And usually, the newness, the recent, is lived and incorporated as if no situations had occurred “before”... that were also important, exciting or novel at the time.

Taking into account what has been "lived” –the “experiences"- in each immediate novelty, gives us an amplified perspective of our being, of our existence.

On the other hand, when you live the immediate, the opportune of the moment, without the awareness of what happened..., anecdotes happen, isolated events happen that dot a reality that doesn’t get to be integrated into the being.

The linearity in which we have been educated and in which reason has been exercised to disdain the past, without realizing that we are "that": what we have gone through. And we will continue to be what we are going through... But we wouldn’t go through what we went through, if we were not incorporated into "what happened".

It sounds like a tongue twister, but it can be summarized, in short, saying that... "we are what has happened". Consequently, it did not happen; it is there. Because if we are what has happened and we become aware of it, we will live what happens with amplitude and with a creative novelty.

Thanks to what has happened –which has not happened- we have this conformation, this awareness, this kind of values, of evolutions...

It could be said in another way, affirming that we are made of "remnants of the past". This is more conclusive, is not it?

Today's Prayer Sense makes us think about what we are each being... based on what we have lived.

 It does not spare –like the Creator Mystery- any detail, however insignificant; because all those details have been part of who we are.

We have not been mistaken, we have not been correct; we have not done wrong or right. We have gone through the incident that Providence has indicated... and the options we have chosen.

With this, we have incorporated the Mystery; the Mystery by which all these series of events have happened that make us what we are.

And what... and what do we want to be? Do we want to be... every present that is incorporated based on what we are?

Do we want to be an amplified vision of what we live?

Do we want to discover and to be discovered, to make "futures" before they happen?

The flowers do not wither; they shed their petals to avoid arrogance.

And each petal is... the endless fragrances that were experienced... and that are present in the sifted colour of that leafless flower.

Alas!... Perhaps the airs arrive that guide us towards a fullness in the experiences, without classifying or judging them, but incorporating them into our "sapience", poor!

In this way we will be micro universes that do not judge or condemn, but rather feel immersed in a mysterious cupboard... knowing that there they are created, creative, inspired.

Each one, in its way, asks itself what it is. It’s okay... that consideration. But, under the praying instinct, one must recreate oneself in being consistent –in what one is- in the realization of each day, in the testimony of each moment.

 Each being is, evidently, a reference of the Mystery, of the Creator Mystery. And each being has the responsibility! –without this sounding serious-... of "reflecting" what it is thanks to the Mystery. And I can say: "Yes, I am a Mystery. I know something of what has happened to me, and that’s what I am now. And I approach to amplify my Mystery... giving testimony of what I have become.

I do not have time, I do not have age, I do not have borders...

I do not breathe in vain, nor my heart beats by routine.

I am a created entity, to which I owe to express my ignorance!... and to give myself to the novelty of each day, in the sense of a sublime art, as LIFE".



Incorporated into new universes every day, we will have enough porosities to tune into the innovations, novelties.

We will feel inspired, ceasing to consider events as "good" or "bad"; knowing how to incorporate them as providential –which they are-; moving away from the ratified, consolidated, impermeable stratums!

If as beings of humanity, reflections of the Mystery, we make and incorporate the consciences of others, listening, dialoguing, configuring, idealizing..., we can live the experience of feeling, as well as being unique –as an expression of the Eternal-, also feeling! at the same time, "humanity", in order to make a true humanism!...

Because insofar as I feel "humanity" –because I incorporate other people's heads into my being- and I realize that I am something more than an unusual event, that I am linked to what we call "life", the understanding will become evident; the confabulation will be possible; and goodness, flourishing.

And so I will rejoice in the joy of the other or of the others. I will smile at the discovery of others because I am also the others. Because it's not just me.

To be a promise every day... encouraging futures!

To be an evidence of Mystery... in each proposal.

To make evident the inheritance of each experience!

Decidedly show ourselves as Universes. As 'ver-ses'... which SEE beyond the possibilities, beyond the probabilities.




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