The messenger


And each being is a carrier -as could indicate its genetic code- is a carrier of… plans, actions, possibilities… What could also be said in another language: each being is a carrier of some talents; and talents that enable it.

And, without a doubt, as a messenger of the Creation, your best proposal is to show, develop, to exercise in these potentialities… given that, as a messenger, your message is required, your participation.

However, it so happens that… with all this particularity, when arrives the messenger, it is not polite, nor prepared, nor appropriate. A version is awaited of what, those that are already there, want it to be. A version awaits from those who are already here, of what they want it to be."

And it seems that everyone, each in its site, in its stay, in its doing, in its place, will at least try to modify the nearest person… or the farthest away. 

It gives the feeling that no one is happy with the nearby messengers, with the far away messengers, and try to modify them, change them, to make them to one’s liking: one way to enslave them.

It is as if every being said: 

.- Oh, yes! I like, I like… yes, this talent, these genetics, but look, this other one I don't like; this character that you have, this way of sharing, of living together…

.- Yes, but… the messenger is whole!...

And behold, the being discovers itself as… a fosterer and trainer “of”, but at the same time, -but at the same time- it feels repressed, curtailed, criticized…

In these conditions, it is “difficult” -let us put this level-… it is difficult to express, to express oneself, because of the fear of criticism, of the opinion, the point of view, of acceptance or not…; it is difficult, at the least, to show what one feels, what one is.

It would seem like -if we deal with the fact that we are all flesh of our flesh, bone of our bones, blood of our blood- a unity of life, diversified in nuances. The right thing would be that each messenger would embed in its space, in its time, in its moment.

But behold, between one’s own potential and the external manipulation, the being armour plates itself… it armours itself with another perspective. Yes. A third expression appears, a product of the interaction of prohibitions, criticism… and potentials, samples… This armour plating appears that camouflages everything and aspires -ay!-... aspires to be able to exercise in the domain and in the control, with overtones, with a view to be able to express its true identity.

That would be the mechanism!

This could be the mechanism and the explanation of the human dynamics in terms of… the message of each one; in regard to the harmony of the participants: messengers, opponents, armour, power… with the aim of being able to express…

Later, then happens -then occurs- certainly that, in this armour of power, or with the armour plating of power, it is not so easy as it was thought to show and express what each messenger is and the message that it brings.

And as a result, one is going to find and face armour against armour, armour plating against armour plating... And this is going to destroy and to incapacitate possibilities. And as a result, the messenger ceases to be so; it is dimensioned in other perspectives. And the other or others will have to come… or others that are already here, will have to assume what has not been carried out.

Without doubt, it is a vision, a version full of mystery. But a version that enables us, at least to some extent, to understand the dynamics of our species.

If the armour disappears, if you do not exercise the armour, the potential, the potentials of the being… little by little will show; the manipulations, the criticism, the imposition, prohibitions… are not enough.

The selfish content that is generated with these interactions is worthy of mention. And here, the Sense of Prayer emphasises… warning that, to the extent that egocentrism is dissolved, the attempt to impose, the attempt to manipulate, the attempt to impede that the others develops, will weaken the armour and will facilitate… -“and will facilitate”- one’s own potentiality.

In a conceptual error of armour, this self-centred attitude of power blocks the expression of the messenger, and he impedes, prohibits, restricts himself.

The Call to Prayer is constituted in the fold of the sheet, in the coverage that makes the presence of the messenger possible, which trains its expression in space or time. 

It is the orientation. It is the sense. For this reason, it advises, it warns… and seeks, through words, gestures, songs, the manner in which each being discovers and identifies itself in what it is, and expresses it, shows it… with the humility and submission that corresponds; without that this constitutes an attack, nor does it need justifications, prejudices or convictions.

The message must always be pristine…; liberating.

Every day is conducive to unlock, manifest, and to show… the true face.

What happens is that each time it will be different.

But to the extent that the being postpones, moves away from, does not correct, in that way, in addition to impoverishing itself and to follow patterns of imitation, it no longer displays its true nature.

And this brings with it effects on the environment; to leave it without the information and the contribution that was expected. And, therefore, to create an armoured obstacle, and to hinder intentionally… that which is not to its liking.





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