, the stars... blinking? When it turns out that the window of your cell leads to a wall.

It's... -it's hard to find the word- it's like "peremptory" -because the "urgent" thing no longer works- to establish a "flight committee".


Yes, to escape from that prison!; to debride from that penalty, from that sentence, from that conviction, from that prejudice, from that judgment. All this has been manipulated.

Flight Committee... that allows us, at least, to contemplate that dawn, that which is born as a product of love, and that dusk that abstracts us from the divine dream of an initiation, so that we can, in the next vigil, exercise our illusions, our fantasies, our novelties.

It is not, life, a condemnation.It is not, living!, a prison full of convictions. It is not, being, one sentence after another, with a sin in between that relieves the sigh. It is not, living, a permanent distrust and suspicion.It is not, to live, to lose respect... and to ignore sensations. It is not, living, a chain of links... that drags a huge ball that barely lets us move forward. The Prayer Sense takes us to THE LOVE, as the clairvoyant sign of a being and a vibration without prejudices, without condemnations, without sentences.

Because every time that Love is gestated, it is shown, it appears..., when it has the characteristics of "unpredictable", "unexpected", "incredible", and when we are able to live with it and dissolve the pain, this is where the being must interpret... -interpret as an interpreter!- that mystery: the Mystery of Loving; that ultimately is the Mystery of Living. Sometimes we use words to separate some things from others, and no, it is a single word: LIFE.

Something Mysterious Saw and Gave, and Life appeared.

And usually -as you can appreciate, as you can see- the PENALTY is so big!, that it sounds like a life sentence. And any hint of softening the links with the breaths of love, is quickly... condemned; so much, that it increases the penalty.

We have -as humanity- stopped the LOVE in LIFEFROM LIFE of the Eternal Mystery. We have arrested it and we have condemned it; we have registered it. We have locked him up, even knowing that it would cost it its life... and we would put in its place a straw god or a god of flesh and blood who was like us.

Cruel species!

But, alas!... -that "but" is of encouragement- the Eternal Creator does not... has not abandoned us. He holds our back with his prayers, with his meditations, with his contemplations.

Insists again and again to take us to other planes... without judgment, without condemnation. He LOVES us... without conditions.





The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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