Reference patterns


And from its mysterious greatness, it shelters us.

And from its unthinkable coverage, it encourages us.

And from its infinite proximity and distance, it whispers to us.

It does not condemn! It does not mistreat. It does not pursue...

It teaches. It shows. It surprises. It advises. It warns...

And thus, the being finds its maximum fullness; maximum fullness, when... he trusts to be in this described frame. If instead it focuses on its resources, its capabilities, its calculations, its priorities and its possessions, the path is obtuse, confusing.

It drives without knowing where to and... culminates in its possessions, its domains and its defences, which become attacks when they reach preponderance.

It would seem –the Prayerful Sense is presented like this today- that it is easy to assume an acceptance, to commit oneself to a process and to be attentive to one's own contempt; and be watchful of the appreciations!

The reference pattern of the being of humanity is not its perfection, it is not its diva personality, it is not its knowledge.

If the reference pattern is established based on one’s own criterion, without knowing how to place oneself in the reference pattern of universality!... it will end up -in the sense of "slavery"- subject to words, rules, set squares, letters... It will take... it will take as a reference what others like him did and imposed.

When you listen to your own voice, you never listen to the voices of others, and even less!... the sounds of the Creation.

When reference patterns are established on the basis of one's knowledge, the being repeats, and badly! -repeats, and badly!-, a human prototype that has already repeated in turn, and badly!

Whatever the work that has to be done, when we look for a reference pattern, we must always bear in mind that it has to have qualities of universality...; that it does not obey a personal interest or established patterns.

Is it possible to invent, copying? Or really... copying is copying and it is not inventing?

This seems very obvious, but it is not.

And the poet tries to poetize according to the generation of poets in which he is living; and the musician tries to musicalize according to the pattern of musicality that he is experiencing; and the architect and the doctor... -and so on-, each one remains enslaved in his ghetto.

When someone, when someone has an idea!, because he is inspired, because at some point he is liberated and is not subject to the lineage of the moment or to the tyranny of the time of "what is fashionable", at first he is rejected; at first it is unacceptable. If he perseveres, if he shows that he arouses interest, because the foregoing is out-dated... because he cannot stand any more repetition, then we change to another dimension.

When the hairy "Beatles" appeared, no one could think or could have thought they were going to become a new dimension, renovating! But the previous one was already absolutely decadent. Sexual repression was absolutely, without resources... And a new paradigm appears. And from there, symphonies, groups and more groups and more groups... all begin to copy everything. Of course! They copy and copy, and do not get over the copy.

When dictatorships become fashionable, with the "liberators"... it was an honour to be a dictator, as was Simon Bolívar. A liberator!, dictator? How is this possible? Either he is a dictator or a liberator. Well no: he is a "liberating dictator".

Dictatorships appear everywhere. You could not conceive a government that was not dictatorial. Until democracy appears -which was already around-, walking around; the dictatorship –of course- of the proletariat appears... and the social, historical schisms that everyone knows are created. And so, now we witness the deterioration, the rot of democracy, its permanent corruption... And it will surely jump to a competent technocracy... to some extent.

Until recently there were ideals! Idealists. And they were admired -up to a certain point, of course-. But, the practicality of money, the economic evidence, the imposition of "so much you have, so much you are worth", the profit...

Where are the theorists? Where are the economic results they can bring -whatever the ideologies-? Without them there is nothing to talk about.

And so we could review so many trends! -enslaving all of them- that, guided by human knowledge, only get discomfort, restlessness, tension...

The Prayerful Sense warns us, shows us, in this small dimension of examples, how we need patterns that are not based on previous destruction, because we will collect models that will also depreciate later.

If we move, instead, in patterns of universality, not of national selfishness or personal or individual, this idealism will evolve according to the creator, creative pattern of needs in relation to the means, to seek balance.

The prison, to which the human being submits, based on his principles, based on his hedonism, based on his personal importance, look carefully, is life imprisonment!

Although he extends his cell and fills it with technologies and patios with lawn and golf, it is life imprisonment...

He will never leave. And there he will consume his goods, his gifts, his graces, his resources of Creation. And they will make him a pantheon -if he triumphs- and praises, and they will dedicate pages to him in the Britannica Encyclopaedia... and he will even have a reputation in Wikipedia.

Yes. Man grazes the eternal with the perpetual, and makes his life imprisonment: a chain that ties him to his minuscule productions; and that, when you approach them, you see that they are mini chains.

And in those chains he is able to listen to music, but is unable to do it. 

It is not the same "life imprisonment" as Eternal Life. Immortality is not the same as "long life".

It is not the same Infinite as "distant".

And, to be satisfied!, does not mean to enslave; it means adapting to have the tracing of what there is, and to promote in a serene listening what should be promoted, what should be investigated and changed.

In the way that the being is guided by familiar, domesticated patterns and -in short- by profit protocols... or simply control!, control!, control!, it is reduced to its mini planet; is reduced to... to his alphabet.

But, as respect is gained through fear, and fear and respect get along well in everyday life, there is fear of following another pattern that is not the boss that commands, that forces, that punishes!, that rewards!

Respect gestated by fear, it is a cowardly respect that will take revenge at some point.

 Respect in admiration, respect in evidences... places the being in the dimension of the uncontrollable. So, respect does not need to be controlled or handled, but it is given.

Oh!... Oh! If the waves of the sea followed an established, legal pattern... would it be sea?

Oh! If the flight of the eagle followed established, well-known patterns, even if we know the styles, if it did not count on unpredictability, would it be an eagle?... No.

So, as a reference and help: every time we want to follow some... current, of whatever kind, we have to make sure that it admits an unpredictable improvisation...; if it does not, it is not valid.

I cannot ask, to the cogwheel of a clock, that from time to time the seconds go faster -right?- or the minute hands to go slower. No. It is chained.

If that is what you aspire to, it is practically achieved.

But no! Deep down, each being aspires to that unpredictable surprise and novelty; and he has it there, sometimes on the tip of his tongue or on the tip of his hand, but when the time comes the personal, social, cultural fears; the…

.- Oh! That I'm going to lose such security!...

.- But you will win in liberation.

.- But I will lose such security!...

And so, he loses chances... He becomes a tight mooring rope, which does not allow the ship to sail, with the consequent unforeseen tides, winds... 

Those who say that they know the sea, immediately rush saying that... they do not know it, and that each time it surprises them more. A good "sailor" does not pretend to tame the waves; he must know how to avoid them and continue with them, in the improvised and in the unexpected attitude of surprise.

The ship that sails in confrontation, the plane that flies confronting the conditions in which it must be, ends up fractured; broken!

And then he laments the wreck.

And if there is something that in our square consciousness can change to a spiral consciousness is the loving consciousness, the consciousness of the lover -the one who loves-. Because it is the consciousness that allows us to realize the Love that Creation has for us, thanks to which Life is given!

Again the Creation becomes infinitely merciful, kind, giving... evident...





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