The freshness of an idea, of a project, depends on its creativity, its improvisation, its renovation... and on the obedience of life to the faith it professes.

Creativity; improvisation; renovation; obedience of life to the faith it professes.

The prayer of today advises us concerning the projects, the ideals, the vocations... all of these “offspring” which throughout life, arise with more or less profusion. They are more frequent, without doubt, in one stage of life. And later… comes the more complex part -which even becomes difficult- which is to maintain this freshness, this illusion, this thrust, this eagerness!: It is clear that beneath the auspices of the Creative Force, the being puts its confabulation, its solidarity, its attention, its humbleness…

And it happens that, in its passing, this project, this idea, this future and constant realisation -which, in the end, is a sample of the Universe in which we find ourselves-… behaves beneath these parameters: it expands, it moves… because it isn't a finite and conclusive Universe, but it is a Universe in permanent renovation, restoration, regeneration, repositioning. And, evidently, everything that is housed in it -like for example life- moves according to these parameters.

But it is certain that… in the sense of the Mystery, the human species has kidnapped, in its mind and in its heart, all of this permanence of universality, and has gestated its small “ghettos”… so that, -maybe “in the image and similarity of the Creation”- to create its own rules of nature, rules of morality, rules of religion, rules... As if the Universe had rules!

Of the little that we know, or is disseminated, chaos is the most striking.

Which makes us think that our knowledge is very limited… because, generically, humanity searches for the order, the ordering, of the disposition. It doesn't go in the way of chaos, because it doesn't understand it! Because it feels that the chaos is… destruction, disorder. But the Universe travels towards this dimension!...

But, because of this mysterious permissiveness -maybe momentary, and to us it seems very long- mankind can generate its own kidnapping –which, without doubt tries to imitate the Divine to show that it is capable of generating and creating a universe “in its image and similarity”-, well, in these conditions, thinking, devising, and the projection… idealism, the “vocational”, -in this universal kidnapping of the universe which makes the being- he tends to… be born, grow, develop… deteriorate and disappear.

But -I repeat- this is not the model that the Creation shows us! In which we are!, And it is because of this –as we also see in the short history of the humanity- that, with the objective of ordering, classifying, improving and dominating the forces of the Creation and of life, he has made a model of birth, growth, development, deterioration… and end!

And like this -and like this, except for exceptions- the projects, the ideas, the illusions, the fantasies are managed... And after a euphoric moment and “of”... comes a time of stability, quietness, and “soon” appears the discord: before we were in agreement, now “sometimes” we are in agreement. Before we followed a criteria and an obedience of faith; now... well!, sometimes we obey, and other times not. Before we believed; now we believe, but with conditions...

And there begins a decline. We begin to constrain the Universe. Instead of expanding, we constrain; we concentrate.

And it is like this that historically we see the fluctuations of ideas, projects… that appear, are maintained for a time and, little by little they dilute, they deteriorate… in the way that the transmission, the listening, the selection… becomes weaker; in the way that the alertness and the alarm are not activated. So, it begins to seem like “normal and correct”, situations that weren't; without contributing anything new!

In the same way, are installed –”little by little”- new dependencies. And as many more dependencies exist, more options of relapse, of contamination, are going to appear.

The changes are badly assumed; the protest becomes subliminal... or semi-evident, but an uncomfortable!, breeding ground is created, the sincerity becomes scarce, and the following of the ideal becomes darkened. The rules appear, the norms, the rigidness… and each member of each community contributes its hegemony and... and “the usual”: combating each other, in disagreements and partial agreements.

And looking back a “little”… -because the history is still very short- but looking back a little, you see how it began here, they gave in here, and they were tolerant there… he became each time more powerful, one took the law-abiding role, the other took the role of adapting...

The project, the idea, for moments “fluctuated”…

And this vigour!, this enthusiastic decision!... which was shown to be budding, little by little became a long autumn –“a long autumn”-… in which all protested, or everything -muttering- was uncomfortable.

The taking of sides was generated: some “yes”, others “no”…;when in this short history, before… this wasn't considered!: “we are all going there”, “we all go towards there”, “let's go...”


The time of deterioration and of the loss of individual faith influenced and influences the flexible structures, and they become rigid.

This Creative Breath, of Mystery, which gravitates over each prayer, warns us, advises us… in the exact moment where there could be murmurs of “worry”.

It is needed to collect these praying concerns, that advise us of conducts, thoughts, acts… that “undermine” –that don't promote, that don't develop but that undermine- the Creative Process.

The Divine Reference expresses, in the praying sense, in a “responsible” way, because it waits for the answer of the “praying one” faced with the advice, the warning, the signal, the alerting!... which the Creation promotes.


Creativity, improvisation, renovation, obedience to life… concerning faith!, to the projects, to the ideas.

Attentive and alertto the constant awoken consciousness, concerning our presence in the Creative Universe; and as a consequence, to follow this “model” of reference.

Attentive, adaptable and respectful, in front of the environment, but without losing the reference and without kidnapping oneself!... in an agreement that the actual humanity establishes.

It's like this that, referenced in the Creative Mysterious Breath; we become a reflection of all of this… unlimited happening!

And, as a consequence, we choose adequately, we propose with justice, we promote with unity, we adapt to the needs… and we stay fresh and new!... and the rancid processes of obligations, impositions and desperation are chased away. 



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