The best nourishments... are the best moments


The best nourishments... are the best moments; being understood by... “moments”, those experiences that please us and... remain!...; in such a way that, by evoking them -the best moments-, they nourish us again.

In 'without-time' of memories, when we feed ourselves on moments, we wonder... inevitably:

What did those moments have... that have remained indelible, that have remained marked, that only by evoking them makes us laugh or cry or...? What did those moments have, that others –very many more!- did not? And I can remember them!, but no... they do not nourish me. “

So there are moments that nourish us, and others that do not. Most of the time, those that do not nourish us, are those that constitute “our daily bread”.

So we are not well fed. Or if we want to refine more, we can say that “our daily bread” is the food, and the “good moments” are the nutrients.

Those moments that do not leave us are those that nourish us, and our daily bread feeds us... well, it keeps us in shape –mmm!-...; it conceals the “existential… anemia”.

And it is... –following the thread of the question- and it is significant that those moments that nourish... what did they have? If I compare them with others, what was so special about them?

Well... as a historical account, nothing special, compared with others!


Then there were moments... that have a Mystery locked inside.

Why does that moment –similar to others!-... nourish us, and those others... just feed us? What did they have…? What did those moments have?

Or... in the Prayerful Sense: What did they put in it? What was added to those moments, so that they would remain permanently... and nourish us?

As we said before, it is a Mystery, and it will have to do with the Creator Mystery. Yes, that Creator Mystery ‘im-pregnates’ us of moments nourishing us. And they nourish us because it is “the nutrient... Creator!”, it is not the food nutrient. Because we know that the moment... yes, we can describe it, but it had something else: that Mystery. And that “something else” is... what differentiates it from food and converts it into a nutrient.

Certainly, Creation is choosing –almost randomly- the moments that we need to nourish ourselves.

And what is more important in this revealing prayer moment: if we assume!... that “evidence” –we allow the word-, we will be constantly nourished. On the other hand, if it remains as an anecdote, or as a possibility, or as “well, I do not remember”... we will be fed, but malnourished.

And it is through the Prayerful Sense, through the Prayerful Call, how they call us to nourish us.

Important criterion.

When they call us, and we turn up, it is because they will nourish us! They will nourish us by revealing us, showing to us, suggesting us...

And that is how we start to see!, life, in a different way. Because that nutrient opens our eyes to another dimension: it opens us the taste, it opens us... to other perfumes, to other sounds, to other touches.

Certainly, our senses are not there to touch, see, smell, taste or to hear. No. They are for... visioning; to... perceive the perfume, the aroma; to savor the delight; to caress the intangible; to… listen! -something more than “hear”-.

They are not, our senses, mere... mere entry orifices. They are there to transcend. For what is called “enlighten”, for the Satori, for the Samadhi... –many names!-...

That's why, when we nourish ourselves! through prayer, our senses, our feelings... and our sense!... it is renewed, it is remade, it is recomposed.

To be... in consciousness... willing to perceive the nutrients of the Mystery, will make us discover... a food, a constant nutrient. It will stop being something occasional or a moment, to start being... like the daily search for the true nutrient.

They are presented to us, under that nutritious experience, dimensions of living that “before” we had not perceived.

And every day there is a moment!... “Everyday”. It is not a moment that lasted, that I remember. Yes, they are, but... when you wake up to that other reality, it is... all the waking time, plus the dreams that may appear.

It's too incredible...

But “he who has eyes to see, let him see”, as the Christ said.

Whoever uses them only to look, will be fed... of appearances.

Whoever is able to see, to envision, will be nourished... of evidences; those that shock us, sometimes trouble us, sometimes they... they seem to shake our demanding roots.

But not even the plant, with its roots, is “there”. Its appearance is there, yes, but through its roots and its pollen, it is also simultaneously in other very distant places.

That is, it exists in other dimensions.

If we are in disposition, the Mystery will... abduct us!... towards its dimensions... and it will give us that nutrient... that gives to all, but that very few know how to appreciate it, to cultivate it. And, above all, very few people know where that unforgettable moment comes from!

To the extent that we make it conscious... in its origin and in its development, we begin to “open up”... to the other infinite dimensions.




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