The Consciousness of evil and fear


And it happens that, to new moments, new fears; to new circumstances, new fears; to new projects, new fears. Are they really new?

When the Prayerful Communication is created -by the Mystery of the unknown- this fact involves a system that guides us, references us and help us.

And in that sense it is not a resource of our fears. Because it does happen, habitually, that the being raises its prayerful dynamic in search of solving, of avoiding, of improving the experience of fears, in its very different facets.

This, although it is not the essence -as we have just expressed- of the appearance of the Prayerful Sense, also gives us a clue about fears in general. If the subtlest thing we have as "consciences" -expression of life- is to pray, what role does fear play?


If in the subtlety there is something that does not play a role of its own, it probably indicates that fear is an acquisition, an apparition resulting from the loss of communion with the Creator, with the Original, with the Mysterious, which entails a loss of confidence towards oneself. And, consequently, it is a response related to the environment, doubtful, insecure, fearful.

And it happens that, in the absence of confidence, those who have more confidence -we do not say "those who have confidence", those who have "more" confidence- impose by their capacity, their resources, their lesser doubts, their major decisions. And this generates fear, in distrustful people.

In addition, before this type of reactions, the generic idea of ​​the Mysterious, of the Creator is 'anthropomorphized', that is, it is given human quality, super human, super powers, super punishments... And reviewing cultures or civilizations, what they leave us in their disappearances are vestiges of fear. And for fear of punishment sacrifices are made... of all kinds, as if it were a king of justice.

Little by little, it was conceived -to establish fear as a need, as an evolutionary need for wisdom-, "evil" was established.

An idea that, on the one hand, has its possible origins –or rather, a part of its origins-, in phenomena called "natural", such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods...

But, rather -as we know from the general interpretation of history- these phenomena were divine punishments provoked by a bad human doing. "A bad human doing".

Thus "evil" was made through those who most trusted their abilities... and those who more -simply more- trusted in their prayers and felt they were chosen or appointed as representatives, as equivalents of the Divine.

As we see, slowly, little by little, a network was established that basically became powerful with "evil-fear". The evil generator of fears.

If we look in into more detail, those who had more confidence, more in tune... are those who were in a better position with respect to Creation. Of course, they were the least afraid. But their excessive exercises, under these premises, made their actions embody "evil", for... or as a reference of those who did not trust, those who did not believe, those who distrusted.

The Prayerful Sense warns us, whispers slowly... that, to the extent that the bond of the being with Creation, with the Mystery, with the Love that lets us be born every day, is exercised, is felt… its Greatness is perceived and its unapproachable proportion as Mystery and as... other dimensions in which we do not move: we are, but we babble.

Yes; it is true that, under a reference prism of consciousness, "evil" exists. But, under the prism of the Prayerful Sense and of the Mystery, and of the genesis of our Creation through the vehicle of Love, "evil" does not exist.

There are egomania, idolatries, selfishness, vanities, banalities, vulgarities... Yes. But that cannot be identified as a bad or evil spirit to which we have to fear.

If we love, can someone or something take away that experience, that feeling?

The greatest of fears can torture us, it can imprison us, it can persecute us; it can even convince us of our mistake of loving, but... if the being becomes a loving conscience through its Prayerful Sense, "evil" disappears, it is not there, because it has never existed. It has been a manoeuvre that has arisen fundamentally by distrustful, disconnected beings; not by preponderant, dominating beings... No!

The being in its "childhood" state -as we know- does not have the awareness of fear. He discovers events, attitudes, that warn him that the fire burns, that the cold hurts, that the cry alerts...

Now, evidently, if from early childhood, without evil and fear existing, he is educated, he is prepared to defend himself, to know how to attack, not to trust, and with doubts... then we have a perfect factory of fears, powers and evils.

And each one begins to reply: "It's just that I've done it wrong”... And then: "Because I did it wrong, I'm afraid to repeat it. Or... before repeating it, I punish myself."

Our levels of concern, our levels of attention, our levels of alert and our levels of alarm allow us to relate to any situation, under the unconditional prayerful support... without assuming as "natural" -or as "necessary", even- the fear and the presence of "evil".

Actually, any event has the value that we want to give to it. And the values ​​that we assign to situations depend, obviously, on the historical, cultural, social, political and economic moment that we live in.

If we give value to a threat... and flee or confront it, we will be able to make fear, to be afraid... and to be bad or good.

Of course. Then complicated and obtuse organizations came and they established norms, laws, customs... according to which there were bad things -bad, bad- and good things.

Look: from the human sacrifice to the gods, which was a privilege for the sacrificed one, to think now that it is outrageous, that this is wrong... Then it was very good... and, according to their state of consciousness, it worked for them. And the floods ceased due the sacrifices, and the rains came due the sacrifices; that they stop from being of humans, to becoming of other beings domesticated, controlled, dominated... by the fear and the evil that humans provided.

Now we have to live, with the revelation of "the Christ", the economic era, the “Homo economicus”. His life was handed over for 30 coins, right? And he exclaimed that "to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's". It was the obvious announcement that "So much you have, so much you are worth". It was the obvious announcement of how much a person is worth -in coins- how much this hit man charges or how much this system invests, these politicians, these armies, in their capacity of annihilation and of creation of fear.

If we assume trust in our mission, if we assume the trust of the human being in his mission, as a submissive to the obedience of life and duty -for his creation- to fulfil, they have no room -if that is assumed- there is no room for "evil" nor fear; or the evil that produces fear -because sometimes they can be separated, yes-.

If we let the important hedonist and egomaniacal winner applaud himself, and we do not recognize him as superior, he will probably get exhausted, and rethink his position.

Who brings fame to one and to others, and makes them powerful? Those who feel incapable, those who feel inferior, those who feel dependent.

It’s not themselves with their faculties. It’s those who feel inferior who attribute to them faculties and value their faculties, whether we like those faculties or not.

And that one sings well... "Ah! Well, let him sing. How good! Make him sing! But that does not mean that I cannot sing. That does not mean he's the good guy and I'm the bad guy."

There begins the fear: "No. I do not dare to sing. The other one is singing".

And who says about the song, says about the number, about the chop, about driving... anything!

Evidently, there are references of beings that have acquired, by their mysterious function, a capacity to be referential. When they are authentic, they do not frighten!, they do not punish; they try to be consistent with the situations of each moment. They are not bad for some one, and good for others. But if one is with that awareness of "evil" and of "fear", and that is preponderant, it will be difficult to discover, assume and obey the references that Creation offers in order to tune all living in a permanent joy.

It is a sense of spirit in love, of the spirit of life consciousness, of the life of eternities, which can place us in that disposition of courage, of discoverer, inquirer... of the manifestations of life. And, consequently, without fear; with prudence and respect; with alliance and kindness.

What is there to fear...? Where, where is "evil"?

We must insist that this idea supposes an amplified cognitive capacity. As soon as we neglect ourselves, and see a bombing or see a terrorist act or any barbarity, we will immediately point out "evil" and inevitably welcome fear as our best ally.

Is it a triumph for a powerful man to annihilate a needy? Will he perhaps put it on his roadmap as a great success? Or, rather, that will make him vile before other powerful ones? And so, in those systems of fears and evils, the true authority of evil is measured based on similar evils that have been overcome.

       Now: if we remain without spirit of evil, without spirit of revenge, without spirit of resentment... what interest on us could the winner have, the one who has the consciousness of the arrogance of reason?

But we must insist on not staying, in consciousness, in the concrete. We know that it exists -of course!- and that it is there –of course!- and that it hurts -yes!-. But it is intended that it cease to exist and that it stops hurting because it no longer exists. And for this we must assume a spiritual, mental and responsibly solidary position, with Creation and life.

Thus it is possible that those parameters that frighten us, that terrify us, that horrify us, are modified.

And, yes, we need to coexist simultaneously with injustice, evil, atrocities, but at the same time -simultaneously- exercising ourselves in those positions in which, in our being and doing, have no space in "evil" nor "fear”...

Claiming kindness, generosity, solidarity, respect...

Every day we talk about "the economic war", "the economic war"... And as is typical of war, there are fears, there are winners, losers...

If we let ourselves be carried away by this dynamic, we will only be -soon, sooner or later- losers. And with that consciousness we will remain.

And at best, we will reappear as predators.

This is not... living.

The sweet spring always gushes for the thirsty...

Enjoys being generous…

He who is thirsty… is pleased.




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