Life is not subjection. It is a complaisant agreement


No, we do not know what life really is, and why it happened and happens. But we can realize that... in order for that event to happen, there must be such a number of conditions that it escapes our perception.

 How many elements are needed for what we call "life" to appear in this place in the Universe?

And not only do we need... a series of conditions, but also, these conditions have to be synchronized, tuned; so to speak, "agree"; balance, stabilize, calm down...

And based on that dynamic among infinite factors, based on that solidary position in which none of the infinite factors claims a privileged position or a reason or a truth...

It's as if the pressure or the temperature or the wind demands of other components to "submit to"... No! Life is not subjection. It is a complaisant, necessary agreement: the different factors needattract, and respect each other...

When in that... lets call it "evolution", the being of humanity appears... and especially sapiens -the "knower"- calls attention -as a species- that it does not... does not follow the balanced and tendentious instances that make life possible. No, he does not follow them. To the extent that he knows them -to a certain point- he tries to control, dominate, manage, manipulate, domesticate, block, keep away, and punish them… 

So much so that, undoubtedly, among all the species that populate this planet -as far as we know the human one- is the most destabilizing. It has everything!... to be incredible. It has everything to be complaisant. It has everything to... show the goodness of living...

But, probably -today's Prayer Sense tells us-... probably, because of that greatness... of which in one way or another is aware, one wants to take over, one wants to be the protagonist of "LIVING".

But if that were common agreement in the whole species, well, it would be a characteristic to study and evaluate. But no! It is a characteristic of each element of the species. Each one of more than 7,000 million elements aspires to control, dominate, impose, reason...

We live the consequences... daily; not because history tells us all the vicissitudes and disturbances... not only those produced to other species, but also those produced within their own species.

That “reasonable”… aggression. 

Is there a reasonable aggression?

Yes... And the unreasonable and the unrepeatable and the...

Someone said "man is a wolf for man".

With all due respect towards the wolves. It is worse.

By saying "worse", in the Sense of Prayer, we mean that he beats that bad reputation of wolf... as predator, attacker, and assailant...

Just as it was said that the lion was "the king of the jungle." Similar things.

Human being is so capable of changing the versions of things, as... practically creating, not only virtual realities, no, that is... yes, it is up-to-date, but he has already done it; he has changed everything: now it is convenient to show this, and this is shown... and that is attacked.

Oh! What happened!...? What... what happened with Creation? Yes. Whatever it was. What happen with life, of... of the hand of the Creator!

Where, where is the supreme harmony, the magnificence of kindness, the generosity of service, the availability of need?... Yes! Everything that makes life possible. And seems to be... that human being does everything possible to "avoid" the dynamics of life; of living.

As if it were the famous "gold rush", in which everyone came to pick up the precious element..., and there, wars and fighting were established. It is still the same. It has become widespread.

Would it be possible -as a question-... would it be possible, by incorporating the "magical" –let’s say- components that generate life and make us see that those elements are deeply identified with each other, and attractively in love with each other, and thanks to that the “plot” of life is given, would it be possible that, under that image -and since we are life-, we applied that model... to human cohabitation...? And by recognizing each one as "different", we do not dispute the truth, the authenticity... no, but we come together, we approach, we admire, we collaborate, we share, we sympathize... and a long list of words waiting.

Oh! Waiting list!

Yes. Words that are on waiting list, to exercise. To dissolve fears. To soothe -please!- distrust. To believe... as the wind believes in the dawn; as water, believes in the sea or in the river; as blue, believes in the sky; as earth, believes, in its sand.

Believing one another... does not seem like a task of study, of preparation, of sacrifice, of pain. It seems a task that is ready!... because we are life.

Could it be that, for a moment -like a pulsar that beats, it emits its light and then it goes off, but it does not do it completely-... it could be that the nucleus of life that we are, beats in the very sense of life, and not in the usurping sense!... of it, of life?

It seems like it's scary to live! And life is becoming, the main enemy. As you are afraid of it... you have to fight it.

It seems absurd, right?

"It seems".

It seems absurd, but that's how it behaves. And it is curious that "the normal" and "the deranged" always tend to... disturb, damage, make mistakes...; it is curious that "the normal" and "the troubled" do not tend to serve, respect, alleviate, collaborate... It seems as if... the Creative hand would have abandoned us!

Oh! But, beware. This last saying is an arrogance: "It seems that the hand of God has abandoned us!". Oh! Are we so important, how much influence do we have over God, that we have angered him and He abandoned us!? Egomaniacal! No! No. We have two hands.

Yes. Man has let go one hand because they allow him to do it. But not the other one. The other hand is firm and generous, the other one is compassionate and merciful. The other hand of God that holds us, keeps us and entertains us... is exuberant, incredible and mysterious. It is the one that calls us to pray and drags us…to listen,!, to discover!, to really learn!... and practice what life is about... under the dynamic of amazement, admiration, generosity... and of play.

Every second of consciousness... 'vigil', awaken... is an opportunity that life gives us to honour it.

As a species, we have a "debt" to life, unplayable. At least!... avoid, in the heart of our species, that the debt increases. And, in addition, it will reduce... deterioration to other species.

An important warning is, that in that "carelessness" for living, for living together, culprits, responsible are usually found... -and a long etcetera-, and others who declare themselves innocent, pure, transparent, true...

It's a terrible strategy, fake!

To the extent that each being assumes its position... and smoothens its roughness, smoothens its contradictions, assumes interrelations, facilitates care..., there is no need for culprits.

It is the faithful message of today's Prayerful Sense, knowing that we are held by one hand. That the other one we have detached because they have allowed us, so that we are able to discover the Creator Greatness, represented in the living, in life, and to be good believers on that living!, decorating it with our best proposals, suggestions , dispositions...

Let them be reflected... in an accomplishment without propaganda!, without prizes!... With spontaneous simplicity. With that attitude... of ignorant innocence: the one that knows how to enjoy... feeling alive, loved and loving.




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