It is You who remains


I was desperate, and you waited for me.

I was sad… and you made me happy.

I was worried, and you stopped my worries.

I was becoming delirious, and… you changed me.

I was searching, and you found me… there, were my restless being searched, there! You!… found me.


Being in… doubt, you put me right.

Being in… danger, you saved me!

Being dead, you resuscitated me.

Being asleep, you woke me up.

And there was no place –I discovered- in where you were not!, like… a phantom; like the shadow that accompanies the light; like the sun remains in the day; like the moon woos the night.


Being in love, you seduced me… and I stopped being!... the central character, the protagonist.

Being sure!, you made me unsure; not assured!

Being certain, you made me… uncertain!

Ay!, when I believed I had it!... you dispossessed me, and nothing I had. And more I felt you!


Being fatigued, you encouraged me!

And being serious, you tickled me!...

Always you found me –and find me!-, when I am lost.

You, lose me…

You, find me!…



I am… one of the infinite motives! –“One of the infinite motives”- of your inexhaustible… Creation!

I am the unimaginable!... further than the own.

I am –I discover- irrational! You show this to me.

I am abstract!, surreal and… impressionable! You drive me…

I am a persistent lover!, because You!… enamour me through the rest.

I have no time. I was never born!... I never died…

It was You who remained. I, only was… an instant that passed. “An instant that passed”...





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