And the species became numerous; it was found predominant; it expanded as far as it wanted. Everything seemed ready to serve it.

And the species served itself, but... under the tutelage, dominion, control, manipulation, violence... –of thought, words, deeds, omissions-. And it served itself, calling itself "the intelligent one"; calling itself "the wise one".

And it heard itself. And it saw itself powerful.

Powerful, for its ability of destructing with thought, with words, with actions, with omissions.

And each being had the power to ruin another of the same species!

Borders were established to distribute powers. Grouping systems were established to "facilitate" the domain: families, states, governments, armies...

And progressively, each one defended! “His”, because he had won it in a war.

Each one felt possessor of… at least –at least!- possessor of himself. He owned himself. But he usually owned others. He barely shared. Little lived together!

They called each other with the most appropriate insults, to compete; to seek humiliation or punish.

The trap of lies became preponderant, announcing freedoms!, propagating and insinuating individualities; giving, giving each one the possibility of being a judge, and being able to condemn, judge, punish….

¡Oh! And those who believed, that they lived libertarianly, as soon as they exercised their feelings, they were promptly repressed, isolated, insulted.

The "likings" were a particular way of exercising freedom: "I like it." "I do not like". "I like this". "I do not like this"…

As if there were no other senses.

¡Oh! But, at the same time –¡oh at the same time!-... at the same time, each repressor used his arguments and his criteria to claim allies. And so, be more powerful. And from "I like" and "I do not like" went to the wants: "I want this, I want that. I don't want this, I don't want the other.”  And they were interpreted as freedoms. Oh!...

No. No, no. The messages were not heard of the colour of the sky, of the storm, of the sand being trodden, of the flowers, of every being that... well!, it could be called "alive", but was simply a slave; A consumer good.

But perhaps, as realizing –yes, most probably-... as realizing the outrage that was done systematically –the great over the small, the older over the young, the important over the ignorant, and a long list of expletives-, yes, as realizing that, perhaps... –perhaps, eh?- perhaps that destructive maelstrom was already turning against them, the species no longer had an interest in controlling the dog, the cat, the tiger, the lion. They were all domesticated: the gladiolus, the rose, the wheat, the rye... They were all properly controlled. And based on that, the most pressing interest was to be able to establish supporters of followers or... slaves!, that would serve... in the face of the evidence of the power of one or some, the tendencies of one or of some.

And so, the enjoyed samples of power were distributed; which, at the same time –of course-, used blackmail to awaken in those who aspired something else, to provoke pity and even give up being slaves, to become hyper slaves, as long as the lord did not get angry.

 Freedom…? Where?

Perhaps, perhaps seeing himself so dominating, so controlling, so slaver, one day –a day?; any day- he realized that... maybe –maybe, ok?- there was something else than his species, which was already labelled, was already broken, was already fractured by his interests, his tastes and his desires.

But the species… was alive! And, consequently, the slave pain, although it soon became enjoyable, gladly masochistic, however, there was behind and in front, and to the right and to the left, the need to have a certain domain, even if it were small!... At least, lead and have under his command a group of ants that could be killed or cooked or eaten.

But maybe, maybe because of all that, it was thought, –one reached the thought ok?- that there was someone else!

"Someone else?”…

And each one said: “Someone else than meSomeone other than me, to whom this one or that one or the other owe homage…?

And almost everybody was discovering his or her little big slaveries. They discovered their… lacks. Not everything was dominated, but each one was dominated.

And so... in view of the fact that asking for help from plants, animals, earth, heaven, those from the front, those from the back, your fellow men or women, no...

Oh!... Probably, there could be someone more powerful! Probably you could ask... ask for its help; claiming its intercession!

Yes. You had to create... you had to create some... trap... or comfort...?

Oh!, yes! So, in this way, the complaint of each one would not turn against the dominator, and claim to "the Mighty One", to "the Great", its help: "God."

Ah!... It wasn't a bad idea.

A balm for the oppressed, for the persecuted, for the judged, for the condemned. A balm for the slave. Also, a balm of justification for the powerful, which could act on its behalf!...

So much was the success of the idea, that some were erected in gods, at least designated by... by them: by the gods; to which, any ignominy was justified.

Religions came to converge with the powerful, of course, and became powerful. But they were the ideal balm to perpetuate!... the power of the father over the son, the power of the family over others, the power of one group over another, the power...

Each had his alibi. "In the name of God," of course!

Yes. This Prayer Call refers us, by brief strokes, to the state in which our humanity is and develops. That is not ours, by the way. There is "nothing" that belongs to us.

Yes. The Praying Sense, the Praying Call... calls us towards the perception of our being, as if revealing to us –as a warning- that continuing in that way... makes us ominous. It makes us rapine. It makes us inquisitors... deaf to any call other than our own.

The Prayer sense demands our participation in discovering ourselves as a living community and in alerting us about our behaviours and manners, knowing that there is something else!... And that "something else" is expressed! And it expresses prayerfully!...

 The prayer said: "In the name of God I trust"

 Apart from the inappropriate of that sentence, since we don't know his name –he doesn't need a name; it is an unfathomable Mystery-, if the being becomes conscious, simply looking at the stars or contemplating the perfume and the trimmed beauty of a flower –yes: contemplating the perfume, contemplating the sensation that I experience before that perfume-..., if for a moment I surprise myself praising the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, or if the stars overflow me, and in an oversight I feel useless, incapable, insolvent!... I quickly recover, and we must maintain the powerful figure that, if I keep watching at the stars and feeling the beauty, its power is going to melt!

There is something else.

Because of the power and trust, there is “someone” else!

What arrogance!

They call us to pray through the help we need, from the injustice in which the being has positioned itself.

 They call us to pray knowing that help is necessary. And consequently, conversion is indispensable.

Yes; a conversion of a species of with a preponderant ‘masculinism’, that becomes something foldable, ductile, submissive, humble and servant.

Is it a lot…?

Less is inadmissible.

And if you have difficulty to know that there is "something else" –knowing it in the sense of feeling it- and that the help is peremptory... do not providence, compassion, mercy, magically, constantly pour out?...

Just look a little –a little!- to realize that these instances are there.

Perhaps, due to the immensity of them, we do not reach to see. And we can even think that we are the ones who… exercise compassion, mercy, kindness…

There... there –oh!- there is the unfathomable Mystery, the Creator Mystery that claims us with his prayer; that "shows" our situation, while encouraging us to perceive his presence.



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